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Circle Executice Committe Meeting of SNEA(I) AP Circle is scheduled to be held on 11.09.2014 and 12.09.2014 at Nellore.

All DSs/Circle Office bearers/CEC Members are requested to update their quota payments immediately.    >>>>>CLICK HERE FOR LATEST QUOTA DETAILS

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22.08.2014::CHQ NEWS

Congratulations to one and all !!! DE Regular promotion orders issued for 2303 SDE/Adhoc DEs: This promotion will be another historic milestone in the history of BSNL/DoT.

Singular efforts of SNEA(I) in 2013-14 increased the DE regular quota from 50% to 75% and increased the posts by 1378, ending Adhocism.

By this DPC, clearing a record no of 2771 vacancies for 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 in a single list, DE regular promotion becomes current.

Practically SNEA(I) worked in tandem with the DPC team and BSNL Management for the last several months to achieve this goal. 

Last Seniority No: OC- 19270, SC—23400, ST-30818.308.

The DPC conducted for 2771 vacancies, 2303 promoted in this list. Remaining 468 cases are a) un-assessed cases due to non availability of ACRs or b) VC not received cases or c) other sealed cover cases. 132 SDEs are still left out in list no 5.

Around 1000 SDEs are promoted as DEs and those vacancies can be utilized for JTO to SDE promotion.

SNEA(I) is extremely grateful to Sri A. N. Rai, CMD/DIR(HR), BSNL for filling all the DE vacancies on regular basis. Further, we are also thankful to Sri Neeraj Verma, Chairman/DPC, Sri S S Aggarwal/GM(Pers), Sri Ram Shakal, CLO, Sri P S V Rama Rao, AGM/DPC, Sri G. D. Mishra, AGM/VA, Smt Elizabeth, DM/DPC, Smt Ponnammal, DM/DPC, Sri Vijoy Choudhary, DM/VA and Smt Kanakalakshmi, DM/DPC for making the dream come true.

There are no words to express our gratitude to Sri Deepak Aggarwal, Addl GM(Pers) who took all the pains to complete the DPC for 2771 vacancies in a record time.

Our CSs, SSA Secs, CHQ Office bearers and activists at different levels took all the pains and worked with all sincerity to arrange ACRs and VCs in time.

Our team of both AGSs at CHQ, especially Com Vivek Wankhede were fully involved in this DPC work, round the clock, for the last few months in collecting ACRs and VCs from different Circles.

Once again congratulations to all the promoted comrades and wish them all the best.

12.08.2014: CS along with JS(S) and ACS Hq met CGMT AP Shri V.Srinivasan and discussed on our issues.  CGMT responded positively.

12.08.2014: Lunch Hour Demo was conducted at Circle Office and at BSNL Bhavan, hyderabad under the banner of Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL in protest against the recomendations of Delloit. All Forum Leaders attended the Demon.

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12.08.2014: ERP system GOES LIVE in BSNL AP Telecom circle on 11.08.2014. CGMT AP Shri V.Srinivasan Inaugurated ERP. Shri P.V.Muralidhar, PGM HTD, Smt Sumam Pillai, GM(F) of AP Circle, all other senior officers of AP Telecom, Union / Associations representatives were present on the auspescious occasion of launching of ERP.

CGMT, AP congragulated all the officers/staff involved in implemetation of ERP at all SSAs, Circle Office, ERP core team, HCL Team and ITPC Team for their dedicated and sincere work done for the last 6 to 7 months. CGMT AP hoped that BSNL AP will do better as all the processes now standardised and requested all to co-operate to enjoy the fruits of ERP. He was also mentioning that no major difficulties are anticipated after Go-Live since all care is taken in respect  of purity of data.

CS along with ACS(Hq) attended the ceremony and requested circle administration to provide quality training to users for better usage of ERP by all field units.

11.08.2014: All DSs and Circle Office Bearers are requested to mobilise for conducting demonstration at all SSA HQs tommorrow i.e. on 12.08.2014 against the recommendations of Deloittee.

04.08.2014: CHQ NEWS:

Editorial, July, 2014

Membership verification shall bring unity among the Executives:

BSNL Management proposes to hold the membership verification among Executives Associations which SNEA(I) has been demanding for years together. Unlike other CPSUs in various sectors, where single Association represents the entire Executives, in BSNL, several Associations exist due to legacy. One of the major objectives of membership verification is to end this multiplicity and bring about unity among the Executives. Multiple Associations will only strengthen the hands of the Management and delay or deny the genuine cadre interests. We are witnessing this during the last few years.

To face the membership verification, SNEA(I), has come out with a Manifesto which spells out the vision and future agenda of the Association. SNEA(I) is fully committed to the growth of the company and the career progression of the Executives. Our agenda and focus for the next three years is as follows.

1.  Make the organization fully profitable in another three years. Intervene in Government policy making with appropriate suggestions to protect the public sector against intrusion, disinvestment and encroachment. Ensure job security to the young comrades recruited by BSNL and DoT.

2. Emphasis to be laid on modern Management with greater role and involvement of the middle management.

3. A responsible, professional and corruption-free top management which has stakes in the welfare of the Company and only the Company. Deputation of ITS from DoT into BSNL should end. Legal and organizational actions will be pursued vigorously.

4. No subsidiaries by breaking BSNL into pieces.

5. Start preparations for 3rd PRC due in 2017, fully focusing on the growth of the company.

6. Implementation of 30% superannuation benefits in respect of Direct Rect BSNL employees and Executives in particular as per DPE guidelines.

7.   Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3, ----, E7 w.e.f 01.01.2007 for the Executives in BSNL. The disparity in pay between the Executives recruited prior to and after 01.01.2007 to be resolved.

8. To fill up all the vacancies in all cadres as on date by promotion from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO, SDE/AO to DE/CAO, DE/CAO to DGM in different wings through DPCs and LDCEs till Time Bound Functional promotion is implemented.

9.Introduction of LDCE in AO promotion also. Conduction of LDCE on a year to year basis till Time Bound Functional promotion is implemented.

10. Introduction of Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL with strong focus on performance. It should not be linked with existing seniority or availability of post. Evolve a fast track mechanism in CPSU cadre hierarchy itself for faster promotions to fill up the Top management positions in future from among the internal candidates.

11.Resolution of EPF anomalies, centralized EPF payment at least Region wise, exploring the possibility of switching over to Full Pension option.

12. Association stands fully committed to safeguard legitimate interests of SC/ST Comrades in accordance to the provisions of the constitution and orders of DOP&T issued from time to time with regard to their seniority, promotional quota, postings etc. 

13.  All consequential benefits of 78.2% IDA merger from 01.01.2007 like HRA, PUC, arrears etc. For the pensioners, actual benefits from 01.01.2007.

14. Amendment to BSNLMS RR to end adhocism by increasing the Regular promotion quota from 50% to 75% in Finance / Civil / Electrical/ Arch wings at par with Telecom wing to have uniformity in promotions.

15. Pension revision in 2017 without linking it with pay revision.

16. Maintain uniformity in first time bound up-gradation i.e. four years in respect of all Executives w.e.from 01.10.2000.

17.Amendment to BSNLMS RR for bringing uniformity in promotion in Civil / Electrical/ Arch wings at par with Telecom and Finance wings.

18.Total parity in pay scales between the two wings- Civil/Elect/Arches and Finance by extending Group B pay scales notionally w.e.f 01.10.2000 to JTO(C/E/Arch) and SDE (C/E/Arch) on lines similar to JAO pay scales.

19. Notional date of promotions to the LDCE candidates as per court order.

20.Regularization of officiating JTOs and JTO rect, both Dept & Outsider quota.

21.TTA to JTO (Dept) outsider, pay loss to be addressed.

22. Perks like Transport allowance to be hiked and All India LTC, Medical payment without voucher etc to be reintroduced.

This verification process should ultimately lead to unity among all the Executives. No more multiplicity to play in the hands of the Management. Let all Executives in BSNL work for that, for the future of the Executives.

31.07.2014: CS and JS(S) met Shri V. Srinivasan CGMT AP and discussed on our issues. We requested CGMT AP to allow some more time for relief of officers transfered on long standing basis.

31.07.2014:In solidarity and support of SNEA(I), Kerala Comrades who are on HUNGER STRIKE since 25.06.2014, and as per the call given by our CHQ Hunger Strike conducted today at Circle Office.

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24.07.2014:Com M.V.K.Sastry, SDE Circle Officer donated Rs.25000/-  to SNEA(I) A.P. Circle.  SNEA (I) AP sincerely thank Com M.V.K. Sastry for his kind gesture.

CHQ NEWS:Up dates on Kerala and Standard Payscales issues:

24.07.2014: Meeting with CMD, BSNL: GS and President met Sri A. N. Rai, CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the ongoing agitation in Kerala Circle for the last 29 days. CMD informed us that appropriate instructions are already issued to Sri MSS Rao, CGMT/Kerala to resolve the issues immediately. CMD was very unhappy due to the fact that even after strict instructions, vindictive actions are continued by the CGMT. CMD further told us that since instructions are already issued by BSNLCO, Assn may reconsider the programme of hunger strike at BSNLCO from tomorrow and facilitate the dialogue. GS and President explained the compelling reasons to start agitation programmes at CHQ level as situation in Kerala is worsening day by day due to vindictive actions. CMD assured that no further vindictive actions will be taken by the CGMT like charge sheet, memo, dies-non, second medical opinion etc and CGMT is directed to invite Assn for discussion and resolution of all issues. Assn assured that SNEA(I) will respond very positively in case CGMT is ready to resolve the issues.

On JTO to SDE promotion case, Assn requested CMD that BSNL to engage a senior lawyer from Delhi to defend the case at Ernakulam as Kerala Circle repeatedly failed to defend the case properly. CMD assured that he will give proper directions to Pers section and GM(Estt) holding the charge of GM(Pers) in this regard.

Before meeting CMD, GS, President, both AGSs and CS/CO met GM(SR). GM(SR) informed that CMD decided to issue appropriate instructions today itself to CGMT/Kerala to discuss all the issues with the Association and resolve them. This is in addition to the instructions already conveyed to CGMT telephonically by CMD. CGMT is asked to give a report in three days time. Since CMD already intervened in the matter, CMD desires that the letter for holding two days hunger strike at BSNLCO to be reconsidered. GS and President explained the compelling reasons to start agitation programmes at CHQ level as situation in Kerala is worsening day by day due to vindictive actions. GM(SR) suggested to postpone the programmes for few days to facilitate the dialogue and resolution of the issues.  

CGMT invited SNEA(I)/KRL for discussions today A/N itself but for the convenience of the Assn, meeting postponed to tomorrow A/N.

In order to have a conducive atmosphere for discussion and resolution of the issues, the hunger strike at BSNL CO on 24th and 25th postponed to 31st July and 01st August, 2014.

All Circles to hold one day hunger strike at Circle HQs on 31st July, 2014 in solidarity and support of our Kerala Comrades.

Update on Standard Payscales:

24.07.2014: Standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc: DoT intimated the decision of DPE on the BSNL proposal of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A to CMD, BSNL. DPE earlier rejected the proposal of E1A and E2A. Now Assn will pursue the implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 --- E7 for the Executives in BSNL. Last few months Assn vigorously pursued the matter in DoT and DPE and met all the concerned officers in DoT and DPE including Secretary/DPE, Jt Sec/DPE, Jt Sec/DoT etc and ensured that DPE is not approving the proposal of E1A and E2A send by BSNL through DoT.

This is one of the major step for implementation of standard pay scales in BSNL which SNEA(I) pursuing with top most priority with the support of all the Executives.

22.07.2014:Request transfers in the cadre of SDEs who have completed 4 years stay issued at our request. We thank CGMT AP Shri V.Srinivasan for considering our request.

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21.07.2014:CS along with ACS Hq met Shri G.S.Marshall Sr.G.M.(HR & Admin) Ap Circle and Smt Anila Kiran Sddl.G.M.(HR) and submitted a request for considering some genuine in the JTO postings.  Both the senior officers responded positively.

19.07.2014:CS along with Com P.Padmanabha Rao JS(S) met Shri V.Srinivasan, CGMT AP and extended our sincere thanks for issuing JTO postings strictly according to seniority and merit. SNEA (I) AP was always requesting circle administration for the same, which was accepted and now justice has been done to all. Shri G.S. Marshall, Sr G.M.(HR&Admin) AP Circle was also present during the meeting.

SNEA (I) AP also extends sincere thanks to Smt. Anila Kiran, Addl.G.M(HR) AP Circle and Smt Madhavi SDE (Staff) for their extraodinary, committed work done in issuing the order, but for their efforts, majority of the JTOs would not have got their choice. However small descrepancies noticed will be brought to the notice of Circle Administration for resolving.

The following issues are also discussed with CGMT AP:

1. Issuing of transfers to SDEs who have completed 4 Years stay.

2. Cancellation and Modifications of transfers of executives.

16.07.2014: CS along with ACS Hq Com. Ravikumar Reddy and CWC Member Com. P.Srinivasa Prasad met Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr.G.M.(HR & Admin) and Addl. G.M.(HR) AP Circle and discussed on the posting of newly promoted JTOs, and transfers issues of executives etc. It was informed that posting of JTOs is in final stages. We requested to consider the options of the JTOs to the extent possible. We also requested to consider posting of some JTOs to ITPC/NGN/STP etc. This will help candidates to get more postings at Hyderabad. Sr.G.M. responded positively. Also requested to post considerable JTOs to STR wing as per the options of JTOs.

16.07.2014: CHQ NEWS: JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam.

The OA was listed for “Final disposal” on 16.07.14. However it is learned that BSNL lawyer sought adjournment as senior lawyer engaged by BSNL was out of station. Assn will be taking up the issue with the top BSNL Management, the lack of interest shown by Kerala CGMT in ensuring the appearance of Senior lawyer in the court when the case was listed one month back itself. When BSNLCO is eagerly waiting for the outcome of the case after completing all the preparatory works for promotions, the stand of CGMT Kerala even defying the repeated instructions of BSNLCO and DIR(HR) is astonishing.

10.07.2014: Com SR Chandrasekhar SDE, ITPC-DC HYD appreciated by Shri Ramchand, Sr G.M (IT), Corporate office for developing an IT tool and it saved Rs. 2.5 Cr to BSNL. The mail Sent by Sr GM is as follows. Com Chandrasekhar was former ACS Hq, SNEA(I) AP. SNEA(I) AP congragulates on his extraodinary performance and wish him all success.

Dear SR Chandrasekhar

Today the steering committee of ERP, chaired by DIR(CFA) and consisting of ED(F), ED(IT), CGM IT and myself decided to use the in-house developed tool SRCS for managing servers, databases, applications, backups, storage utilization etc in a data centre.
Your efforts in developing this and using this in the CDR system is commendable. Your effort to put that to use in the ERP system is once again laudable.

the committee also decided not to procure hpov for ERP.

You have straightaway saved Rs. 2.75 cr for BSNL

CONGRATS and BEST WISHES to YOU and to all those who helped you achieve this. Pl ease continue the spirit.

I am specially happy that one of our DOTSOFT team members did this.

10.07.2014: Lunch / closing hour demonstration conducted at all SSA Head Quarters today in total solidarity and support to our Kerala Comrades.

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09.07.2914: Conduct Lunch / closing hour demonstration at all SSA Head Quarters today .

In total solidarity and support to our Kerala Comrades who are on indefinite hunger strike for the last 14 days from 25.06.2014 and Work According to Rule from 07.07.2014, against the CGMT who destroys the good work culture and systems prevailing in Kerala Circle and for protecting the Circle, lunch/closing hour demonstration to be held at all SSA HQs on 09.07.2014. Make all preparations for making the programme a grand success in support of our comrades.

07.07.2014: CS along with ACS Hq Com. Ravikumar Reddy and CWC Member Com. P.Srinivasa Prasad met Shri V.Srinivasan, CGMT AP and discussed on the following issues:

1.Consideration of request transfers of SDEs who have completed 4 years stay.

2.Consideration of 58+ cases of executives without any pre conditions

3.Cancellation of request transfers of executives issued recently on personal grounds.

CGMT responded very positvely.

We also discussed with CGMT AP regarding developmental activities in AP Circle, CGMT informed that sufficient battery sets, OTDRs, power meters are expected immediately. APO for Splicing machines is in final stages. CGMT is exploring the possibility of allowing SSAs to procure OFC Joint kits till tender is processed by Circle Office. CGMT AP requested Association to inform all to work hard in the coming months and clear the faults on Leased Circuits and BB on the same day.

05.07.2014: Branch meeting of SNEA(I) ITPC O.U branch was conducted on 05.07.2014. JS(S), CS, ACS Hq Com Ravikumar Reddy and District Secretary HYD City Division com Sayanna attended and addressed the meeting. JS(S) and CS gave detailed information of issues at circle / chq level.

Branch elections were conducted and the following are elected unanimously for the next term:

  1. Branch President : Com Sudhakar SDE 9490147147

  2. Branch Secretary: Com G.Srinivas JTO 9440000338

  3. Branch Treasurer: Com Raghavendra JTO 9490668669

03.07.2014: Circle Secretary along with Circle Organising Secretary Com. K.Nagamurthy attended and addressed the General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Anantapur conducted at Vemana Telphone Bhavan, Anantapur on 03.07.2014. Com K.Nagabhushana Dist. President Presided. Dist Secretary Com. M.Rajasekhar Reddy welcomed the members. CS and COS informed the members about the latest issues at circle / CHQ level. CS was falicitated at the meeting.

01.07.2014: District conference of SNEA(I) Kadapa was held in a grand manner at Kadapa on 30.06.2014. Com Chandra Sekhar AGS, Com Bhaskar Rao CWC Member, Com Nagamurthy, Org. Secretary, Com Ravikumar Reddy ACS Hq, Com M.Rajasekhar Reddy DS ATP, Com Dileep, DS Tirupathi attended and addressed the members.

Open session was also held on the eve of District Conference.  Shri J.Sreenivasa Rao, G.M. Kadapa attended and addressed the members.

Com. Ramasubbaiah, DS KDP retired on supeannuation on 30.06.2014.  SNEA (I) AP wishes him a happy, peaceful healthy retired life.

The following are elected unanimously for the next term:

1. Com M.Ravindranath  District President   9490123231

2. Com M.Madhumohan   District  Secretary  9490000480

3. Com J.Venkata Ramana  District Treasurer  9490176098

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