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03.03.2015: CS along with JS(S), CWC Members com. Srinivasa Prasad & com. Srinivas

and ACS(Hq) Com Ravikumar Reddy met Shri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT AP to congratulate

him on his promotion  and extended total support in developing BSNL AP circle.

Shri V.Srinivasan CGMT AP  was falicitated by SNEA AP on 28.02.15 on his retirement


Shri V.Srinivasan Chief General Manager Telecom, A.P Circle retiring today on attaining the age of superannuation. SNEA AP remembers the excellent services rendered by Shri V.Srinivasan to AP Circle. SNEA AP wishes Shri V.Srinivasan a happy, healthy, wealthy and peaceful retired life.

Shri P.V.Muralidhar, PGM, HTD posted as CGMT AP Circle. SNEA AP Congratulates Shri P.V.Muralidhar on his promotion and also extends its total support in accomplishing challenging tasks ahead.


Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL decided to postpone the indefinite strike from 17.03.2015 and decided for 2 days strike on 21.04.2015 and 22.04.2015 as first phase, on revival of BSNL. Make all out preparations for the proposed strike.

The Circle level convetion scheduled to be held on 3rd March 2015 at Asmaan Mahal, Hyderabad is also postponed and next date of Circle Level Convention of AP Circle will be intimated shortly.

27.02.2015: CHQ NEWS

CS/CHQ office bearers meeting at New Delhi on 26.02.2015

Highlights on organizational and HR matters

a)  The meeting reviewed the CHQ quota and legal fund payments. All Circles assured to clear the dues shortly.

b)  SNEA(I) urgently to focus the HR issues of E2, E3 pay scales, new HR plan and TB functional promotion atleast upto AGM/DE level as proposed by the consultant, 30% superannuation benefit, 1st TBP uniformly after 4 years from 01.10.2004 etc. Since new CMD has taken charge and the issues are brought to his notice by the Assn, we are waiting for the positive response from the new CMD and DIR(HR). If positive results are not coming, the agitation programmes already decided will be started by mid April. Ground level preparations to start now itself. Since management given repeated assurances but never met the same, serious preparations to be made for the agitation so that the issues are to be decided once for all.

c)  The proposed norms in HR plan is too stringent. Norms has to be framed analysing the ground realities and operational requirements.

d)  JTO to SDE DPC, LDCE to SDE(T) and SDE(TF), SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E), JAO to AO and AO to CAO promotions to be expedited.

e)  Pending amendments in JTO RR, BSNLMS RR and SDE RR to be expedited.

f)  Since no decision is coming on membership verification, all trade union facilities to be restored to SNEA(I). Subscription from salary deduction to be implemented as done in the case of others sections without waiting for the verification. Contentious issues in the recognition rules to be addressed comprehensively.

g)  The AIC venue and timing of next AIC will be announced by 15th March.

h)  FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation for offtg JTOs and JTOs officiated earlier will be pursued and if required, case will be filed next month.

Highlights on BSNL growth related issues

a)  The meeting reviewed the Parliament March and preparations for the indefinite strike. The Parliament March was a grand success. Conventions in the remaining Circles will be held at the earliest. SNEA(I) has to take initiatives for the success of the strike.

b)  It is reported by several CSs that AMC penalties are waived off in large scale and BSNL is loosing crores of rupees in this regard. Most of such decisions are taken at Corporate office. When field units are struggling for fund for operations and maintenance, the vendors are paid waiving the penalty for which they didn’t extended any AMC support. Very old cases are reopened and payments made by waiving the penalty. Large scale corruption is suspected in the case. Assn to take up the matter at appropriate level.

c)  Transfer of Assets and mutation of land in different Circles are at very slow pace. Assn to focus of this issue of land mutation.

d)  Posting of CGM/SSA Heads to be transparent and performers only should be given the responsibility. Non performers should be shifted immediately based on their performance during this financial year.

e)  Sharing of tower and 2G BTSs/Antenas to be encouraged. OF, MPLS, 3G and FTTH network to be expanded.

f)  Subsidiary formation and merger of BSNL and MTNL without addressing the contentious issues to be opposed strongly.

g)  OF cable shortage to be addressed. Modem, data card, EPBT etc procurement to be discouraged and direct purchase by the customers from the vendors to be encouraged from the QA empanelled lists.

h)  Issues related to TERM cell and payment due from TERM cell for the BSNL staff on deputation will be taken up with DoT/BSNL.

27.02.2015: CHQ NEWS

Meeting with Sri S. K. Bharadwaj, GM(FP):

GS Com K. Sebastin, AGSs Com Vivek Wankhede and Com Sankar Sanyal, Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WB Circle, Com Dilip Saha, CS/CTD and C/Presidents of CTD and WB Circles met GM(FP) on 25.02.2014 and discussed the following issues:

a)         Option for the 2010 JAOs: Assn explained to GM(FP) that all the JAOs of 2010 qualified well before the cut off date of 07.05.2010 (the date of pay revision order) and due to administrative reasons their training has been delayed.  Further the recruitment process itself started in 2004-05 and delayed for years together. So the case has to be considered sympathetically. GM(FP) informed that he will try to discuss the issue further in the committee.

b)        Promotion to 230 CAO posts: Assn requested to complete the DPC in this financial year itself, by 31st March. GM(FP) assured that we will try to complete the DPC with the support of the Assn before March, 31st. Almost all the ACRs are received except 31 and we are pursuing the remaining cases.

For the next 336 CAO vacancies, ACRs will be called this week itself.

c) Promotion from JAO to AO for the remaining vacancies: Assn requested to process the DPC for the next vacancy year so that remaining JAOs of 2006 batch and some of the JAOs of 2010 batch (OC category) also can be promoted. GM(FP) assured to consider the case at the earliest so that the vacancies can be filled up at the earliest.

26.02.2015: JTO to SDE case at Hon Ernakulam High Court postponed to Monday, 02.3.2015 as bench is not sitting today afternoon.

24.02.2015: CHQ NEWS

JTO to SDE promotion case in the Hon High Court of Kerala postponed to 26.02.2015 for final disposal after preliminary hearing today as the bench is not sitting today afternoon

Assn is trying to ensure that all the JTOs recruited from 1995 to 2001 are covered in this DPC.


JTOs All India Eligibility list circulated by CO prepared in Excel Format for information of members.

          Total List                                                Year wise Eligibile candidates

         Circle wise Count                                   Consolidation

23.02.2015: Hon Supreme Court Judgment in CA 4389 of 2010 in SDE seniority as per Rule 206 case.     >>>>> Hon Supreme Court judgment >>>>>

23.02.2015: View Corp. Office orders:

Corporate office has released the Final All India Eligibility List of JTOs (Telecom) for circulation 

                                               View Letter Copy          View List Part-I                                                 View List Part-II          View List part -III


23.02.2015:     CHQ  NEWS:

Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL:

GS Com K. Sebastin, CHQ President Com G L Jogi and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 20.02.2015 and held discussions for about one hour on issues related to revival of BSNL and HR issues. Initially the meeting was scheduled for 09.02.2015 but due to the meeting with the Forum on the same day, it was postponed to 20.02.15. At the outset we assured our full support and cooperation to him for all the initiatives taken by the Management for the revival of BSNL.

CMD informed that Management will be very tough on the non performers and clear message is already given to all Circles/SSAs. Tough measures will be initiated to bring accountability and easy-going /indiscipline will not be tolerated at all.

On merger of SSAs, Assn told CMD that this move should not further concentrate the power and decision making. CMD informed that as a first step, the HR, Finance and planning activities in few Circles only will be centralised and the performance monitored for one year. If it is found effective, it will be implemented in other Circles also. The operations and related activities will remain with the concerned SSAs.

Finalization of standard Pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and equivalent cadre w.e.f 01.01.2007: Assn explained the whole issue to the new CMD  - assurance given in 2012 and Joint committee formation, rejection of E1A and E2A proposal by DoT, reiteration of implementations of standard pay scales by DPE in December/2012, assurance given to the Assn in March-Sept, 2014, rejection of E1A and E2A proposal by DPE in July, 2014 etc. The JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres which are the backbone of the company is not having pay scales for the last 8 years. There is a difference of Rs 3800/ between the basic pay of a JTO recruited prior to 01.01.2007 and after 01.01.2007.

CMD surprised to see that the pay scales of the JTO and SDE cadres are not finalised for 8 years even after clear instructions and rejection of the E1A and E2A proposal by the DPE/DoT and the committee is not deliberating and finalizing its recommendations as per the mandate given to it. Assn pointed out that in order to further delay the process, MTNL pension issue is unnecessary raised now which is no way connected with the pay revision w.e.f 01.01.2007. CMD assured that he will discuss the matter with DIR(HR) and ensure that the committee concludes its report and a final decision is taken. We hope that CMD and DIR(HR) will take a final call on E2, E3 pay scales sine E1A and E2A scales are repeatedly rejected by DPE and DoT.                         

 Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy: GS told CMD that as on today JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion and DE to DGM promotions are under litigation and Management is not able to fillup the vacancies. The entire promotions based on existing seniority lists from JTO to DGM are blocked. Being that the ground reality, the rationale behind the HR wings move even to stop the “proposal to give time bound promotion upto AGM level without consideration of vacancy” is not known. Is the HR wing have any other proposal to give promotion to the executives from JTO to DGM without any hurdle other than this? We don’t want to here again and again that promotions cannot be done due to court cases. Assn clearly told that nothing less than this proposal is acceptable to us and Management has to reconsider its decision to restrict Time bound promotion without consideration of vacancy” only upto SDE level. CMD assured us to examine the matter before implementation.

30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: Assn explained the status of the issue. CMD informed that the Management is aware of the issue and some proposal is under consideration. Assn told CMD that the proposal under consideration is not going to solve the problem and requested to work out a reasonable solution to the issue after discussion with all stake holders since just like pay scale issue, the affected employees are losing the pension benefits for years together, from 2007.

CMD had a patient hearing for an hour and we got the right opportunity to draw his attention to some of the major HR issues. This is the first time we got such an opportunity to discuss the HR issues with the CMD. We hope that CMD will take appropriate action and initiative to resolve these issues as he understood that these issues are to be resolved in order to motivate the employees.

21.02.2015: Circle level convention is planned to hold on 3rd March - 2015 in Asman Mahal , Hyderabad and all activists from SSAs have to participate.

21.02.2015: Circle Forum of Unions and Associations held on 20.02.2015 and reviewed the ongoing signature campaign and preparations for scheduled indefinite strike from 17th March - 2015. Circle Forum congratulated all Comrades for active campaign. ACS(Hq) attended on behalf of SNEA

19.02.2015: View Corp. Office orders: Preparation of All India Eligibility list of JTOs for the Vacancy year-2009-2010 onwards - Furnishing of CRs- reg.

19.02.2015:     CHQ  NEWS:

GS writes to Sri Anupam Shrivatava,CMD/BSNL regarding finalization of standard pay scales for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 in accordance to the agreements reached in Feb-2012 and March/Sept-2014. Personal intervention solicited to address the issue urgently

Letter to CMD/BSNL

14.02.2015:     CHQ  NEWS

Meeting with Director(HR)-CHQ President and both AGSs met Director(HR) to discuss following issues:

A) Immediate restoration of trade union facilities suspended consequent to initiation of flawed, objective less, mock and ridiculous membership verification process: We clearly conveyed to Director(HR) that it is completely unfair and arbitrary on the part of Management to keep trade union facilities in frozen condition since notification of membership verification process which is stayed by Karnataka HC for the last more than six months. Besides, this Association is completely and strongly opposed to going ahead with membership verification unless basic and pertinent issues raised by this Association and whose resolution alone will help achieve basic objective of membership verification process are comprehensively addressed, we informed Director(HR).
We urged upon Director(HR) to initiate immediate action towards restoration of trade union facilities enjoyed by this Association prior to commencement of membership verification since day to day functioning of the Association stands adversely impacted on frivolous, flimsy and non- existent grounds. Director (HR) assured of very quick action to restore the facilities as early as possible and also assured that he will direct Sr GM (SR) to initiate appropriate action in this regard.

B)    Monitoring of progress of DPC: We sought personal intervention of Director (HR) to monitor progress of ongoing seniority cum fitness DPC from JTO to TES Gr B and informed him that the progress of DPC is not as quick and on expected lines. We also informed Director (HR) that his personal intervention in closely monitoring progress of DPC has become absolutely necessary in view of slow pace of DPC work. Director (HR) assured that he will monitor progress of DPC personally besides directing concerned officers to expedite DPC as much as possible. Subsequently, we have had discussion with DGM (P) regarding accelerating the pace of DPC work and he assured that necessary action is already being taken to complete the work as quickly as possible.

Meeting with Sr GM(SR) We apprised Sr GM(SR) about the discussions that we have had with Director(HR) regarding restoration of trade union facilities and also pleaded with him to initiate quick action to ensure that facilities that have been suspended arbitrarily are restored at the earliest since there is absolutely no justification whatsoever in continuing with suspension of these facilities. Sr GM(SR) categorically assured that immediate action within a couple of days would be initiated to restore the facilities as quickly as possible. 

12.02.2015:     CHQ  NEWS

LDCE for promotion to the grade of SDE (Telecom) under 33% Quota to be held on 15.02.2015:

LDCE is deferred until further notice due to multiple court verdicts resulting into contradictions and administrative constraints   >>> View order copy>>>>>

12.02.2015:     CHQ  NEWS

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of Sub-Divisional Engineer (Telecom) under 33% Quota to be held on 15.02.2015 :

LDCE shall be restricted only for the vacancy year 2010-2011 and only those, who are eligible for having three years continuous experience in JTO(T) for the vacancy year 2010-2011, shall be allowed to sit in the examination to be held on 15-02-2015.

>>>>Click here for CO order>>>

12.02.2015:     CHQ  NEWS

Copy of interim stay order on JTO to SDE promotions for 3 weeks w.e.f 04.02.2015 from Hon HC, Kerala:

SNEA(I) is the only Assn, we reiterate the only Assn, present in the Hon HC and opposed the stay application in the Hon High Court. Our strong opposition along with the arguments of BSNL lawyer restricted the interim stay for 3 weeks eventhough the court initially granted stay for one month. In Hon CAT also, impleading applications were filed by others but they never bothered to file reply/counter reply or engage lawyer to argue the case even on final hearing dates. So comrades, don’t get confused or carried away by the propaganda from any quarter.

Next date is 24.02.2015. Assn will be filing the counter reply shortly. Assn is pursuing with Management also to file the reply by BSNL in time.

12.02.2015:     CHQ  NEWS

It is learned that Hon Supreme Court dismissed the Review Petition filed by some individuals against quashing of seniority list no 6 and 7.

11.02.2015:Singnature campaign conducted by BSNL employees of Visakhapatnam SSA in a bigway.  Collected 60000 signatures so far. SNEA AP congratulates Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL Visakhapatnam especially SNEA Members of VM for their leading role in this campaign.

SNEA (I) AP also appeals to all the SNEA District Branches to participate and take lead in the Signature campain enthusiastically  and make it a big success.

     Photo 1         Photo 2         Photo  3           Photo 4          Photo 5



All COBs/DSs/Branch Secretaries are requested to fully involve in the 1 Crore signature campaign on the memorandum to be submitted to Hon Prime Minister on 25.02.2015, after the Parliament march. Only few more days are left. Reports from some of the SSAs is not encouraging, SNEA AP appeals to all the SNEA comrades to lead the signature campaing.

10.02.2015:     CHQ  NEWS

Meeting with GM(Pers) on JTO to SDE promotion: GS and both AGSs met GM(Pers) and Addl GM(Pers) on 09.02.2015 and discussed the progress on JTO to SDE promotion preparatory work and filing reply in the Hon High Court of Kerala.

10.02.2015:   CHQ  NEWS

Meeting with CMD and Board of Directors of BSNL on the issues of BSNL revival and “SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION” campaign.

Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations had a detailed meeting for more than 3 hours with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL, Sri A. N. Rai, DIR(EB & HR) and Sri. N. K. Gupta, DIR(CFA & CM) on the charter of demands for indefinite strike from 17th March, 2015. Smt Sujata Ray, ED(Fin), Sr GM(SR) etc also present in the meeting.

This was the first meeting of the Forum with the new CMD, Sri Anupam Shrivastava.

Detailed discussion held on various agenda items. On new HR plan and staffing norms, a draft HR plan will be circulated to Forum for opinion. On staffing norms, further discussions will continue before taking a final decision. On 30% superannuation benefit, BSNL Management agreed to reconsider the proposal of 3% contribution towards pension fund. We will have further discussion with management on these issues to have maximum contribution from the management side.


District Conference of SNEA(I) Khammam was conducted in a grand manner at TTDC Conference hall khammam on 08.02.2015. District Conference was presided by District President,Com. Srinivasa Rao. Dist. Secretary and District Treasurer submitted the reports.

On the occassion of District Conference Open session was organised. District Secretary, SNEA KHM Com Muralidhar gave opening remarks. Com P. Padmanabha Rao, JS(S), Com A.Chandrasekhar, AGS, Com J.Umamaheswara Rao, Circle President, Com. A.Viswanath, Circle Secretary, Com V.Ravikumar Reddy, ACS(Hq), Com. SST Sai, ACS, Com P.Srinivasa Prasad, Com S.Srinivas, Com E.Jaganmohan Reddy, CWC members from SNEA partiicipated and addressed the open session. All the leaders expalined the members the importance of the proposed indefinite strike and appealed to the members to actively participate in all the programs of agitation and join the indefinite strike.

Sri Vasudeva rao, DGM KHM, District Secretaries of BSNLEU, NFTE, SEWA and AIGETOA participated and adressed the Open Session.

Com P. Padmanabha Rao, JS(S), Com A.Chandrasekhar, AGS, Com J.Umamaheswara Rao, Circle President, Com. A.Viswanath, Circle Secretary, addressed the delaegate session and explained on all the CHQ and Circle issues like the role of this association for the upward revisions in the pay scales (1986, 1996 and 2000 in BSNL).Involvement of this association in resolving major issues related with the viability of BSNL like unbundling of copper cable, tenders, procurement, CDR, BWA spectrum refund and our basic demands of Standard pay scales, 30% superannuation benefits, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc

The following were unanimously elected for KHM SNEA District body for the next term:

President : K.Srinivasa Rao SDE HR/Admin Khammam.

District Secy : T.Sreenivasu SDE Tax,Carrier&Bldg Khammam

Tresurer : V.Satyendra Kumar JTO Manuguru

09.02.2015:Singnature campaign conducted by BSNL employees of Krishna SSA in a bigway.  SNEA AP congratulates all the employees of BSNL VJ.

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09.02.2015:Shri V.Srinivasan, Chief General manager, AP Telcom Circle was falicitated by SNEA(I) Anantapur SSA during his recent visit to Anantapur.

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07.02.2015: Speed tester for BSNL BB /  ILL customers


 06.02.2015: CHQ NEWS

Meeting with DIR(HR): GS and CHQ President met Sri A. N. Rai, DIR(HR) on 05.02.2015 and held discussions on JTO to SDE promotion and the stay granted by Hon High Court on promotions. GS and President told DIR(HR) that the Pers section is miserably failed in its duty as the repeated warnings given by the Assn on the slow pace of DPC work was never taken seriously by the concerned officers. It is the total failure of the Pers section as they could not get the ACRs and VCs from the Circles in time. The Pers section lost control over the Circles. Further Assn requested to explore all the possible legal options to get the stay vacated. DIR(HR) assured that he will personally monitor the developments and all measures will be taken to get the stay order vacated.


CS along with JS(S) and ACS (Hqr) met Sri V.Srinivasan, CGMT, AP on 04.02.2015 and discussed on our issues. Sri G.S.Marshall, Sr.G.M.(HR) AP Circle was also present.