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Make Two days Strike on 21st and 22nd APRIL 2015 a Grand Success

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Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

Make extensive preparations. Success of the strike going to decide the future of BSNL and the future of the employees.


Details of Diary-2015 payments by SSAs and Quota payment details of all SSAs are listed. All the District secretaries are requested to clear their quota payment immediately. It is also requested to pursue for clearing Diary-15 payments by respective SSA heads where diary payments are not done.

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18.04.2015:: CS Spoke to Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr. G.M.(HR) AP Circle regarding JTO transfers. Sr. G.M. informed that no final decision is taken in case of JTO transfers in AP Circle. In this regard it is informed to all that whoever is willing only can excercise their option. Ohters may wait for some more time till final deccision is taken as far as JTO transfers are concerned.

18.04.2015: CHQ NEWS

Meeting with CMD, BSNL. CMD invited Forum leaders for a meeting to discuss on the charter of demands. A detail discussion for more than 3 hours held mainly on BSNL related issues. CMD informed that he requested DoT also to have a meeting with Forum to discuss issues related to Govt. Since Secretary, DoT is on tour along with PM, meeting may take place only after his return on monday . Smt Sujata Ray, ED Fin, Sr GMSR, GM Pers, GM Estt and GM Admn were also present in the meeting. Comrades, since most of the issues are related to Govt which are yet to be addressed, make maximum preparations for the strike on 21, 22 April.

17.04.2015: Incident that took place at ITPC-DC, HYD on 16.04.2015:

For the first time in the history of ITPC DC, shift duties were introduced at ITPC DC Hyd, in spite of strong protest by all the executives. In fact, the respective teams are taking care of their units / applications 24 X 7 X 365 since 2009, the inception of CDR project, hence the necessity of a separate order is not required. In this regard, all the three Associations under the banner of United Forum of Executives served letter to the ITPC DC, Hyderabad Administration for amicable settlement of the issue across the table. But ITPC administration has neither met nor granted meeting to the Forum. Finally on compulsion, administration has agreed to meet on 13.4.2015 which was subsequently postponed to 16.4.2015 without any valid reason. Again on 16.4.2015, the admin denied to meet the Forum on the pretext of busy schedule with intimation to meet after 21.4.2015. With this development, all the executives of ITPC DC got aggrieved, assembled and requested the Administration for resolving the issue, which was blatantly denied by the ITPC DC Administration. Though the executives, including lady comrades were protesting silently, the administration called the Police which was totally uncalled for and unwarranted. The arrival of the police further aggrieved the silently protesting executives. This has forced the forum leaders to appraise the situation to the CGM ITPC and explain the grim situation prevailing at DC and total unhelpful attitude of the DC administration. At last at about 20.30 Hrs GM DC Hyd along with all the DGMs assured to resolve the issue across the table and accepted to keep the present orders of shift duties under abeyance. United forum of Executives of ITPC sincerely thank the CGM ITPC, PUNE for his timely intervention and helping to resolve the issue. United forum of Executives also thank GM DC Hyd and all DGMs for the settlement.

Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

All activists are requested to make Massive preparations in the next few days by door to door campaign and conducting combined meeting of Forum at all the exchanges / locations.

17.04.2015: All the Executive Associations were invited by Sr.G.M.(HR) AP Circle on 16.04.2015 to discuss on the issue of request transfers. It was decided to consider request transfers of SDEs/DEs who have completed 2 years of stay. Requested Circle Administration to call for options to fill up the vacancies and also requested to minimise the long standing transfers. Request transfers in the cadre of JTOs will be discussed shortly.

15.04.2015: As per the call given by SNEA(I), CHQ, Lunch Hour demonstration was organised today at office of CGMT AP. SNEA activists attended in large numbers. Com P.Padmanabha Rao, J.S(S), Com A.Viswanath, CS, Com Srinivas and Com Srinivasa Prasad, CWC Members, Com Ravikumar Reddy ACS(Hq), Com G.Ramesh, DS HTD, Com Sayanna, DS HYD City Dvn. attended and addressed the demonstration.

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15.04.2015: Organise Lunch Hour demonstration Today Wearing badges and observing DEMAND DAY.

All /SSA/Branch Secretaries and active comrades are requested to make tadays Lunch Hour demonstration a grand success by wearing badges and observing it as DEMAND DAY.

Make campaign among all the Executives to join hands and participate in the agitation to settle the HR issues of all the Executives this time.

13.04.2015 :: District Conference of SNEA(I) Anantapur was held on 12.04.2015 in a grand manner at Vemana Telephone Bhavan, Anantapur. The Conference was presided by District President Com. K.Nagabhushana. District Secretary Com. M.Rajasekhar Reddy submitted the DS report and the same was adopted by the members. District Treasurer Com. C.Babafakruddin submitted the audited accounts.

On the occassion of District Conference, Open session was organised. DS BSNLEU Com Chandrasekhar, DS NFTE Com Sudhakar, DS SEWA Com Obilesu addressed the opensession and explained the need of combined struggles in BSNL and appealed to all BSNL employees to participate in the fothcoming strike on 21st and 22nd April-2015. Com A.Viswanath, CS SNEA AP addressed the open session and explained the members the circumstances which forced Unions and Associations of BSNL to launch agitation program on revival of BSNL and requested all SNEA members to take lead in the forthcoming agitational program.

Veteran Comrades Seshagiri Rao, Ex G.S. and S.L.Reddy, Ex President, CHQ atteded and addressed the delegate session and adviced members to work hard to revive BSNL and also participate in all the calls given by CHQ.

Com P.Padmanbha Rao, JS(S), Com A.Viswanath CS, SNEA AP addressed the delegate session and gave full details on issues concerning to viability of BSNL and also on various cadre issues. Doubts of the members were also clarified after the address. Also appealed to the members to participate actively in combined struggle for revival of BSNL and also on the call given by SNEA(I) alone on various cadre issues like E2-E3 pay scales to JTO/SDE, Inmplementation of CPSU Cadre Hirarchy, settlement of Pay anamoly issues, First time bound promotion after 4 years etc.

Com A.Viswanath Thanked all the newly promoted JTOs for joining in SNEA and also thanked all young and direct recruit executives of Anantapur for joining back SNEA and reposing faith in SNEA.

Com Ravi Kumar Reddy, ACS Hq, Com. K.Nagamurthy, OS, Com B.Bhaskar Rao, CWC Member, Com Dileep, DS Tirupati, Com Madhumohan, DS Kadapa attended and addressed the conference.

The following were elected unanimously for the next term:

1. District President: Com. M.Rajasekhar Reddy, SDE, 9440288899

2. District Secretary: Com K. Lingamaiah, JTO, 9441111188

3. District Treasurer: Com C.Babafakruddin, JTO, 9493727876

13.04.2015: Com.A.Vijaya Krishna, JTO / Vizianagaram SSA donated Rs.2500/- to SNEA AP circle. SNEA AP extends its Heart felt thanks to Com.A.Vijaya Krishna.

13.04.2015: Lunch Hour demonstration on 15.04.2015, wearing badges and observing DEMAND DAY.

All SSA/Branch Secretaries are requested to make extensive preparations for the Lunch Hour demonstration on 15.04.2015 on the charter of demands, wearing badges and observing it as DEMAND DAY.

Make campaign among all the Executives to join hands and participate in the agitation to settle the HR issues of all the Executives this time.

Charter of demands

·  Standard Pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG.

·  Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 to 6 years.

·  Settlement of Pay Anomalies.

·  First TBP after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

·Upgraded pay scales and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.

13.04.2015: Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations of Non-Executives and Executives has given a call for two days strike on 21 - 21 April 2015.

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09.04.2015: CHQ  NEWS

Next ALL INDIA CONFERENCE will be held at JAIPUR, Rajasthan Circle by First half of August -2015. Exact dates will be announced later after consulting host circle. AIC notice will be issued in due course.

08.04.2015:BSNL CO Issues cancellation orders to SDEs who are working in Soft Tenure SSAs of AP Circle. This policy decision could be achieved merely by active and persistant involvement of SNEA CHQ, especially our beloved General Secretary Comrade K.Sebastin. SNEA AP appreciates the efforts of our CHQ in resolving this long pending policy matter favourably.

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08.04.2015: Meeting with Diretor(HR): CHQ President, AGS, Com Dahiya and CS/BSNL Co, Com Khan, met Director(HR) and discussed following issues.

A) Filing of SLP in Honble Supreme Court by BSNL against the stay granted by Ernakulam High Court on JTO to TES Gr B promotion:
We strongly pleaded that BSNL should immediately file an SLP in Honble Supreme Court to vacate the stay granted by Ernakulam High Court on JTO to TES Gr B promotion. We informed Director(HR) that there are very strong and justified grounds for BSNL to file SLP against interim order of Ernakulam High Court in view of judgments given by CAT Chennai and CAT Ernakulam comprehensively dismissing the petitions challenging the promotion from JTO to TES Gr on merits. The grounds cited in Ernakulam High Court challenging JTO to TES Gr B promotion are more or less the same that were raised in CAT Chennai and CAT Ernakulam. We also informed Director(HR) that BSNL Management cannot sit as a silent spectator in view of the fact that JTOs are waiting for more than 20- years for their first promotion and must act very swiftly to ensure that stay granted by Ernakulam High Court is vacated is vacated at the earliest. Director(HR) was also informed that this Association is also filing SLP in Supreme Court against the stay granted by Ernakulam High Court. After having been apprised of all the facts, Director(HR) assured that he would discuss immediately the issue with concerned officers and whatever legal action is needed to be taken to facilitate holding of DPC from JTO to TES Gr B would surely be taken.

B) Restoration of trade union facilities withdrawn after notification of membership verification process We once again reminded Director(HR) about the discussions we have had with him on this issue and his assurance that he would consider restoration of trade union facilities withdrawn after notification of verification process. We informed him that despite his assurances no further action has been taken in this regard. Director(HR) assured that he would initiate action on this issue immediately.

C) Reversion of 73 JTOs of UP(W) : We apprised Director(HR) on this issue on the same lines we apprised CMD and sought his immediate intervention to ensure that such a dangerous situation does not arise. Director(HR) assured that he would try to take a very sympathetic view of the whole after examining it in detail.

06.04.2015: Seniority List 6 and 7 of TES Group B equivalent to SDE (T) Revised : Judgment dated 25.08.2009 of Hon ble CAT, Chandigarh Bench in TA No. 84/HR/2009 is implemented.

View Corporate office order

View List 6 in PDF Format                In Excel Format.

View List 7 in PDF Format                 In Excel Format.

06.04.2015: JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon. High court of Kerala : The case is posted in June - 2015, Since the court vacation starts from 10-April.

Since the Hon. High Court not lifted the interim stay on promotions, SNEA will be filing SLP in the Hon. Supreme Court against the interim stay order. We already completed the work on SLP in advance and will be filed in a few days and fight to get the stay vacated at the earliest.

06.04.2015: Agitation on HR issues from 07.04.2015

SSA/Branch Secretaries are requested send Fax to CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR)/BSNL and DIR(CFA)/ BSNL on 07.04.2015 on the charter of demands. In case FAX cannot be sent, then mail should be send to the respective email ids with copy to SNEA(I), CHQ:

CMD/ BSNL: Fax No: 011-23371444, email id:

DIR HR: Fax No: 011-23734072, email id:

DIR(CFA): Fax No:  011-23734242, email id:

SNEA(I), CHQ : email id:

Lunch hour demonstration on 15.04.2015 observing it as “DEMAND DAY” wearing badges:

The badges are to be printed by the respective SSAs well in advance as per the sample given in the website.

FAX message to CMD, DIR(HR) and DIR(CFA) on 07.04.2015

Badges to be printed for 15.04.2015

02.04.2015: On behalf of Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL, AP Circle level Convention on “Save BSNL Save Nation” was held in a grand manner at Asman mahal conference hall, Hyderabad on 01.04.2015. The convention was presided by Com. Chandrasekhar Rao, CS NFTE,AP Circle. BSNL employees from all over AP Telecom Circle attended the meeting. The leaders from various Trade Union Organisations and CHQ/Circle leaders from all Unions and Associations of BSNL attened and addressed the Convention and explained the position on various demands. All the leaders stressed that United struggles only leads to resolution of the issues and appealed to the BSNL employees to participate in the two days strike on 21st and 22nd April-2015 and make the strike a grand success.

The following leaders attended and addressed the Convention.

Com. Abdul Kharder, INTUC

Com. Balaraju, AITUC

Comom P.Bhaskar CITU

Com Bhaskar Sharma, PSU Employees union BMS

Com P.Padmanabha rao, JS(S) SNEA(I)

Com Ganesh, CHQ President, BTEU

Com Ashok Babu, CHQ VP, BSNLEU

Com K.Anjaiah, Secretary, CHQ, NFTE

Com j.Saibaba, AGS, AIBSNLEA

Com Venkateswara Rao, CS FNTO

Com B.lakshman CHQ VP, AIGETOA

Com. Sampath CS, SNATTA

Com. A.viswanath, CS SNEA(I)


Com. Veerabhadra, CS AIGETOA

Com. Premnath, CS BTEU

Com. Taranath, CS BSNLEU

Convention passed a unanimous resolution .

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02.04.2015: Com Ashok Kumar, JTO, Anakapalli, VM SSA expired to day due to illness. Com. Ashok Kumar was a committed member of SNEA(I). SNEA(I) AP Circle conveys its deepest condelences to bereaved family members of Com Ashok Kumar.


All the DSs/COBs please note that AP Circle level convention on Save BSNL Save Nation is being held from 1400hrs to 1700hrs at Coference hall, Asman Mahal staff quarters, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad on 01.04.2015. All are requested to mobilse and participate in the convention in big numbers. DSs of neibouring SSAs are specially requested to participate without fail.


CHQ NEWS: SNEA(I) served notice for trade union actions for settlement of legitimate and just HR issues pending for years together.

Charter of Demands:

1) Finalization of pay scales of JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 by replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A, E2A with standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc up to SGJAG.  No demotion of the basic cadres of JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs.

2) Implementation of Time Bound Functional promotion between 4 to 6 years up to SG JAG as per the terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL and analogous to CPSU cadre hierarchy.

3) Settlement of long pending pay anomalies, i) Pay fixation as per FRSR on officiating promotion consequent upon the implementation of TBP, ii) Senior drawing less pay than Junior after functional promotions and iii) Antedating of increment.

4) First TBP uniformly after four years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

5) Implementation of upgraded pay scales of E1A and E2A notionally w.e.f 01.10.2000 for Civil/Electrical/Arch wings at par with finance wing and amendments of RRs for these streams to being them at par with Telecom/Finance wing in respect of functional promotions.

Trade Union Programmes:

07.04.2015: Sending fax to CMD and Directors by Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries.

15.04.2015: Demand Day, wearing badges and holding Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHQ, Circle/SSA HQs.

07.05.2015: Massive one day Dharna at CHQ, Circle/SSA HQs.

19th to 21st May, 2015: Relay hunger strike at BSNLCO and Circle/SSA HQs.

Start preparations at grass root level by holding general body meetings at SSA/ Branch level and important locations alongwith the preparations for the strike on 21-22, April

Comrades, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees is another major issue to be resolved. Since Forum already given a notice for 2 days strike on the same demand in which SNEA(I) is also a signatory, that demand not included in this notice now.

We appeal to all the Executives and Executive Associations to join this struggle for the cadre.

Click here to view the Notice


Com P.Padmanabhra Rao Jt.Sec(South), Com S.Srinivas CWC, Com G.Srinivas ITPC Branch Sec, Com KLN Manohar ADS met Ashutosh Sharma GM(HQ&Admin) ITPC Pune on 26-03-2015 at South Data Center, ITPC, HYD on his visit to SDC Hyd and discussed on ERP and CDR developmental issues and also discussed on our issues including JTO request transfer from Pune to Hyderabad.

20.03.2015: Com. N.Vishnumoorthy, JTO, AP Circle Office did four Ph.Ds' in Management, psychology, Education and Philosophy. SNEA AP Congratulates com. Vishnumoorthy on his exceptional achievement. Com. Vishnumoorthy is committed member of SNEA(I).

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20.03.2015: Forum of Unions and Assciations of BSNL of AP Circle was held at Hyderabad on 19.03.2015. It is decided to hold AP Circle level convention on Save BSNL Save Nation on 01.04.2015 instead of 09.04.2015 as decided earlier, at 1400hrs at Coference hall, Asman Mahal staff quarters, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad.

20.03.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Sri S. S Aggarwal, GM(Pers): GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met GM(Pers) on 19.03.2015 and held discussions on the following subjects:

a) Finalization of committee report on officiating pay fixation issues: GM(Pers) informed that the data and information submitted by the Assn is verified by the section and a final meeting will be held after that to finalise the report.

b) DE to Adhoc DGM promotions: Assn suggested to consider promotion for the DEs who seniority is not going to be disturbed on implementation of Rule 206 as per Hon SC order: After detailed discussion, GM(Pers) agreed to examine the case once the work on revision of seniority list is completed. We requested to complete the work at the earliest and issue the promotion order this month itself, if possible as DPC is already over and current VC is available.

c) Transfer from soft tenure stations on promotions, long stay etc: After detailed discussions, it was agreed to implement uniform policy for all tenure stations. Accordingly the transfer from soft tenure stations will be cancelled shortly. This issue was discussed with DIR(HR) also recently.

d) Amendments in SDE(T) RRs: GM(Pers) informed that SDE(T) RR is under the consideration of BSNL Board.

e) Changes in SDE(TF) scheme and syllabus for LDCE: After discussion, GM(P) agreed to discuss the changes with DIR(HR).

19.03.2015: CHQ NEWS

GS writes to CMD, BSNL regarding


a) Immediate action to recruit atleast 300 DGMs from among Internal candidates as a one time measure and

b) Increase the number of MTs from proposed 150 to 300 from among Internal candidates.

GS letter to CMD, BSNL

18.03.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Sri A. N. Rai, DIR(HR), BSNL on 13.03.2015: GS and President met Sri A. N. Rai and discussed the following issues:

a) Switching over to Time bound Functional promotion from the existing seniority based promotions: Now promotions in various cadres held up due to litigations especially in Engg wing. Thousands of SDE, DE and DGM posts are vacant. JTO eligibility list is under challenge since 2009. All the SDE seniority lists (1 to 7) are quashed by the Hon Supreme Court. Promotions in various wings of the same company varies years together. JAO to AO promotion happening in 4 years whereas JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion is not happening even after 20 years, JTO (C/E) to SDE(C/E) promotion is after 22 to 23 years etc. The uniform promotion policy for all the cadres in various wings is to be implemented as assured at the time of promotion.  Only solution is to switch over to TB functional promotion. The consultant also proposed the same. DIR(HR) assured that serious discussions in this regard can be held in the month of April.

b) Finalization of  pay scales of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres by E2, E3 scales from 01.01.2007: Assn pointed out that even after repeated assurances by the Management and rejection of the proposal by the DPE and DoT, no action is taken by the management so far to finalise the pay scales. The basic cadres are facing the threat of demotion which cannot be accepted at all. DIR(HR) is of the firm view that management is not in a position to consider this proposal due to financial constraints and even suggested that the future recruitment can be in E1 scale.

c) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: Assn requested to resolve this issue as it is pending since pay revision. DIR(HR) informed that considering the financial condition of the company, 2% to 3% is under consideration of the Management at present which will be reviewed later. Assn requested to reconsider this and work out a mutually agreeable solution for all the stake holders with considerable hike in the percentage.

c) Transfer from soft tenure areas: Assn requested to clear the confusion on transfer from soft tenure areas on long stay and promotion: The treatment on tenure and soft tenure stations should be uniform for all the purposes to avoid confusion. DIR(HR) agreed to our suggestions and told that uniform policy will be followed for tenure and soft tenure areas on transfer on long stay and promotion.

Comrades, the developments on pay scales, TB functional promotion and 30% superannuation benefits are not at all encouraging. On the other hand Management is not able to promote the executives to the vacant SDE, DE and DGM posts, simply citing court cases. This all compel us to re-launch the trade union actions we deferred in March, 2014 after repeated assurances. Make preparations accordingly.

18.03.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 13.03.2015: GS, President and both AGSs met Sri Anupam Shrivastava and discussed the following issues:

a) Switching over to Time bound Functional promotion from the existing seniority based promotions: Assn explained the litigations going on seniority related issues which blocked the promotions in almost all the cadres. The litigations may continue in the future also. Only solution is to switch over to TB functional promotion. The consultant also proposed the same.

b) Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 from 01.01.2007: Even after repeated assurances by the Management and rejection of the proposal by the DPE and DoT, no action is taken by the management so far. The basic cadres are facing the threat of demotion which cannot be accepted at all.

After discussion CMD, suggested to have further discussion with DIR(HR) on these issues and will have discussions after that.


  1. CS along with Com. Ravikumar Reddy ACS (Hq) met Sri G.Santosh Marshall, Sr. G.M.(HR) AP Circle and Smt. Anila Kiran Addl. G.M.(HR) and discussed on our issues.

  2. CS along with Com P.Srinivasa Prasad, CWC Member met sri A.S. Choudary, Cheif Engineer (Electrical) and discussed on our issues.

12.03.2015: Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations served Notice for two

days strike on 21 / 04 / 2015 and 22 / 04 / 2015 on demands for Revival of BSNL.

>>>>>View notice copy>>>>>>>

                    Forum of Unions and Assciations of BSNL of AP Circle was held at Hyderabad on 12.03.2015. It is decided to hold AP Circle level convention on Save BSNL Save Nation on 09.04.2015 at 1400hrs at Coference hall, Asman Mahal staff quarters, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad. All India leaders of Unions and Associations of BSNL and leaders from different trade unions will participate and address the convention.

11.03.2015: CHQ NEWS: Two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015: Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations will be serving fresh notice on 12.03.2015 with the charter of demands already announced.

As part of this Lunch hour demonstration will be held at BSNLCO/Circle /SSA HQs on 12.03.2015.


JTO to SDE case is not listed for hearing today at Hon HC, Ernakulam eventhough another bench on 05.03.15 directed to list the case on 09.03.2015 for hearing. Final hearing expected this week itself.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL demanding deduction of subscription from the salary of Executives through check off system:

Letter to CMD

05.03.2015:  Forum of Unions and Associations of HTD met Shri B.Dathathreya,

Hon. Union Minister for Labour and Employment and submitted a memorandum during

his visit to BSNL Bhavan today

05.03.2015:JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon. High Court of Ernakulam:

As there is no sitting of Bench today the case is posted on 09-03-2015.

03.03.2015: CS along with JS(S), CWC Members com. Srinivasa Prasad & com. Srinivas

and ACS(Hq) Com Ravikumar Reddy met Shri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT AP to congratulate

him on his promotion  and extended total support in developing BSNL AP circle.