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01.08.2015: Com. Chikkala Venkata Rao, D.S., Com. Bammidi Srinivas, Dist. President., SNEA(I) E G DIST., and other members of SNEA(I), EG Dist. met Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu garu at R&B guest house on 26.07.2015 on the eve of successful completion of GODAVARI MAHA PUSHKARAMS 2015 and explained the services rendered by BSNL during Godavari pushkaram works in EG Dist., and the role of SNEA(I). The Hon'ble Chief Minister expressed his happness regarding BSNL serivces and the role of SNEA(I). The news was covered by leading telugu news papers and electonic media.

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  01.08.2015:CHQ NEWS: SNEA(I) and BSNLEU writes to the CMD BSNL, demanding immediate intervention to restore normalcy in Kerala Circle as BSNLEU and SNEA(I) launched joint agitational programmes like demonstrations, indefinite hunger strike, non co-operation etc in Kerala from 03.08.2015 onwards against victimization of activists of both organizations and restoring trade union rights

Joint letter to CMD

  01.08.2015: Editorial:

Radical Cadre breakthrough accomplished – Dignity of basic cadres of JTOs/SDEs restored. Not that replacement scales of intermediary scales of E1A and E2A are restored but our long cherished dream of standard scales of E2 and E3 for basic cadres is becoming a reality. Association’s singular and protracted struggle finally takes us very close to reality.

This Association has had unique and privileged distinction of always having fought struggles to protect the dignity of the basic cadre of JTO from which it took its birth. The first historic milestone of getting scale of 1640-2900 for the erstwhile cadre of JE was achieved in 1987 after what could be called a bloodshed struggle spanning over three years. That struggle forced the obdurate bureaucracy and the Union Cabinet to acknowledge the legitimacy of our struggle and finally concede to our just demand of getting 1640-2900 scale.

The spectacular struggle of 1986 and its resounding success led to this Association being positioned as the most formidable and front line force in the Telecom Trade Unions. Distinguished recognition that this Association thus earned has been the cornerstone of the success of all the struggles that eventually followed thereafter and led to consolidation of the career growth of basic cadre of JTO and the cadres promoted there from.

Profound and unwavering conviction and relentless efforts of the leadership of erstwhile JTOA(I) led to yet another spectacular and truly historic breakthrough in 1996 when 5th CPC was forced to travel miles and miles ahead in not only placing the cadres of JTO and TES Gr B in the scales of 6500-10500 and 7500-12000 but bestowing unique distinction on the cadre of JTO by bracketing it in the category of Gr B gazetted. This was not only the turning point of the cadres of JTO and TES Gr B but paved the way for absorption of the JTO cadre in BSNL in the Executive category. What an incredible breakthrough because of sheer class and vision of the leadership of JTOA(I). Officials of 5th CPC dealing with pay scales of JTO and TES Gr B minced no words in openly acknowledging that JTOA(I) played a crucial role in elevating the JTO cadre to Gr B gazetted status and placing it in the pay scale of 6500-10500. This development forced 5th CPC to correspondingly upgrade TES Gr B to the scale of 7500-12000.

Carrying forward our tireless struggle, in the year 2002, at the time of absorption in BSNL, erstwhile TEOA and BSNLEA, along with Comrades of MTNL, defeated lock, stock and barrel the sinister move of the BSNL Management, in collusion with some Associations, to force our absorption without defining our basic service conditions in BSNL and MTNL. We stood like a rock and forced BSNL Management to allow us to decide where to go - BSNL, MTNL or continue in DOT- by defining our elementary service condition, pay scales, promotional avenues and fitment criterion. We comprehensively defeated the move of the opportunistic forces in the Trade Unions and exposed their unholy nexus with the BSNL Management by trying their level best to allure people to get absorbed as bonded labourers, without knowing basic service conditions, by accepting monthly pittance of Rs 2000. Not only did we stop with disclosure of basic service conditions but we launched yet another struggle in 2002 to force BSNL Management to upgrade the pay scales offered by BSNL Management for the cadres of JTO and TES Gr B from E1 and E2 to E1A and E2A. And we did not allow sinister designs of BSNL Management to prevail by trying to give BSNL recruits pay scale of E1. We put our foot down and made it absolutely sure that BSNL recruited JTOs are not discriminated vis-a-vis JTOs absorbed from DOT.

Having got intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for JTOs and SDEs at the time of absorption in BSNL, our eyes were simply set to remove this anomaly and we were getting determined to get these non standard pay scales replaced by standard pay scales of E2 and E3. However, after 2nd PRC, BSNL Management succeeded in imposing their dubious designs by demoting the cadres of JTOs and SDEs by downgrading their pay scales from E1A and E2A to E1 and E2. Naturally, we opposed this move tooth and nail and started making serious efforts to defeat this preposterous move of BSNL Management to demote the cadres of JTOs/SDEs.

In the meantime, so called champions of BSNL recruits dealt a severe blow to the issue and derailed the issue by agreeing to the proposition of the Management to agree for E1+5 increments. These self styled leaders of BSNL recruits, who have been playing havoc with BSNL recruits in every possible manner, were driven by their vested interests to accept this dangerous proposition of E1+5 increments. They virtually facilitated the move of the Management to drive last nail in the coffin of the cadres of JTO and TES Gr B.

However, our commitment and conviction to uphold the dignity and prestige of the cadres of JTO/SDE and not allow irreparable and irreversible damage to be inflicted on these cadres made us just determined to defeat the move of demotion of these cadres. Even though a committee with GSs of all the three Associations was constituted by the Management in February, 2012 to address the issue of standard pay scales, but the committee remained a virtual non starter.

Thus the entire responsibility of restoring the lost dignity and prestige of the cadres of JTO/SDE, which we had earned through tireless struggles of decades, was forced exclusively on us and we, recollecting over huge strengths of the past and living to our history of struggles and upholding the values and spirit of struggle that we have imbibed over decades, embraced this challenge with undeterred determination and unwavering conviction.

Resolution of the issue however got focussed and real momentum after we launched our struggle in March/April2014 and thereafter our intense and continuous persuasion with officers in DOT, DPE and DOP&T. We drafted our strategy and plan of action meticulously. The starting point was overcoming main obstacle in resolution of the issue i.e pension contribution. Having obtained a concrete commitment from the Management that the issue of standard pay scales would be considered in case there is some tangible breakthrough on the issue of pension contribution, we singularly concentrated our efforts in getting a commitment from DOP&T, after intense and continuous persuasion with the concerned officers, that BSNL has to pay pension contribution on actual basic, instead of on maximum of scale. This was the real turning point that paved way towards resolution of issue.

We also had series of discussions with concerned officers in DPE, including Secy/DPE and Jt Secy/DPE, impressing upon them to convey to DOT that under no circumstances will DPE agree to the proposition of BSNL board to introduce non standard replacement scales of E1A and E2A. Having obtained these concrete commitments from DOP&T and DPE, we forced BSNL Management to live up to its commitment of addressing the issue comprehensively once these irritants are addressed. That was the beginning and this alone led to reconstitution of the Joint Committee by the new CMD after notice was served by us on 23.3.2015 to start trade union actions. The commitment given by the new CMD to the General Secretary, after we served notice on 23.03.2015, that he will not allow demotion of the cadres of JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres was groundbreaking and gave us enormous confidence and strength towards resolution of the issue.

All out efforts were made, within and outside the Joint Committee, to scuttle the settlement, by raising unrealistic and tall demands, knowing very well that Management will never agree to consider these defeatist demands. Ridiculous was the demand raised to restrict these pay scales of E2 and E3 only to directly recruited JTOs in BSNL, that also w.e.f 01.10.2000. Our commitment on resolution of the issue and the tough stand taken by SNEA(I) within and outside the Joint Committee forced them to come around for a settlement. Our strong argument that the minimum of the revised pay scales of E1A and E2A cannot be less than Rs 18850 and Rs 22800 respectively and the DPE order that no intermediary pay scales are permissible after 01.01.2007 left no option for the Joint Committee than recommending E2, E3 pay scales w.e.f 01.01.2007 replacing E1A and E2A pay scales. The Joint Committee meeting on 09.07.2015 came to the conclusion to recommend standard pay scales of E2, E3 for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres. Never did we lose our sight on our demand of E2, E3 scales since 2000 or left the issue at any point of time but continued our struggle for E2, E3 scales. Our unity and commitment ultimately yielded rich dividends. Our demand for upgraded pay scales up to E7 has to be pursued at appropriate time.

Having said that, we have yet a long long way to go to get the issue conclusively resolved. No room for complacency. This is just only tip of an iceberg, even though very crucial. We have to build on the recommendations of the committee and have to continue our struggle till we reach our destination. It has to pass the litmus test of BSNL Board and then the mighty and stubborn bureaucracy in DoT. The real challenge lies in the days to come. That is where our commitment, unity, solidarity and conviction will be tested. We have to maintain extraordinary levels of organizational preparedness at all the levels to successfully face any kind of challenge in future to get the issue resolved at the earliest. Let very serious and extensive organizational preparations commence right now since big struggles undoubtedly will be needed in the days to come to finally clinch the issue and thus restore the lost glory and prestige of the basic cadres of JTO/SDE.

Yet another milestone to end decades old discrimination in career growth between Telecom and Civil/Electrical/Arch etc - Path breaking and fully justified clarification on BSNLMS RR for Civil/Elect/Arch wings ends decades old career growth discrimination between Telecom and Civil/Electrical/Architecture/TFs Comrades in all respects–commitment that we had made to Comrades of Civil/Electrical/Arch etc at first AIC of SNEA(I) in 2003 at Kanyakumari.

In first AIC of SNEA(I) at Kanyakumari, SNEA(I) resolved to bring about total parity in career growth between Executives of Telecom and Civil/Electrical/TFs etc by ending discriminations that existed in all respects. Parity in Time Bound promotions was already achieved by counting the service from 01.10.2000. Parity in functional promotions was the pending issue that was vigorously pursued by the Association. The diploma holders in Civil/Electrical/Arch wings were deprived of EE promotions since 1994. BSNL decided to amend the BSNLMS RR 2009 reserving 50% vacancies each for Engineering Degree holders and Diploma holders.

Meanwhile DoT with the concurrence of DoP&T issued clarifications based on the Hon Delhi High Court order making Diploma holders with 10 years of experience in the relevant field equivalent to Degree in Engineering. Based on this clarification and Hon High Court judgment, BSNL also issued necessary clarification on 16.07.2015 to the already existing provisions of the BSNLMS RR 2009, ending the discrimination in EE promotion for the Civil/Electrical/Arch wings since 1994, which was one of our demands in the struggle during April/May, 2015 in which assurance was given by CMD and DIR(HR) to end the discrimination in matter of promotions to EE.


CEC Meeting started at RTTC, Hyderabad in grand manner on 26.07.2015 with Hoisting of Association Flag by Circle President Com. J.Umamaheswara Rao in the presence of CHQ Office Bearers Com P.Padmanabha Rao, Com A.Chandra Sekhar, Circle Secretary Com A.Viswanath, Circle Treasurer Com K. Vidya Sagar Reddy, CWC Members, Circle Office Bearers, CEC Members and Dist. Secretaries from entire AP Circle.

Com B.V.Srinivasa Rao, Dist President, HYD City Division, Host Branch welcomed the office bearers to the CEC. CEC observed 2 minutes silence in memory of departed comrades. Circle President gave Opening remarks and asked Circle Secretary to submit the report. House discussed elaborately on the CS Report. CS clarified on all the issues raised by the Members.

In the afternoon session Com K.Sebastin, GS addressed the CEC. Comrades from HTD and Hyd City Div have also participated during the GS Address. Com GS in his marathon address gave latest position on all the important issues like finalisation of E2, E3 Standard pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, MT Recruitment (Internal and External), Amendment in BSNLMS RR for promotion of Diploma holders to EE posts in Civil/Elect etc wings, DGM Recruitment with eligibility for internal candidates, Pay anomalies of TTAs selected as JTOs, regularization of Officiating JTOs, FR 22(1) (A) (1) Fixation in case of officiating / Regular JTOs, JTO-SDE DPC,LDCE, SDE to DE DPC, DE to DGM Adhoc Promotions, Seniority ( List 6 & 7), Amendment of JTO Recruitment rules & SDE recruitment rules, JAO to AO Promotions, AO to CAO Promotions, Pay fixation of JAOs, Status of various court cases, Membership Verification etc. GS also gave latest financial position of BSNL and requested all the executives to work vigorously as the left over time for Third PRC is only 18 months. He also requested all the leaders to take up with respective SSA heads for necessary actions to get the full benefit out of recently declared BSNL plans like night free calling and roaming free as they are creating positive impact on the BSNL customer base in some of the Circle. Later members raised lot of queries for which GS gave detailed clarification.

SNEA AP Circle sincerely thank our Beloved General Secretary Com K.SEBASTIN for attending the CEC being held at RTTC, Hyderbad, inspite of his hectic schedule and giving the exhaustive information on all the issues that we are confronting and the appropriate strategies to be adopted for the growth of BSNL.

CEC resumed after the GS address. Circle Treasurer Com K. Vidya Sagar Reddy submitted the audited financial report. Circle Treasurer clarified on all the issues raised by the Members. House concluded the first day of CEC at 2030Hrs.

On 27.07.2015 Meeting started at 0945 Hrs. House reviewed the quota paid positions. Discussions on Civil/Electrical/Arch/ STR/ STP /ITPC/Accounts wings, Mtce of SNEA Bhavan at Tirupati and Hyderabad, Diary issues etc.

Open Session presided by Circle President Com. J.Umamaheswara Rao started at 1115 with welcome Address by Com.P.Srinivasa Prasad CWC Member. Chief Guest Sri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT, BSNL AP Circle and Guest of Honour Sri G.S.Marshall, Sr.GM.(HR) AP Circle attended and addressed the CEC Members and SNEA activists from various parts of AP Circle. Com S.L.Reddy- Ex CHQ President also addressed the Open Session.

Circle Secretary submitted key note address. Chief Guest Sri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT AP Circle informed the CEC that, in A.P. Circle, there is a growth of 6% in CM vertical and where as CFA segment is not doing well. He said that his target is overall growth of 10% and requested all to concentrate in this regard and try to achieve as much growth as possible. He also motivated the members by stating that all the employees are having equal calibre but only problem is with the mind set of individuals. He advised all the executives to take lead in enlightening and motivating the staff working under their control. He responded on all the issues submitted by CS in his key note address.

Guest of Honour Sri G.S.Marshall, Sr.G.M.(HR&Admin) AP Circle informed CEC that National Telecom University is coming up at ALTTC Ghaziabad and RTTC HD is going to be a college affiliated to the University. He promised to resolve all the HR issued raised by CS. The Guests were Honoured by the CEC. The message by the senior officers was inspiring and motivating. Open Session concluded with Vote of thanks by Com A.Viswanath, Circle Secretary.

CHQ office bearers Com P.Padmanbha Rao and Com A.Chandra Sekhar addressed the CEC. CEC deliberated on resolutions to be submitted at All India Conference. All the Dist. Secretaries and Circle Office Bearers submitted their reports covering membership, quota payments and problems along with suggestions for improving the BSNL revenues. The CEC unanimously passed resolution, appreciating the efforts & services rendered by the members of RTTC Branch for successfully conducting the CEC in a grand manner. House adjourned sine-die at 1930 Hrs.

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  29.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:

GS writes to Hon MOC&IT regarding Kerala Circle: Fervent and repeated pleas of the Association seeking your timely intervention to arrest fast deteriorating healthy environment of Kerala by CGM/Kerala ignored. Meticulous and honest analysis of the following data clearly establishes negative growth trajectory and fully busts the myth that CGM/Kerala had a spectacular role in growth of an already exponentially growing Circle.

Kerala Circle is losing revenue of about Rs 400 Crores per year due to huge surrender of landline, Broadband and mobile connections after the present CGMT took charge. 5.6 lakhs landline connections, 1.45 lakh Broad Band connections and 2.35 lakhs prepaid mobile connections closed during one year where as from 2004 to 2012, in 9 years only 5 lakh landline connections closed.

What eight venerable Members of Parliament (MPs) of Kerala Circle tried to impress upon you, albeit in vain, after independently gathering feedback and inputs, regarding corrupt practices of said CGM more than a year before, and which you strangely preferred to ignore, also getting established.

Kerala Circle is plunging into deep crisis day after day. Industrial turmoil is at its peak. CGM/Kerala needs to shifted immediately if whatever little is still is left of the healthy mechanisms is to be salvaged and the rot created by his actions is to be stemmed. 

The present CGM took charge by the end of 2012. See the data

Landline: From 2004 to 2012 end, only net 05 lakh connections were surrendered in Kerala whereas, during last two years alone, net 4.45 lakh connections are surrendered and another 2.75 lakh connections are under NPD and will be closed very shortly, thus taking the net closure as 7.20 lakhs during last two years alone and bringing down land line connections from 29.3 lakhs to 21.91 lakhs during last two years. During nine years, surrender was five lakhs and during last two years surrender is 7.20 lakhs.

During last one year, gross connections decreased by about 20,000 and disconnections increased by about 1 lakh comparing to previous year. Is this not a negative growth? 

Broadband: For the first time in the history of Kerala Circle, net broadband connections provided in a year, during 2014-15, is negative (-10,251). In 2011-12 the net connections were 60,670, in 2012-13 the net connections were 79,717 and in 2013-14 the net connections were 50,514.

During last one year, gross connections decreased by about 37,000 and disconnections increased by about 45,000 comparing to previous year. Is this not a negative growth? 

MNP: Port Out/Port In ratio has drastically come down from 42.1% to 71.6% in just one year. Port out increased by 35,000 and port in decreased by 42,000. Is this not a negative growth? 

GSM prepaid has declined by 2.35 lakhs in last one year. Is this not a negative growth? 

GSM postpaid has declined by 10,940 connections during last one year. Is this not a negative growth? 

CDMA connections have declined by 63,634 in one year. Is this not anegative growth? 

About professional integrity of the CGM.

1. He has generally faced corruption charges wherever he has worked earlier.

2. Three PEs are filed against him by the CBI when he was the GM(Marketing) at BSNL Corporate Office.

3. It is widely suspected that, in collusion with other private operators, he is sabotaging BSNL mobile services.  

4. As per RTI information, in Kerala, he is facing about 23 charges of massive corruption and misuse of power and vigilance enquiry is going on.

5. Nine (09) unauthorised mobile connections were used by the CGMT, 6 BSNL connections and 3 connections from private operators. The bills for these connections, even for private connections, were paid from the temporary advances. When vigilance complaint was filed, the SDE and the PRO were charge sheeted for providing the connections and paying the bills.

6. CGMT is eligible for 2 Mb FTTH connections at residence. But he sanctioned 10 Mb connections for himself and used it at his residence. When complaint was lodged, SDE who provided the connection was charge sheeted.

GS Letter to Hon Minister

  29.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Non Executive Unions reached an agreement with Management side for change of designations.

Agreement between Non Executives and Management

  28.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: SNEA(I) had the first formal meeting with DIR(HR) on 28.07.2015 on the following agenda submitted by the Assn last week. Sr GM(SR), GM(Pers) and GM(Estt) also present in the deliberations. GS, President and AGS Com V Wankhede attended the meeting.

1. Finalization of HR plan and approval of major HR issues in the Board.

2. Promotions in different cadres: JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion, issues related to DGM promotion, finalization of syllabus for LDCE to SDE(TF).

3. Pay anomalies: a) Recovery /reduction in pay and Committee on Offtg pay fixation, b) Antedating of increments, c) Senior drawing less pay than the juniors -- generalization of Hon Supreme Court order, d) increment @ 3% of current basic pay on promotion.

4. Issues related to Membership verification among Executive Assns – restoration of trade union facilities and making amendments in the new Recognition Rules.

Detailed discussions take place on all the issues. On HR plan, it is under consideration and before the presentation TO Board, it will be discussed with the Assn. Assn promised to submit its views in a couple of days.

On promotions in different cadres, the preparatory work at BSNLCO reviewed thoroughly. The impact of recent Chandigarh Tribunal judgment staying all promotions with reservation without following the judgment on Nagaraju case also briefly discussed. DE promotion work is going on, DGM promotions will be considered for the DEs whose name is not disputed. The promotions in other cadres will be expedited. The LDCE to SDE(TF) seriously discussed and DIR(HR) directed GM(Pers) and GM(Estt) to clear the issue urgently and settle the issue.

On pay anomalies, DIR(HR) appreciated the arguments placed by the Assn being an officer familiar with FR SR. DIR(HR) directed to examine all the pay anomaly cases in view of FRSR and the clarifications issued on EPP, other pay anomalies etc will be examined. Pay anomaly meeting is fixed for 04.08.15.

On membership verification, restoration of trade union facilities, modifications to the recognition rules and court case on untenable provisions of the rules like regn under societies act etc will be examined by SR section.

28.07.2015: Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA(I) AP Circle was held on 26.07.2015 and 27.07.2015 at RTTC, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Com Sbastin, GS SNEA(I) addressed the CEC on 26th . Shri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT AP Circle and Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr.G.M(HR&Admin) AP Circle addressed the CEC on 27.07.2015.

Details will be uploaded shortly.

  27.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:

Joint Committee meeting: Deliberations on implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy started today in the Joint Committee. GS explained the following points to the committee.

a) As per the terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL, Time Bound functional promotion from JTO upto SGJAG was assured between 4 to 6 years of service.

b) However, the EPP implemented by BSNL followed two types of promotion, financial upgradation and post based promotion.

c) The bench mark for future promotions to be finalised giving weightage to the performance.

d) New Designations are already followed in BSNLCO, it can be uniformly implemented in the field units also.

e) The Executives working in different scales are to be fitted into the new mechanism without disturbing the already availed grade/scale.

f) The apprehension of Management on huge number of executives can be addressed by changing the duties, responsibilities and reporting system.

g) However, the new promotion policy has to be worked out 1) without disturbing the existing 5 promotions and 2) residency period should be kept between 4 to 6 years as per the terms and condition.

Next meeting will be held on 05.08.2015, 11 AM.

  27.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:

Core Committee of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations meeting with CMD, DIR(CFA) and other officers on 24.07.2015:

CMD and DIR(CFA) held discussions with Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations to review the implementation of recently launched “”Free Night Calling from BSNL land lines” and “Free Roaming for incoming calls on BSNL mobile connections”. GS attended the meeting as core committee member. GM (NWP-CFA), GM (NWO-CM), GM (PP, S&M and Infra) were also present in the meeting.

CMD initiated the discussions with opening remarks that till these schemes are introduced, all operators are almost in the same footing. Now BSNL got an edge over all other operators and this is a golden opportunity which we may get very rarely, “once in a life time”. CMD and other Directors are strongly monitoring and reviewing the progress. CMD mentioned that the sole purpose of conducting the meeting to have a joint effort for revival of BSNL. CMD impressed upon to organise Melas, campaigns, improve quality of service to attract more and more customers to BSNL. Each and every employee should involve in this initiative for revival of BSNL.

DIR(CFA) informed that 4 lakh WiFi modems are available with BSNL and the cost is now reduced to Rs. 1500/-. It should utilised to provide connections whoever is demanding WiFi modem and increase the revenue. In the case of DNP, the incoming facility allowed for 60 days instead of earlier 30 days. But by 31st August, they have to be made active by reconnection and special efforts are to be made for this purposes.

Certain Circles made good initiatives. UPE, MP , RAJ, CHTD Circles and Nagergovil SSA in TN are taking the lead. GS explained the issues in the field units like shortage of dropwire, 5 pair cable, OF cable, labour problems etc and requested management to release more fund for cable repair so that cable fault can be rectified and more areas can be made feasible. Due to shortage of fund, cable faults are not getting repaired and faults are set right by changing the cable pair. Focus can be given to hostels and other concentrated areas to popularise these schemes. Special teams are to be deputed to these places with an assurance to after sale service also. Delay in SIM activation is also to be resolved. New connections should be activated within 2 to 3 hours by our IN.

CMD and DIR(CFA) suggested to monitor the performance of the Retailers and Franchises so that sales can be further improved. Proper monitoring will improve the sales.

Concerned GMs reported the progress during the last two months. Last year BSNL was providing 8.6 lakhs mobile connections per month. During May, June, 2015 it increased to 11.6 lakhs per month, an increase of 36%(including MNP). In July BSNL already crossed 11 lakhs by 23rd and we are expecting that we will cross 15 lakhs. Still there is good scope of further improvement in this segment. In MNP port out was higher but that also changed and now more or less equal.

On landline sector, before the launch of the scheme, the net disconnection was 1.20 lakh per month. Now up to 15th July 2015 the net disconnection is reduced to 11,000 per week or 40 to 45 Thousands per month.

Good news is that ten Circles come positive in net landline connections i.e. A & N, Assam, Chennai TD, Chattisgargh, Jharkhand, Haryana, J&K, NE-I, Punjab and Rajasthan Circles.

Core Committee leaders appraised the actual status of implementation of these schemes in field units and the initiatives taken by the Forum in this regard. But the response from Circles and SSAs are not encouraging hence Circles/SSA Heads should be directed to hold meeting with the Circle/SSA level Forum leaders to mobilize and involve the employees for the success of these schemes. They also apprised about the scarcity of material in some circles.

DIR(CFA) informed that he himself or concerned GMs can be apprised regarding shortage of material, if any in Circles/SSAs through SMS or in person by the members of the Core Committee.

Circle Executive Committee Meeting is being held at RTTC Gachibowli on 26th and 27th July 2015.


25.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:


The long pending issue of pay fixation of JAOs (Deptl - 40% quota) of 2010 Batch arising out of Non-Executives Wage revision orders dated 7.5.2010 and subsequent clarification dated 18.5.2011 settled >>>>View Order Copy>>>>.

SNEA (I) was pursuing this issue for quite long time. SNEA (I) extends heartfelt thanks to CMD, Director HR and all Committee members for settling this case.

Latest details of Quota Paid. All DSs and COBs are requested to clear the dues immediately.

  24.07.2015: District Conference of SNEA Nalgonda SSA was held on 23.07.2015 in grand manner at Telangana Revenue Guest House, Nalgonda. At the start of the conference SNEA flag was hoisted by senior Com Vazeruddin, DE. District conference was Presided by Com Vazeeruddin. Dist. Secrtary Com. Sesha Rao submitted the report. Com. K.Vignani, Dist. Treasurer submitted the accounts. Both the reports were adopted by the members.

The delegate session was addressed by Com. Srinivasa Murthy, DGM, Nalgonda. Com E.Jagan Mohan Reddy, CWC Member also addressed the members and elaborated on all Circle and CHQ issues.

The following office bearers are elected unanimously for the next term:

District President: Com. Vazeeruddin, DE Nalgonda

District secretary: Com Jalda Ramesh, JTO, Yadagirigutta

District Treasurer: Com K.Vignani, SDE, Nalgoda.

23.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:

JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon Kerala High Court:

Today, after partial hearing the case was adjourned to 27-07-2015 (Monday).

23-07-2015: Requirement of APARs with shown certificate of SDEs / Adhoc DEs for considering for AGM regular promotion reg. The copy of ACR to BSNLCO not reached till date on verification at the CR Cell.

View Annexure.

 21.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: GS writes to CMD, BSNL extending Support and solidarity to the Hunger strike by BSNLEU at BSNLCO from 10:00 Hrs on 22.07.2015 demanding settlement of victimizations at Jamshedpur SSA

>>>>GS letter to CMD, BSNL>>>>>>

  20.07.2015: JTO to SDE DPC: Today VC is sent to Corporate Office from AP Circle. SNEA AP extends its sincere thanks to all the officers and staff of DI, Viglance and Staff sections of AP Circle for sending the VC promptly.

  20.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon Kerala High Court was listed for final hearing today. Since one of the lawyer from applicant was not present due to illness, final hearing didn’t take place. There are 3 cases clubbed together. On initial arguments from our lawyer, Hon court was inclined to vacate the stay. However the applicants lawyer strongly opposed it on the plea that once case is posted for final hearing, no interim direction may be given. Finally for the convenience of all, the case posted for final hearing on 23.07.2015, Thursday.

  20.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: GS writes to CMD, BSNL regarding 1) Important provisions to be necessarily incorporated or modified in the New Recognition Rules, 2014 notified on 06.01.2014 before membership verification and 2) Restoration of trade union facilities extended to SNEA(I) vide letter No. BSNL/31/SR/2002 dated 2nd April, 2004 till uncertainty, created due to legal hurdles to conduct membership verification is over. 

>>>>GS letter to CMD, BSNL>>>>>

  17.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Reconstitution of the committee to consider issues related to EPP, pay fixation and pay protection on officiating promotion, raised by SNEA(I): The committee reconstituted with Sr GM(SR) as Chairman, GM(Pers), GMEstt), GM(FP&PF) as members and DGM(Pers) as convenor. The committee to submit the report by 31.08.2015.

>>>>Reconstituted committee>>>>

  17.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:

Forum letter to CMD, BSNL on Night Free call and Free roaming.

Forum letter to CMD, BSNL on 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL Direct rect employees.

  17.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: A meeting of the Forum was held on 15.07.2015. Comrades who participated in the meeting elaborately discussed the issues and finally took the following decisions.

(1) The Core Committee of the Forum should immediately meet the Secretary, DoT, and discuss the issues on which the two day strike had taken place.

(2) The issue of 30% superannuation to the Directly Recruited Employees of BSNL should be seriously taken up with the BSNL Management.

(3) CMD BSNL has already assured to hold a discussion with the Forum, on the HR plan of the Company. Together with this, the recommendations of the Deloittee Committee should also be discussed with the CMD immediately.

(4) The Hon Minister for Communications has so far not met the representatives of the Forum to discuss the demands connected with the revival of BSNL. Hence, the meeting directed that serious efforts should be taken to have a meeting with the Hon Minister of Communications, to discuss the issues.

(5) On the issue of transfer of assets to BSNL, it is learnt that most of the circle administrations in BSNL, have not completed the basic ground work required for the transfer of assets. Hence, it is decided that Forum should write to the CMD BSNL,

seeking expeditious action in this regard.

(6) It is observed that the advantage of the ‘Night Free Call’ could not be taken in many places. The reason is that, new landline connections could not be given due to ‘non feasibility’.

Hence, it is decided to write to the CMD BSNL, demanding to overcome this short coming.

(7) On the issue of revision of pension to the BSNL retirees, it was assured in the meeting held on 01.05.2015, with the Secretary, DoT, that the matter would be referred to the 3rd

PRC. However, the Forum strongly felt that the DoT should also take steps for referring the matter to the 7th CPC, which is dealing with the revision of government pension.

>>>>Forum Circular>>>>

 16.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:


Amendment in BSNLMS RR for promotion of Diploma holders to EE posts in Civil/Elect etc wings released today.

By this clarification, one of the long pending demands of SNEA(I), ie.Parity in promotions in all wings” and the assurances given to the Comrades of Civil/Elect etc wings materialised. The Kanyakumari All India Conference of SNEA(I)  in 2003, decided to demand parity for all cadres and continuously pursued for that. Parity in TBP already implemented. This was one of our demand in the agitation during April/May, 2015 also in which assurance was given to us by CMD and DIR(HR).

>>>>>Click here to view the Corporate office letter>>>>

  16.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Sri Rakesh Garg, Secretary DoT on 16.07.2015: Core committee members of the Forum met Sec/DoT and had a review meeting of the issues raised in the agitation notice and the discussions held on 01.05.2015.

On payment of USO subsidy, Secretary informed that Telecom Commission in the last meeting approved the proposal of payment of Rs. 1250 Crores recommended by TRAI for 2012-13. Now the proposal will go to the cabinet for effecting the payment. We thanked him for the settlement of this issue as assured to us.

BWA spectrum refund: The proposal of refund of Rs 830 Crores for which budget allocation received from Finance Ministry is under process for reimbursement to BSNL. By this all the payments upto 2013-14 will be completed and the total reimbursement will be Rs 930 Cr including the earlier payment of Rs 100 Cr. BSNL didn’t paid licence fee etc due for 2014-15 which comes around Rs 2200 Crores.

Proposed merger of BSNL and MTNL, media news: Secretary informed that Govt not taken any decision in this regard and in case Govt takes a decision for merger, the concerns raised by the employees will be addressed and no decision will be taken which is harmful to BSNL or MTNL.

78.2% benefit to Pensioners: On this matter, Secretary immediately spoken to Member (Fin) and directed to send DO letter to concerned Secretaries under the signature of Secretary, DoT.

Reimbursement of salary etc from TERM Cell etc: Secretary informed that it is under process.

On the proposal of referring pension revision to next PRC, meeting with Member (Services) will be held on Monday.

14.07.2015:CHQ NEWS: Night Free calling facility to landline customers & 

Free roaming to mobile customers:

All out efforts are to be taken to popularise these two schemes introduced by BSNL which gives BSNL an edge over any other operator. Regular meeting of the Forum at Circle/SSA level and meeting with the Circle /SSA administrations is to be made and strategies to be worked out. Maximum publicity is to be given.

It is the time to go all out and utilise the opportunity and add more and more customers. The next PRC is in our doorsteps and just 18 months away. We have to bring our company out of red in this 18 months time in order to get Pay revision in 2017.

BSNL Management is sincerely trying to address the important HR issues like E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy and streamlining promotions, addressing pay anomalies, amendments in RRs etc. So Comrades, let us focus only on the single agenda of revival of BSNL for the next PRC in 2017.

  14.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Reconstitution of the Committee on Officiating pay fixationCompetent authority reconstituted the committee with Sr GM(SR) as Chairman.GM(Pers), GM(Estt) and GM(FP) are the members of the committee. The committee is directed to submit the report before 31st August, 2015. Earlier committee was almost completed the work. However as almost all the committee members transferred out of BSNLCO including the Chairman which compelled the reconstitution. This was one of our demand in the agitation during April/May, 2015 in which it was agreed to complete the work in a time bound manner.

  14.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:Amendment in BSNLMS RR for promotion of Diploma holders to EE posts in Civil/Elect etc wings: As reported earlier, the proposal to issue necessary clarification based on the court judgment, Govt of India and DoT orders gone to competent authority for approval with the comments from Sr GM(Legal). BSNL management agreed to issue clarification last month itself and the process was going on. The clarification is expected in a couple of days. By this clarification, one of the long pending demand of SNEA(I), ie “parity in promotions in all wings” will be materialised. This was one of our demand in the agitation during April/May, 2015 in which assurance was given to us by CMD and DIR(HR).

  13.07.2015: CS along with Com Srinivasa Prasad CWC Member, Com Ravikumar Reddy ACS(HQ) and Com Ramesh DS HTD met Shri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT AP and discussed on our issues.

  13.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:Furnishing of VC for JTO to SDE promotion: BSNLCO already alerted the Circles vide letter dated 08.07.15 to send the VC as all the VCs expired. Since the case is posted for final hearing on 20.07.2015, all Circle/SSA/Branch secretaries, office-bearers at all levels and activists are requested to ensure that the VC reaches BSNLCO latest by 20.07.2015 instead of 27.07.2015 as mentioned in the letter.

We should not land in a situation as in January, 2015 again, where the case was disposed in our favour but promotion order could not be issued due to VCs.

All Jt Secs and other CHQ office bearers to coordinate with the Circles and monitor the progress on a day to day basis.

CS is in touch with officers concerned and all efforts are being made to forward the Vcs as early as possible.

  13.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: FR22(1)(a)(1) fixation to officiating JTOs: The list of SNEA(I) members not yet received from the following Circles so far: AS, BR, CHG, HP, HR, JKD, J&K, NE I, NE II, NTR, OR, PB, RAJ, UPE, UPW, UKD and TN. If the list was mailed earlier by these Circles, it may be mailed again and confirmed with CHQ.  

CHQ received the list of members from AP, CHTD, CTD, GUJ, KTK, KRL, MH, MP and WB Circles.    

CHQ is in the final stage of filing the case as reported earlier. In case no information is received from the above Circles within two days, the case will be filed with the lists CHQ already received.

12.07.2015:         All India Conference Notice

XXIX All India Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executives Association(India) will be held in accordance to the provisions of the constitution of the Association at Utsav Shri Maheshwari Samaj Janaupayogi Bhawan, Sector -2, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan on 05th, 06th and 07th September, 2015.

The pre- A.I.C. CWC meeting will be held at the same venue on 04.09.2015.

All the Branches must clear their CHQ quota upto and including August, 2015.

Circles/SSAs/Branches not having held their respective Conferences within time frame stipulated in the constitution must hold their conferences immediately to be eligible to attend AIC. 

The election of the delegates is to be made strictly as per the provisions of the constitution.

The delegate fee for this AIC will be Rs 1250/- per head.

Resolutions duly approved by the Branch/District/Circle Executive committee should reach the Central Headquarters latest by 15th August 2015.

For further information about accommodation, venue etc, please contact following Comrades.

1. Com. S. S. Rajput, Circle Secretary, SNEA(I), RAJ-09413394204.

2.Com. S. K. Sharma, Circle President, SNEA(I), RAJ-09413394100.

3.Com. Ramesh Agarwal, C/Treasurer, SNEA(I), RAJ-09414001462.

4.Com. R. R. Sharma, Org Secretary, SNEA(I), RAJ-09414001803.

5.Com. S. R. Sharma, Dist Sec, PGTD, Jaipur, RAJ-09413394898.

6.Com. V. C. Jain, Div Secretary, Circle office, Jaipur– 09413394136.

7.Com. Vipin Parasar, CWC Member, SNEA(I), RAJ-09414001463.

>>>>>>XXIX All India Conference notice>>>>>>>>

10.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon Ernakulam High Court: After preliminary hearing, Hon Court posted the matter to 20.07.2015 for final hearing and disposal. Our lawyer and BSNL pleaded for vacation of stay or disposal of the case as there is no merit in the case. 4 or 5 officers are opposing the promotion of thousands of JTOs, our lawyer pointed out. The applicants lawyer opposed it on the plea that they are questioning the policy and hence matter has to be heard in detail. According to the convenience of all parties, the matter posted to 20.07.2015 for final hearing and disposal.

10.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Our agitation and struggle in February/March, 2014 and April/May, 2015 started yielding results by settlement of long pending and important HR issues. The joint committee reconstituted on 06.05.2015 after our agitation, today decided to recommend standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing E1A and E2A w.e.f. 01.01.2007.

We are very close to the settlement of our decade old dream of standard pay scales of E2 and E3.

This was our dream since 01.10.2000 when SNEA(I) (erstwhile TEOA) demanded E2, E3 -- scales for JTO, SDE, -- and equivalent grades. We went on agitation for days together in 2002 with this demand since BSNL offered only E1, E2, E3, -- pay scales and a negotiated settlement reached with E1A, E2A, E3 ----- scales. But we didn’t lost our sight or left the issue there, continued our struggle for E2, E3 scales during 2nd PRC also. Now we are very close to the settlement of this issue after 15 years.

Eventhough official side maintained the stand that pay will be fixed notionally from the current date, the strong stand of the members from Assn side for the arrear payment ultimately resulted in the recommendation for arrear payment once company become profitable.

After the recommendation, the issue has to go through the MC, BSNL Board and then DoT for issuing presidential directive.

By implementation of E2 scale, the basic pay of the Executives whose basic pay is fixed as E1+5 will be hiked by Rs 1580 (Rs 20600-19020) and pay will be hiked by about Rs 3500 (where HRA is 20%) per month. Further the benefit will continue in E3 scale also.

By this, the commitment given by SNEA(I) to the Executives of BSNL especially to the JTOs of 2007, 2008 batches and the JTO/JAOs recruited in 2010, 2013, 2014 and the future recruits will be fulfilled.

  09.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:

Congratulations to one and all:


The Joint committee meeting today on Implementation of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A come to a historic decision to recommend standard pay scales E2 and E3 replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 for the basic cadres of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres.

Arrears will be paid once company become profitable. The official side strongly opposed any cascading effect as it is not in the purview of the committee and having huge implications in the future even though all Associations demanded for the same.

By this, one of our major demand for standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO is nearing resolution and further we could stop the proposed move to demote the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO by reducing the pay scales.

The Jt committee was reconstituted on 08.05.2015 as a result of the SNEA(I) agitation in April/May, 2015 and the fruitful discussions held on 06.05.2015.

The next meeting of the Jt committee will be held on 27.07.2015 for discussing CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TBP uniformly after 4 years.

We extend our heartful gratitude to all our comrades who supported us to resolve the issue

  07.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: It is understood that the agency conducting the MT examination intimated BSNL management that it will not be possible for them to conduct the MT examination in Sept, Oct, Nov and upto middle of December as they are engaged in some other examinations. So the examination will be postponed to either in December end or in January, 2016. BSNL is making huge payment for the examination to the tune of about 5 crores and 70% of payment has to be made in advance. No more rescheduling of the examination is also allowed after that.

  07.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: GS writes to CMD/BSNL regarding move to waive off LD charges to M/s Huawei in Phase V GSM expansion: BSNL Corporate Management should not submit to known arm twisting and blackmailing tactics of M/s Huawei to get its Liquidity Damage (LD) charges waived off by raising bogey of MNP implementation issues to distract attention from realization of penalties. Need to be extremely cautious at all the levels and get tough with the vendor and not allow him to get away with justified and legitimate penalties imposed on it for its failure to comply with the execution timelines of GSM Phase V. 

     >>>>GS letter to CMD, BSNL>>>>>

  07.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:GS writes to Hon Prime Minister regarding humiliation and scorn met out to BSNL and its CMD in the "Digital India" launch.

      >>>>>>>Letter to Hon Priime Minister>>>>>>

  06.07.2015: Declaration of result of written Examination of Direct recruitment for the post of DGMs (Telecom Operations / Telecom Finance) in BSNL held on 20/10/2013... View letter copy.

  05.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Next Joint Committee meeting will be held on 09.07.2015 instead of 07.07.2015. The joint committee was reconstituted after our agitation in April/May, 2015 for the implementation of  standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, Time bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy upto DGM, first TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 etc.  

The committee was reconstituted by the CMD, based on our discussions with CMD, DIR(HR) etc on 06.05.2015 during our agitation. The committee is working on fast track and supposed to submit the report by 15.08.2015. SNEA(I) agitation in April/May, 2015 revived these issues once again and put on fast track.

On implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, we will upgrade the pay scales and stop the demotion of the basic cadres JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and give relief to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, ie 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and the future recruits. In CPSU cadre hierarchy, we are trying to find an everlasting solution to the promotion related issues for all the cadres delinking it with existing seniority. Now the promotions in almost all the cadres are blocked due to litigations.


Once the Jt committee is reconstituted and committee started working on fast track, as per the assurance given by CMD to SNEA(I), the committee members are to deliberate the issue in its totality and arrive at a conclusion at the earliest, this is the need of the hour.

  05.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:Comparison of BSNLMS RR 2009 with ITS RR 1992 for promotion from SDE to DE to DGM:

The BSNLMS RR 2009 notified on 14.07.2009 made drastic changes in the promotions from SDE to DE and above. Whatever hurdles faced by SDE to DE promotion during DoT period is removed one by one, by the continuous efforts of the Association. In DoT or earlier BSNL period upto 2009, SDEs are eligible for promotion to JTS equivalent to ADET/Sr SDE grade, equal to the number of ADETs recruited through UPSC. For example if 75 ADETs are recruited in a year, 75 SDEs will be promoted to JTS. If no ADET rect took place in a year, then there will be no promotion also. Promotion from SDE to JTS will take place for previous vacancy years and promotion will be given for those who are eligible at that time. Actually at the time of promotion, almost all will be retired. After BSNL formation, ADET rect stopped and hence only Adhoc promotions were given to DE posts till 2009.

In 2009 RR, 50% DE posts are reserved for regular promotion directly from SDE to DE removing the decade old bottleneck of JTS(ADET) grade. Remaining 50% posts are reserved for MT against which DE promotion on Adhoc basis was made eligible. Practically SDEs made eligible for promotion upto 80% to 90% of DE posts (10% to 20% reserved for MT), 50% on regular basis and remaining 30% to 40% on Adhoc basis.  It was major breakthrough in two ways, we could remove the JTS or ADET or Sr SDE grade, getting direct promotion from SDE to DE and 50% posts are exclusively reserved from direct promotion from SDE to DE, which one could not imagine earlier.

Continuation of Adhoc promotion was the major drawback of the 2009 RR. SNEA(I) continuously struggled to remove this Adhocism and ultimately on 20.08.2013, CMD BSNL agreed to the demand of SNEA(I) to end Adhocism in DE promotion, by raising the quota from 50% to 75%. BSNL Board approved the proposal in January, 2014 amending the RR. SNEA(I), not only made the RR amended in 2014, made it sure that all the 75% posts upto 31.03.2014 are filled on regular basis by the promotion order dated 20.08.2014 (within one year of assurance of CMD on 20.08.2013), thus making the DE promotions current. This substantial increase of quota from 50% to 75% is happened in Telecom Engg side only and it was a significant achievement of SNEA(I) for the cadre. Now 3978 DE posts are reserved for direct promotion from SDE irrespective of MT rect. SNEA(I) struggling for the other cadres for the similar benefit.

In the BSNL MS RR, it is very clear that irrespective of MT recruitment is happening or not, 75% of DE posts (3978 numbers) and DGM posts will be filled by promotion from the Executives. There is no link between DE/DGM promotion and MT rect. Seniority will be fixed in the ratio 1:1 to the extend MT rect taking place. Both are delinked at all levels ensuring the Executives promotions, minimum upto DGM and sufficient service is left, Executives can move up in the ladder upto GM/CGM.

Our next struggle is to considerably increase the DE and DGM promotional avenues, exclusively in the promotion quota.

  03.07.2015: CS along with ACS Hq met Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr. G.M (HR and Admin) AP Circle and discussed on our issues. Sr. G.M. responded positively.

  03.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: In Time Bound Functional promotions or CPSU hierarchy, the promotions will be regulated from JTO/JAO -->SDE/AO--> SrSDE/SrAO -->DE/CAO -->DGM -->SG DGM, if it is implemented in true spirit. Nobody can jump the in-between grades and go to a higher grade like JTO -->Sr SDE/DE or SDE -->DE/DGM. In that also to meet the future requirement at top management level, fast track promotion with lesser years of service is required which involve very tough screening as thousands will be eligible in each grade and among them 25 to 50 are to be selected. The screening mechanisms and other criteria are to be worked out. Implementation of CPSU hierarchy is a big challenge which involves lot of discussions with vision, commitment and strategy. The screening in each grade will be very tough and there is a possibility of dropping of hundreds, which is to be addressed. It should be better than what we have today and it should not take away what we are having as on today. If it was so simple as propagating, it would have implemented long back, our comrades should understand. Mgt is almost agreeable promotions upto SDE/Sr SDE but not above that! Our sincere efforts are to see that some brainstorming discussions are happening from this month in the jt committee atleast in a weekly basis to evolve a mechanism as we are desiring. We will try our level best to conclude the discussions on standard E2, E3 pay scales by the next meeting on 09.07.2015.

  03.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with CMD/BSNL on 02.07.2015: GS, CHQ President, AGS and CS/CO met Sri Anupam Shrivastava and held discussions on the following issues:

a)        Poor transmission network performance of Eastern regions and urgent need to lay OF cables. BSNL spending crores of rupees every year to PGCIL, OIL etc for reliable connectivity. The performance of ETP and NETF in laying of OF cable for the last so many years is very poor or practically nil. CMD informed that management is aware of the seriousness of the issue, started taking actions.

b)        Proposed move to hand over the NOFN work to private operators and state Govts: Assn shared the concern with the CMD on the proposed move initiated by PMO. The committee recommendations are pro-private and will badly affect the interest of BSNL. Majority of the potential Circles are given to private players. CMD highly appreciated the letter written by SNEA(I) to Hon Prime Minister with all facts and figures and he opined that it will definitely bring positive results.

c)        Marketing of Free night call facility and Free roaming. There is a quantum jump in the waiting list. We have to convert them as connections. Franchisees are given target on mobile connections. Assn informed the initiative taken by the Forum.

d)        On MT recruitment, CMD told that Management urgently needed it for the future top management and suggested to discuss with others to clear their doubts and apprehensions. CMD added that Management will take care of the uninterrupted promotional avenues for the Executives. In the larger interest of the organization, Assn extended full support for the recruitment of MTs from among internal candidates and on Extl MTs, it once again reiterated the stand that there is no need for Extl MT as thousands of talented Executives are available in the company and by proper screening BSNL can select 300 instead of 150 MTs from them as Assn demanded earlier. BSNL Board meeting on 19.06.2015 reiterated its earlier decision to recruit MTs after discussion.