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28.01.2015:CHQ NEWS

General Secretary writes to Dir(HR) regarding Non-Finalization of standard pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO w.e.f 01.01.2007 in accordance to the agreements reached in Feb,12 and March/Sept14.

Decision of the Management to refer the case to DOT again is nothing but breach of agreements, provocative and unwarranted. Personal intervention solicited to address the issue urgently.

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28.01.2015:CHQ NEWS

General Secretary Writes to Dir(HR) regarding Continuing discrimination of accounts and finance wing totally unacceptable - immediate amendment of RRs by increasing the quota to fill up regular STS from existing 50% to 75% to bring complete parity with Telecom Engg.

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Officers of EG SSA Falicitated by Sri V.Srinivasan, CGMT AP.

Com Ch.Venkata Rao, SDE & DS SNEA(I), Com. V.Ramesh Babu, DGM RMY, Com. K.B.Krishna, AO & OS SNEA RMY and Com Ch Siva Bhaskar, SDE RMY were falicitated by Sri V.Srinivasan, CGMT AP Circle for their outstanding performance in their respective fields, during his recent visit to EG SSA in the presence of Sr.G.M.T.D, EG SSA. Com Ch. Siva Bhaskar was also honoured with Vishisht Seva Puraskar by District Collector, EG District on the eve Republic day. SNEA(I) AP congratulates all the officers. All the officers are the members of SNEA(I) RMY.

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JTO TO SDE Promotion under Seniority quota:

ACRs and Assesment report from 2010-11-12 of all eligible JTOs(except 11 cases) from AP Circle were sent to Corporate Office on 13.01.2015 and it is also confirmed that the ACRs and Assesment report reached CO. VCs sent during October 2014 which expired on 21.01.2015 are need to be sent afresh from AP Circle, for which we are already in touch with officers concerned.

Comrades please note that it is eroneously published in our CHQ website that it is not sent from our circle. Necessary corrections will be made in our CHQ website.


23rdJan/Discussion with CMD/BSNL regarding ongoing JTO to SDE DPC:

CHQ President had an elaborate discussion with CMD on the issue of completion of ongoing DPC from JTO to TES Gr B as quickly as possible and sought his personal intervention in ensuring that promotion orders are issued at the earliest. CHQ President apprised in detail CMD as to how JTOs belonging to year of recruitment 1995 are waiting for their first promotion for the last about twenty years due to abnormal delay in issuing of promotion orders because of litigations.
CMD was also briefed about tireless, singular and sustained efforts and persuasion of this Association in getting the cases at Chennai/CAT and Ernakulam/CAT which led to inordinate delay in holding of DPC comprehensively dismissed by engaging the best legal counsels. Inordinate delay in issuing the promotion orders has led to intense demoralization and great frustration amongst about 8000 JTOs who have completed more than 18 years and are painfully and unfortunately waiting for the first promotion of their career despite availability of more than 5000 TES Gr B vacancies in seniority quota, CMD was informed. 
Serious and profound concern of the Association over abnormal delay was conveyed to CMD in clear terms and he was urged upon to monitor the progress of the DPC very closely to facilitate issuing of orders before VCs get expired on 8th Feb,15. CMD was kind enough to assure that he will direct the concerned officers to complete DPC as quickly as possible and would also monitor progress of the DPC personally.

Discussion with GM(P) and DGM(P) regarding ongoing JTO to TES Gr B DPC:

CHQ president and AGS, Com Wankhede, then had follow up discussions with GM(P) and DGM(P), urging upon them to complete the DPC on a war footing basis and reassuring them of complete support and full involvement of the Association in getting ACRs and VCs. We also drew the attention of GM(P) to complete the DPC within a couple of days in view of VCs getting expired on 8th Feb, 15.
GM(P), while fully acknowledging and appreciating the tireless and continued efforts of the Association in pursuing receipt of ACRs and VCs from various Circles and also extending helping hand in completing the preparatory work relating to DPC, assured that best efforts to issue the promotion orders at the earliest would be made.

23.01.2015: CHQ NEWS:

21st  Jan  2015: Meeting with Comrades of Accounts and finance wing of BSNL Co and NTR:

CHQ President and AGS, Com Wankhede, had lively interaction with good number of Comrades of accounts and finance wing of BSNL Co and NTR. A good number of issues like holding of DPC from STS to JAG, AO to CAO and amendment of RRs to increase the seniority cum fitness quota from 50% to 75% were discussed. These Comrades, while appreciating the efforts made by this Association in focusing the issues of accounts and finance Comrades, wanted immediate action to be taken on other pending issues expeditiously. CHQ office bearers informed these Comrades that association is fully seized of thes issues and is pursuing them.

 23.01.2015: CHQ NEWS:

21st Jan - 2015; Meeting with GM(F)/BSNL Co:

CHQ President and AGS, Com Wankhede, met Sh. Bhardwaj, GM(F)/BSNL CO and thanked him for taking due cognizance of and appropriate action on the issues raised by this Association relating to JAO to AO DPC nearly three months, particularly with regard to filling up of quota in respect of SC/ST Comrades and other aspects also. We also requested and urged upon GM(F) to take immediate action to fill up about 250 CAO vacancies at the earliest. GM(F) fully assured that these orders to fill up these vacancies would be issued very shortly. 
The issue of pushing through the amendment of BSNL MS RRs to increase the quota to fill up CAO vacancies on regular basis from 50% to 75% was also discussed. GM(F) in this connection advised us to meet the concerned members of the BSNL/ Board board to get the amendment approved by the board. We assured GM(F) that very shortly we will be discussing this issue with members of BSNL/Board from DOT and try to get them on board to push through the amendment.
The issue of discrepancies in posting of AOs in the recent promotion orders, particularly with regard to UP(E), was also discussed. GM(F), while maintaining that specific criterion has been strictly followed, assured that specific cases where criterion has not been followed would be definitely examined.

Association also requested GM(F) to find out some way out to promote left out JAOs of year 2006 (OC category) as quickly as possible. GM(F) assured to consider this.


Com. N.Ranga Rao, JTO Tanuku and Branch Secretary, SNEA(I), Tanuku Branch suddenly expired on 21.01.2015. SNEA(I) AP conveys its deepest condelences to the bereaved family members.

General Secretary is bereaved and grief. We inform, our comrades that our beloved  GS lost his father at 18.00 hrs of 20-01-2015. We all join him in mourning death of his father and convey our sincere heartfelt condolences to him and his family. SNEA(India), AP Circle also pray to the almighty to give him and his family members great strength and courage to meet this tragedy. Funeral will be on 22-01-2015 at 03.00PM at Payyannur / Cannanore District / Kerala State.

20.01.2015: Revised scheme for LICE to fill up JTO (Electrical) posts under 20% ( Group C to JTO (Electrical) quota- reg

20.01.2015: Syllabus for LICE to fill up JTO (Electrical) Posts under 20% Quota

20.01.2015: CHQ NEWs: JTO to SDE promotions : The status of assessment report, ACRs and VC as on today at BSNL-CO is furnished (pending) is updated yesterday. All ACRs and VC should reach BSNL-CO this week itself. Since VC for most of the Circles are expiring by the end of first week of February, DPC has to complete by that time. Otherwise fresh VC from all Circles required and it may take minimum two months.

Last few months, CHQ was repeatedly reminding our CSs to send the ACRs and VC to complete the preparatory work by the time court case will be over but few Circles only responded. Now, court case is over but ACR and VC is not ready!

Status of ACR,VC, Assessment Report

20.01.2015: GS writes to Sri Anupam Shrivastava, new CMD, BSNL extending unqualified, committed and total support of this Association in steering the Company out of the deep crisis that it is engulfed in right now.

GS writes:

·  Human resources are our biggest strength. The morale of the employees in BSNL is down and confidence building measures to motivate the employees are the need of the hour. Resolution of the following issues and career growth must be on highest priority:

a) Finalization of Standard pay scales for the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO w.e.f 01.01.2007. Even after 8 years, the pay scales are not finalised.

b) Finalization of Superannuation benefit to the BSNL recruited employees.

· Strict enforcement of discipline, accountability, close monitoring of performance, especially of SSA heads which are nerve centres of growth, monitoring of quality of services and execution of projects at all the levels.

  Finalization of tenders and procurement of materials in a time bound manner, facilitating the Circles/SSAs to complete the project in time and provide quality service shall be on the top of the agenda.

 Last, but not least, is taming corruption ruthlessly which is fast raising its ugly head.

·  Corporate office of the company should be policy think tank and a huge reserve of policy formulations and monitoring of execution of policies.

·  Top management of the Company has to safeguard the legitimate interests of the Company.

GS Letter to CMD


 20.01.2015: Confirmation in the grade of Junior Telecom Officer (DR) - Clarification on the issue of JTOs on temporary transfer at Corporate office and Other circles reg  View Letter Copy

 20.01.2015: LDCE for promotion to the grade of SDE (Telecom) for vacancy years 2010-2011 onwards under 33 % quota -  Clarification on eligibility issues on account of gap between pre-appointment training and actual date of appointment

View Letter Copy

20.01.2015: JTO to SDE promotions: GS and both AGSs met GM(Pers) and Addl GM(Pers) and held discussion on Assessment report/ACR/VC availability. The status of assessment report, ACRs and VC as on today at BSNLCO is furnished (pending). The VC from PB, UKD and UP(West) circles are expiring this week and fresh VC will be called today itself. The fresh VC called from AS, BR, CHG, ETR, NE II, OR, QA, UP(E), RAJ and WB also to be sent urgently. 

All Circles to send the assessment report, VC and ACRs urgently, atleast to reach BSNLCO latest by this week end.

 Status of VC, ACR, Assessment report- Circle wise


20.01.2015: GS writes to GM(Restg) regarding new norms and man power plan   Letter to GM (Restg)

17.01.2015: SNEA(I) DIARY-2015 Inaugurted by Shri V.Srinivasan, CGMT AP . Smt. Anila Kiran, Additional G.M.(HR) and Com P.Padmanabha Rao, JS(S) SNEA(I) CHQ also graced the occassion.

SNEA diaries are already dispatched and will reach districts in a couple of days. All SNEA members are requested to bear the inconvenience and cooperate.

17.01.2015: Congratulations to one and all ......

JAO to AO promotion orders issued for 1552 JAOs. Postings done in the same Circles to the extent vacancies available in the respective circles. OC candidates (Upto 2006 year of rect.), 205 SC and 85 ST candidates (Upto 2010 year of rect.) covered.

Firm and timely intervention of this Association has ensured the appropriate representation of SC/ST comrades in the promotion order. JAOs of 2010 batch also got promotion as strongly pursued by this Association.

There is no words to express our gratitude to Sri S. K. Bharadhwaj, GM(FP) for this remarkable achievement. Due to his commitment and dedication only, this promotion order could release. Assn express its gratitude to CMD/BSNL, DIR(Fin), DIR(HR), ED(Fin), GM(Pers), DGM(SEA), Addl GM(Pers), CLO and the team of officers in SEA section for the promotion orders.

Promotion order List-I.    Promotion order List-II.

16.01.2015: ACRs, Screening Committee report and V.Cs in respect of JTO to SDE DPC is sent from A.P.Circle.  SNEA AP Circle sincerely thank Sri G.S.Marshall, Sr. G.M.(HR) AP Circle,  Smt.Anila Kiran, Addl. G.M.(HR),  Smt. Madhavi, SDE Staff and Smt. Lakshmi JTO for their sincere and utiring efforts in completing this heculian task.

The particulars of CRs not sent with reasons will be displayed in the AP Circle Intranet shortly. All DSs are requested to go through the list and try to supply the missing spells immediately so that they can be sent immediately from our Circle.

16.01.2015: Congratulations----

The case filed at Hon CAT, Ernakulam challenging the method of fixation of seniority of JTOs dismissed today. This paves the way for promotion from JTO to SDE.

Sincere gratitude to Com George Varghese,CS/KRL and other office bearers of Kerala Circle for defending the case properly. BSNLCO also taken initiatives to defend the case properly and for early hearing.

16.01.2015: CHQ NEWS

Congratulations ---- Sri Anupam Shrivastava, DIR(CM) assumed the charge as CMD, BSNL on 15.01.2015 for a period of 5 years or till retirement whichever is earlier. He is having 4.5 years service for superannuation. He is a BSNL absorbed ITS officer.

He is having an uphill task of revival of BSNL. SNEA(I) wish him all the success and extends unqualified support to all his initiatives to revive our company.

By this, our demand for filling up CMD and other Director Board posts partially fulfilled. DIR(EB) and DIR(Fin) selection completed and DIR(HR) post is notified.

JTO to SDE promotion: The case at Hon CAT Ernakulam is posted on 16.01.2015 for judgement.

JAO to AO promotion: CLO cleared the DPC minutes. It will be going to the competent authority for approval and orders are expected in a couple of days.:


14.01.2015: Declaration of Assets and Liabilities- View Clarification by DoPT.

14.01.2015: CHQ NEWS

Meeting with GM(Estt) on E2, E3 pay scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A:

GS and both AGSs met GM(Estt) on 12.01.2015 to discuss E2, E3 pay scales and holding committee meeting. GM(Estt) told that in the last committee meeting, demand for E2 to E7 pay scales which is not part of the terms and conditions of the committee was raised by some members and the cabinet decision on MTNL has come where cabinet decided to reduce the pay scales of MTNL to that of BSNL, the question of whether E2, E3 can be implemented in BSNL is referred to DoT. Association strongly protested against this action to refer the matter back to DoT since last three years from Feb, 2012 onwards this issue is simply shuttling in the name of DoT, DPE etc. In the Committee meeting on 17.11.2014, Chairman directed GM(Estt) to refer the matter to DIR(HR)/CMD to decided on the terms of reference of the Committee but now the matter has sent to DoT against the decision taken in the committee meeting. This is nothing but delay tactics.

We clearly told GM(Estt) that cabinet decision on MTNL is a latest development in 2014 and we are discussing about the pay revision and revised pay scales replacing intermediary scales of E1A and E2A from 01.01.2007. Whatever be the rationalization of pay scales has to happen, it will be from the next pay revision from 2017 and not from 01.01.2007. In the name of development in MTNL, there is no justification in delaying the finalization of pay scales of BSNL w.e.f 01.01.2007. If comaprisson with MTNL is required, then BSNL has to consider for parity in pay from 01.10.2000 till rationalization is done.

GM(Estt) mentioned that E1 and E2 scale is already approved by BSNL Board and it is implemented in BSNL. On that GS replied that its implementation is provisional pending final decision on the pay scales for which the Committee is constituted and DoT has to approve the same. GM(Estt) further told that some section of Executives has apprehension that on implementation of E2, E3 pay scale alone, anomaly will occur as JTOs of 2001/2002 batch will reach E3 scale in 9 to 11 years where as 2005/2007/2008 batches will reaches in 4 to 6 years. It is always a fact that in any pay revision youngsters will be benefitted than the seniors but the seniors never come on the way of the future of youngsters, which is the history of trade union movement. In 1986 pay revision also, seniors pay even got reduced but they whole heartedly welcomed the upgradation of the pay scales of the JTO cadre and struggled for that. No Assn or Executive of BSNL is against extending E2, E3 pay scales to the JTO/JAOs of 2007, 2008 and later recruitments.  Assn clearly told GM(Estt) that our demand is E2 to E7 scale but due Managements apprehension about the huge financial implication on pension contribution, atleast to give relief to the JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch and JTO/JAOs recruited after 2007, the terms of reference of the joint committee was decided as to examine the implementation of E2, E3 scale replacing intermediary Pay scales of E1A and E2A for JTO and SDE cadres keeping the other scales pending for the time being till pension contribution issue is settled.  

The latest developments shows that the Management is in no mood to implement atleast E2, E3 pay scales for the time being. CMD and other senior officers again and again assured us to resolve the issues through discussions in the Joint Committee but in fact the issue is referred to DoT again without any valid reason. This shows that management want to demote the cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO to E1 and E2 scales.

We have no other option left other than to restart the agitation programmes which we are held in abeyance on assurances from CMD, BSNL.

08.01.2015: As per the call given by Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL, Dharna for three days from 06.01.2015 to 08.01.2015 was conducted successfully in all the SSAs. SNEA(I) AP congratulates all the BSNL employees who have participated in the Dharna. SNEA(I) AP also appeals to all COBs/Dss/Bss/ leaders and activists of Forum to conduct signature campaign in a big way and make all preparations for making indefinite strike from 17.03.2015 a grand success.

07.01.2015: Dharna was held on first day throughout the A.P.Telecom Circle. Members participated enthhusiastically at all SSAs. All the SNEA activists are requested to mobilise the members in big way and see that each BSNL employee is participating in Dharna today or tommorrow.

>>>>Click here for dharna photo at Rajamundry>>>

The meeting of the Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL Non Executives and Executives, A.P.Circle was held 03-01-2015 at 14-30 hours to discuss about the successful implementation of the call given by the All India Forum for dharna on 6th, 7th and 8th January 2015, signature campaign on memorandum to the Prime Minister, and indefinite strike from 17.3.2015 on the issue of saving BSNL. The following decisions were taken:


  1. If in any SSA, the District level Forum is not yet formed, it has to be formed immediately.

  2. District functionaries of the unions and associations should take every effort to make each and every employee participate in the three days dharna programme on 6th, 7th and 8th January 2015.

  3. Circle level convention will be held at Hyderabad as per the date to be conveyed by the All India Forum. Thereafter regional level conventions will be held at Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Tirupathi. The dates for these conventions will be announced in the next Forum meeting.

  4. Signature campaign from the public is not geared up yet. This should be expedited and all should see that the target of 15 lakhs signatures from our circle is met. In each SSA, the number of signatures obtained from public should be at least 50 times of the number of BSNL employees in the SSA.

  5. The Central Trade Unions and TUs of other sectors may be requested to extend their support and address the three days dharma on 6ht,7th& 8th.

  6. A small pamphlet will be prepared by Circle Forum and put in the websites of circle unions so that the District Forums will print those pamphlets and distribute to the public at the time of obtaining their signatures on the memorandum to the prime minister.

  7. Another poster in multi color will be released in the last week of January 2015

  8. All India Forum will be requested to prepare a model of the letter to be given by MPs to the Prime Minister in support of our struggle so that it can be given to the MPs when we meet them.

All SSA unions/Associations of Non-Executives/Executives are requested to implement these decisions.

05.01.2015:: Three days Dharna on 06th, 07th and 08th January, 2015 at SSA/Circle HQs :

As per the decision of Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations, three days Dharna will be held on 06, 07, 08 Jan, 2014. All the issues in the charter of demands are related to BSNL revival only which is our main concern except 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL direct rect employees and pension revision for the pensioners. All SSA/Branch Secretaries and office-bearers at all levels are requested to make extensive preparations for the Dharna.

Maximum members should participate in the Dharna on all the days and it should be ensued that each and every BSNL employee is participating in the Dharna atleast one day by awailing leave.

 04.01.2014: Com. P.V.Indira ramana, SDE, Rajamundry and Com. B.Vasu, SDE,Karimanagar donated Rs.10000  and Rs.5000 repsctively to SNEA AP.  SNEA AP Sincerely thank the comrades for their kind gesture.


01.01.2015::Com. Ch. Ramakrishna, DE (Mobile) Vijayawada suddenly expired today. SNEA(I) AP conveys its deepest condelences to the bereaved family members.