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29.10.2014: CHQ NEWS:

Decisions taken in the meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations held on 28th October 2014.

A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations was held on 28th October 2014 and the following decisions were taken after detailed discussion.

1.  The Forum decided to call for Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 3rd February 2015  against the anti- BSNL policies of the government and on the demands raised in the Memorandum adopted in the National Convention on 3rd August 2013 and also against the Deloitte committee recommendations,  formation of tower company,  Merger of BSNL and MTNL etc.

2. A Demands Day should be organised in December 2014, 3 days dharna in January 2015 and one week massive campaign, before the strike.

3. Maximum propaganda should be organised among the workers and the public, meet the Members of Parliament and explain the demands of the workers, organise signature campaign etc.

4. A meeting of the Core Committee of Forum will be held on  12th November, folllowed by a  meeting of the Forum on 13th November  2014 to finalise the Memorandum, dates of the agitation programmes and other connected matters.

  27.10.2014: VCs in case of JTO to SDE promotions forwarded from AP Circle on 24.10.2014.


21.10.2014: CS along with JS(S) Com P.Padmanbha Rao and ACS Hq Com Ravikumar Reddy met CGMT AP Sri V.Srinivasan and discussed on the following issues
  1. We informed CGMT about the problems in ICR arrangement made with AIRTEL for VM, SKL and VZM SSAs. CGMT informed that this arrangement is made in the wider perspective keeping in view of public suffering in cyclone affected districts. However he promised to look into the issues pertaining to above arrangement.

  2. We requested CGMT to supply sufficient quantity of 5 Pair cable, Dropwire, TSF joint kits etc along with supporting staff from neighbouring SSAs. He informed that he is awaiting supply from CO and as far men is concerned he will talk to the respective SSA heads.

  3. We informed CGMT that executives are facing some difficulties in dealing with ERP and requested CGMT to arrange teams for all ERP modules for assisting the field executives. He responded positively and assured to do needful in this regard immediately.

  4. CGMT informed that he is taking up issue of inclusion of civil wing in GFR 126 for carrying out civil works in all centra Govt. organisations with Hon'ble Union Minister Sri Venkaiah Naidu garu.  This issue was also taken up by SNEA AP with PGM(BW) CO as reported earlier.

  5. Also taking up with Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri N.Chandrababu Naidu garu for alloting works to civil wing in the construction of AP Capital etc.

    We appreciate the efforts of our CGMT in this regard.
  6. We also discussed on the issues of modifications in the postings and transfers of executives.

20.08.2014::BSNL, the best Telecom Operator you can trust, when you really at Crisis.

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18.09.2014: CS along with Com P.Padmanbha Rao JS(S) and Com Ravikumar Reddy ACS hq met Smt. Sumam Pillai, GM(F) AP Circle and discussed on the following issues.

1.Enhancing the limit on temporary advances to executives: We requested GM(F) to enhance the limit of Rs.20000/- on temporary advance as the same is not rational and fixing such limit is not correct. GM(F) informed that limit is not fixed by finance wing and system is fixing the limit. GM(F) discussed issue with senior officers of CO and ERP Core team and informed that the limit can be enhanced with approval of CGMT AP. We requested, as an urgent measure, to enhance the limit for the executives of VM, SKLM and VZM SSAs.

After getting clarification from GM(F) CS requested CGMT AP through SMS, to enhance the limit of temporary advance for executives of above three SSAs, CGMT AP readily agreed and the same will be approved on Monday.

2. Payment of Loans through Banks: We brought to the notice of GM(F) that recoveries made in the salaries of employees are not remitted to respective banks and there by our employees will be penalised for late payments etc. GM(F) agreed that there is a problem with one bank and it is being sorted out. It was also informed by GM(F) that a letter will be written to the banks explaining the circumstances and requesting them not to penalise our employees.

3. We have brought to the notice of GM(F) the difficulties in payment of vendor bills and Payments to be made to DOT are not being recovered and paid to DOT ex. HBA taken in DOT.

4. We also informed that necessary instructions are to be passed to all DDOs to resolve the issues of Individual employees on urgent basis.

5. We have requested GM(F) to allow paymnet of civil wing bills of VM SSA out of ERP since the contractors are refusing to carryout emergency tower works . GM(F) informed that once the necessary formalities sre completed in ERP, payments can be released since huge funds are available under capital works.

6. Issues concerning to our comrades were also discussed.

17.10.2014: Kudos to BSNL Employees of Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam SSAs for their committed efforts in restoring services ahead of other private operators.  Comrades continue the same tempo. Efforts of our employees are recognised by every one. 

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SNEA strongly condemn the move of the BSNL Management to implement Deloitte recommendation as a pilot project in MH Circle, one of the potential Circles. This move is against the commitment given to Association that the recommendation will be considered for implementation only after discussion with all Unions /Associations.

SNEA strongly oppose the move and we will be forced to launch agitation if the decision is not reversed by the Mgt. Comrades across BSNL and especially in MH may start preparations in this regard.

View Copy of the Corporate Office letters.

16.10.2014: EPF UAN for EPF holders:

Dear comrades, many SSAs are in process of distribution of Universal Account Number (UAN) for EPF Account holders, few SSAs have already done. Our DSs/ Activists are requested to ensure the speedy dissemination of UAN to all the EPF Account holders.

All the EPF Account holders who have their UAN are requested to register for UAN Services from EPFO ( For registering your EPF Account number, UAN allotted, your Mobile Number and a valid e-mail id are needed. Once registered do download your passbook and verify the same for any anomalies. If any anomalies are found do inform to concerned officers in pay section and also EPF Authorities (preferably through online Grievance portal

The account holders, who are having more than one EPF Account / UAN, are requested to link their old account details (Link available once you login to UAN Services). Presently the online transfer claim with UAN is not available; hence after linking your old EPF Account number, you are requested to file the account transfer application through online or offline depending on the feasibility.

In BSNL we are also having many Non-Executive employees who are in need of help in availing the UAN Services, we request our members to take initiative and help the needy person, it’s our social responsibility as well.


16.10.2014: CS along with Com A.Chandrasekhar AGS, Com. P.Srinivasa Prasad, Com Baburao, BS Civil wing HYD, Com Thiruma Babu, JTO Civil and Com. Chauhan, SDE (Electrical) met Sri V.B.Gupta PGM(BW) Corporate Office in the chamber of CE(Civil), HTD, BSNL Bhavan, Hyderabad on 14.10.2014. Sri Varma, CE(Civil), AP Zone and Sri Neerj Goel, CE(Civil), HTD were also present during the meeting.

The following items were discussed:

1. In view of stagnation in promotion to EE(C/E) for a longer period, the need of BSNLMSRR 2009 for Civil/Electrical/Architectural wings by appropriate amendment to remove parity in functional promotions and end discrimination between Civil/Electrical/Arch and Telecom/ Finance Executives.

2. Extending Group B pay scales notionally w.e.f 1.10.2000 to JTO(C/E/A) and SDE(C/E/A) on par with JAOs.

3. Execution Civil/Electrical works of other Central Govt. ministry/Dept under Rule 126 of GFR 2005 by BSNL Civil wing. Requested the PGM(BW) Sri.V.B.Gupta to appraise CMD to write a letter to Hon'ble minister of Urban Development, GOI to get approval for inclusion of BSNL Civil wing in GFR 126 as a Public Works Organisation (PWO). This allows BSNL to participate in all the Tenders. PGM(BW) informed that the case was already addressed by CMD and written separate letters to Urban Development Ministry and Ministry of IT & Communications. Also informed that lot of works are available under IT ministry, for which GFR 126 is not required. He requested the association also to take up the issue with MOC & IT in this regard.

4. We requested a separate accounting procedure for External projects in view of delay in payments, thus affecting credibility of BSNL.

5. He also assured to settle the HR issues/request transfer cases if any. We have appraised the request transfer cases of Com.S.Damodharan,SDE(C),Visakhapatnam to TN, Com.K.H.Nagaraj,SDE(C),WL to Karnataka. He requested the association to see a suitable person for EE(C) post on deputation to Central University 200 crores work at KORAPUT(Orissa). The project work is attached to AP Civil Zone.

PGM(BW) responded positively on all the issues.

The following issues were discussed with CE(C),AP Zone and with CE(C),HTD:

1. Computers to all Civil Sub-Divisions in view of ERP works.
2. Request transfer case of Com.M.Rajendran,SDE(C),VJA to TPT.
3. Relieving of Smt. N.Sarada,JTO(C),WL,who was transferred 5 months back and waiting for relief.
4. Effective utilisation of Planning JTO(C) in field by utilising the services of Draughtman in offices.

15.10.2014: "BSNL MOST DEPENDABLE SERVICE PROVIDER"  the News item in THE HINDU News paper about BSNL services in cyclone affected areas.
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14.10.2014: CS writes to CGMT AP regarding reimbursement of cost of GSM hand sets and Briefcases to all Executives of AP Circle.

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