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All India Conference will be held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 05th, 06th and 07th September instead of 29-31 August, 2015. Conduct Branch Meetings and Book Tickets in advance.

03.07.2015: CS along with ACS Hq met Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr. G.M (HR and Admin) AP Circle and discussed on our issues. Sr. G.M. responded positively.

05.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Next Joint Committee meeting will be held on 09.07.2015 instead of 07.07.2015. The joint committee was reconstituted after our agitation in April/May, 2015 for the implementation of  standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, Time bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy upto DGM, first TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 etc.  

The committee was reconstituted by the CMD, based on our discussions with CMD, DIR(HR) etc on 06.05.2015 during our agitation. The committee is working on fast track and supposed to submit the report by 15.08.2015. SNEA(I) agitation in April/May, 2015 revived these issues once again and put on fast track.

On implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, we will upgrade the pay scales and stop the demotion of the basic cadres JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and give relief to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, ie 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and the future recruits. In CPSU cadre hierarchy, we are trying to find an everlasting solution to the promotion related issues for all the cadres delinking it with existing seniority. Now the promotions in almost all the cadres are blocked due to litigations.


Once the Jt committee is reconstituted and committee started working on fast track, as per the assurance given by CMD to SNEA(I), the committee members are to deliberate the issue in its totality and arrive at a conclusion at the earliest, this is the need of the hour.

05.07.2015: CHQ NEWS:Comparison of BSNLMS RR 2009 with ITS RR 1992 for promotion from SDE to DE to DGM:

The BSNLMS RR 2009 notified on 14.07.2009 made drastic changes in the promotions from SDE to DE and above. Whatever hurdles faced by SDE to DE promotion during DoT period is removed one by one, by the continuous efforts of the Association. In DoT or earlier BSNL period upto 2009, SDEs are eligible for promotion to JTS equivalent to ADET/Sr SDE grade, equal to the number of ADETs recruited through UPSC. For example if 75 ADETs are recruited in a year, 75 SDEs will be promoted to JTS. If no ADET rect took place in a year, then there will be no promotion also. Promotion from SDE to JTS will take place for previous vacancy years and promotion will be given for those who are eligible at that time. Actually at the time of promotion, almost all will be retired. After BSNL formation, ADET rect stopped and hence only Adhoc promotions were given to DE posts till 2009.

In 2009 RR, 50% DE posts are reserved for regular promotion directly from SDE to DE removing the decade old bottleneck of JTS(ADET) grade. Remaining 50% posts are reserved for MT against which DE promotion on Adhoc basis was made eligible. Practically SDEs made eligible for promotion upto 80% to 90% of DE posts (10% to 20% reserved for MT), 50% on regular basis and remaining 30% to 40% on Adhoc basis.  It was major breakthrough in two ways, we could remove the JTS or ADET or Sr SDE grade, getting direct promotion from SDE to DE and 50% posts are exclusively reserved from direct promotion from SDE to DE, which one could not imagine earlier.

Continuation of Adhoc promotion was the major drawback of the 2009 RR. SNEA(I) continuously struggled to remove this Adhocism and ultimately on 20.08.2013, CMD BSNL agreed to the demand of SNEA(I) to end Adhocism in DE promotion, by raising the quota from 50% to 75%. BSNL Board approved the proposal in January, 2014 amending the RR. SNEA(I), not only made the RR amended in 2014, made it sure that all the 75% posts upto 31.03.2014 are filled on regular basis by the promotion order dated 20.08.2014 (within one year of assurance of CMD on 20.08.2013), thus making the DE promotions current. This substantial increase of quota from 50% to 75% is happened in Telecom Engg side only and it was a significant achievement of SNEA(I) for the cadre. Now 3978 DE posts are reserved for direct promotion from SDE irrespective of MT rect. SNEA(I) struggling for the other cadres for the similar benefit.

In the BSNL MS RR, it is very clear that irrespective of MT recruitment is happening or not, 75% of DE posts (3978 numbers) and DGM posts will be filled by promotion from the Executives. There is no link between DE/DGM promotion and MT rect. Seniority will be fixed in the ratio 1:1 to the extend MT rect taking place. Both are delinked at all levels ensuring the Executives promotions, minimum upto DGM and sufficient service is left, Executives can move up in the ladder upto GM/CGM.

Our next struggle is to considerably increase the DE and DGM promotional avenues, exclusively in the promotion quota.

03.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: In Time Bound Functional promotions or CPSU hierarchy, the promotions will be regulated from JTO/JAO -->SDE/AO--> SrSDE/SrAO -->DE/CAO -->DGM -->SG DGM, if it is implemented in true spirit. Nobody can jump the in-between grades and go to a higher grade like JTO -->Sr SDE/DE or SDE -->DE/DGM. In that also to meet the future requirement at top management level, fast track promotion with lesser years of service is required which involve very tough screening as thousands will be eligible in each grade and among them 25 to 50 are to be selected. The screening mechanisms and other criteria are to be worked out. Implementation of CPSU hierarchy is a big challenge which involves lot of discussions with vision, commitment and strategy. The screening in each grade will be very tough and there is a possibility of dropping of hundreds, which is to be addressed. It should be better than what we have today and it should not take away what we are having as on today. If it was so simple as propagating, it would have implemented long back, our comrades should understand. Mgt is almost agreeable promotions upto SDE/Sr SDE but not above that! Our sincere efforts are to see that some brainstorming discussions are happening from this month in the jt committee atleast in a weekly basis to evolve a mechanism as we are desiring. We will try our level best to conclude the discussions on standard E2, E3 pay scales by the next meeting on 09.07.2015.

03.07.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with CMD/BSNL on 02.07.2015: GS, CHQ President, AGS and CS/CO met Sri Anupam Shrivastava and held discussions on the following issues:

a)        Poor transmission network performance of Eastern regions and urgent need to lay OF cables. BSNL spending crores of rupees every year to PGCIL, OIL etc for reliable connectivity. The performance of ETP and NETF in laying of OF cable for the last so many years is very poor or practically nil. CMD informed that management is aware of the seriousness of the issue, started taking actions.

b)        Proposed move to hand over the NOFN work to private operators and state Govts: Assn shared the concern with the CMD on the proposed move initiated by PMO. The committee recommendations are pro-private and will badly affect the interest of BSNL. Majority of the potential Circles are given to private players. CMD highly appreciated the letter written by SNEA(I) to Hon Prime Minister with all facts and figures and he opined that it will definitely bring positive results.

c)        Marketing of Free night call facility and Free roaming. There is a quantum jump in the waiting list. We have to convert them as connections. Franchisees are given target on mobile connections. Assn informed the initiative taken by the Forum.

d)        On MT recruitment, CMD told that Management urgently needed it for the future top management and suggested to discuss with others to clear their doubts and apprehensions. CMD added that Management will take care of the uninterrupted promotional avenues for the Executives. In the larger interest of the organization, Assn extended full support for the recruitment of MTs from among internal candidates and on Extl MTs, it once again reiterated the stand that there is no need for Extl MT as thousands of talented Executives are available in the company and by proper screening BSNL can select 300 instead of 150 MTs from them as Assn demanded earlier. BSNL Board meeting on 19.06.2015 reiterated its earlier decision to recruit MTs after discussion.

 30.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: The committee constituted by Management held discussions with the GSs of SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA, AIBSNLOA and AIGETOA today on MT recruitment.

Assn demanding rect of MTs from Intl candidates for the last so many years to fill up the vacuum at the top level management. Even we demanded creating about 300 additional DGM posts and fill it through internal candidates. From 2010 onwards we fought in the court for changing the eligibility criteria for Intl candidates and we succeeded in January, 2013 and accordingly MT RR also amended. From that time onwards Assn was strongly demanding filling up of MT posts from among Intl candidates.  Even on 10.02.2014, Assn served notice on HR issues and rect of MTs from Intl candidates was one of the demands. So MT rect from among Intl candidates to take place in the larger interest of the Organization, Assn pointed out. At the same time there is no need for Extl MT as sufficient talent is available within the organization and MT(Extl) rect process should be scrapped, Assn demanded.

It is our considered view that till CPSU cadre hierarchy is implemented, present promotional avenues to continue through DPC, LDCE, MT etc. We cannot put on hold the entire promotion in the pretext of CPSU hierarchy implementation going to happen in future. Both LDCE and MT are two fast track promotions overlooking the seniority.

In case of postponement or cancellation of examination, legal issues will crop up as internal candidates will definitely challenge the decision and in the whole process BSNLMS RR and implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy also will be affected. So all these issues are to be taken into account, Assn told the committee.

GM(P) suggested that since examination will be held only after 15th August, after the joint committee is supposed to submit the recommendations, BSNL will conduct MT exam for Intl quota alone and consider postponement of Extl MT. This proposal is not accepted by some.

Finally GM(P) informed that the views of different stake holders, ie. Assns, Unions and Management will be communicated to CMD. GM(P) informed that other than Assns, other stakeholders are demanding MT recruitment on the larger interest of the company. The number of registrations from internal candidates touched 10,000.

Some simple questions our friends are to answer: If you are concerned about seniority, why our friends are not opposing the recent LDCE? Why they are not demanding abolition of LDCE like MT? Why they are demanding eligibility in DGM recruitment overlooking the seniority of thousands and bypassing SDE, Sr SDE and DE grades? Why they even gone to the courts for getting eligibility? If LDCE and DGM direct recruitment on fast track promotion are good, then why MT is opposed? Is the real agenda is to block 2005, 2007 and 2008 rect JTOs getting fast track promotion? Are they want to stop the fast track promotion to 2005, 2007 and 2008 rect JTOs? Why the double stand?

Is MT rect is more important than E2, E3 pay scales and CPSU hierarchy and other HR issues for them? If not why they are not ready for an agitation earlier on pay scales, CPSU hierarchy etc? Why notice only when MT notification issued? That also adding the pay scales and CPSU hierarchy issue in the notice when those issues are referred to a fast track committee and already discussion is going on in a weekly basis? Everybody in BSNL knows for the last one year MT rect process is going on? So the intentions??? Is it to deviate attention from the achievement of SNEA(I) on reconstitution of the committee and settlement of the issues? Or they want to linger on the issues? Are they not interested to send the ITS back to DoT?

More importantly, what is their stand on continuation of ITS in BSNL? Yes, one section never demanded the repatriation but the other one is there in the court also demanding repatriation. Without allowing Management to create an alternative Mgt in place of ITS, how we can expect they will be send back to DoT. This is the question asked by the Hon courts? Can we create a top management in BSNL on conventional methods? Some are never bothered about BSNL and to fight for any issue regarding future of BSNL and not joined in any agitation also.

Anyhow one good development is that now everybody want to see that the joint committee constituted after the agitation of SNEA(I) on 08.05.2015 is working overtime and competing the task by the targeted date of 15th August.  It is a very positive development to see our demand of standard E2, E3 scale is settling and discussion on Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy is going to start next month. Even after recommendation, pay scale issue may be settled early and CPSU hierarchy may take may take more time to complete the formalities and start implementation. That itself will be a great achievement. Our entire focus is on the settlement of these two HR issues and completing the DPCs and other promotions.

  30.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: Forum Circular on campaign on Night Free call facility and Free roaming facility-- All CSs/SSA Secretaries are requested to fully involve in the campaign

>>>>>>>Forum circular>>>>>>>

  29.06.2015: CS and JS(S) toured Visakhapatnam , Srikakulam and Vizianagaram SSAs on 27th and 28th June 2015 to attended the District Conferences of Srikakulam and Vizianagaram SSAs and General body meeting of Visakhapatnam District.

On 27th June 2015 CS, JS (S), ACS VM Com Srinivasu, CVP Com Satyanarayana Rao, Com Satyaprasad Dist. President, VM and Com Chittibabu Dist Secretary VM met Shri RMM Krishna, GMTD VM. We requested GMTD VM to abide to the well defined policy laid down in transfers and postings in VM SSA. We informed him that all the executives in VM SSA are agitated over the recent developments involving lot of deviations / biased attitude of the District Administration in transfers and postings of executives in the SSA. Strongly protested over the deviations from the policy and requested him to personally monitor the transfers and postings by strictly adhering to the transfer policy without any bias or prejudice. Requested the District Administration to create conducive atmosphere in VM SSA.

On the afternoon of 27th June 2015 CS, JS (S), ACS VM, CVP, DS VM and DP VZM attended the District Conference of Srikakulam SSA. The Conference was held in grand manner at Meena Krishna Plaza. The Meeting was presided by Com Ananda Mohan, Dist. President, SNEA SKLM. Com Rajasekhar DS presented the report and was unanimously adopted by the house. Com Y.Lingaiah District Treasurer submitted the audited accounts and the same was unanimously adopted.

Open Session was conducted on the occasion of Dist. Conference. The open session was attended and addressed by Sri Maheswara Rao, DGM SKLM, Com Naram Naidu, DS NFTE SKLM and Com Govardhan, Convener, Forum SKLM. SSA. CS addressed the Open session and congratulated all the employees of BSNL SKLM for the restoration of Telecom services affected due to HUDHUD Cyclone and also for 100% participation in the general strike held on 21st and 22nd April 2015 especially members of SNEA(I) for their lead role, and appealed to the members to be prepared for any call from CHQ if the issues are not resolved.

The delegate session was addressed by CHQ and Circle leaders. and clarified all the doubts expressed by the members.

The following office bearers are elected unanimously for the next term:

District President: Com. S.Lakshman Rao, SDE SKLM

District secretary: Com P. Rajasekhar, JTO SKLM

District Treasurer: Com B.Umamaheshwara Rao JTO SKLM

On 28th June 2015 CS, JS (S), ACS VM, DS SKLM attended the District Conference of Vizianagaram SSA. The Conference was held in grand manner at Conference hall, Telephone Exchange VZM. The meeting was presided by Com Tata Prasada Rao, Dist. President, SNEA VZM. Com Ramasekhar DS presented the report and the same was unanimously adopted by the house. Com Saibaba District Treasurer submitted the audited accounts and the same was unanimously adopted by the house.

Open Session was conducted on the occasion of Dist. Conference. The Open Session was attended and addressed by Sri Prabha Rama Rao, DGM VZM, Com Bhaskar Rao, DS NFTE VZM and Com Venkat Rao, DS SEWA VZM and Convener, Forum VZM SSA. DGM VZM requested all to work sincerely and expressed that together we can produce better results. CS addressed the Open Session and congratulated all the employees of BSNL VZM for their 100% participation in the general strike held on 21st and 22nd April 2015 and appealed to the members to be prepared for any call from CHQ if the issues are not resolved. Also requested the Forum leaders to seriously discuss how to popularise the recently launched schemes like night free calling and free roaming and suggest measures to improve the customer base.

Delegate session was addressed by CHQ and Circle leaders. Members participated very enthusiastically in the conference. The doubts raised by the members were clarified by CS and JS(S).

The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously for the next term:

District President: Com. Ramasekhar, SDE VZM

District secretary: Com Tata Prasada Rao, SDE VZM

District Treasurer: Com Saibaba JTO VZM

CS and JS(S) elaborated on all the issues especially our cadre issues, our agitation in April/May, 2015 has created tremendous pressure which resulted in the formation of Committee to resolve the burning issues of E2 and E3 Pay scales, 1st TBP after 4 years uniformly to all executives, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and settlement of Pay Anomalies, on 06.05.2015. Direction was issued by CMD to have the committee meetings on every fortnight and complete the targeted work by 15th August. Our unity and commitment made it possible which made others Associations nervous and envious.

Regarding the implementation of Standard pay Scales of E2, E3 for the basic cadres of JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres, our prime objective is to get upgraded pay scales of E2, E3 and protect the cadres from demotion to E1 and E2 scales otherwise it would badly affect the cadre in the next pay revision if we are not settling the issue before next pay commission. Our CHQ is very confident to resolve the issues of Standard pay scale of E2 for JTO/JAOs and E3 for SDE/AO without any compromise on the 5 promotions which we are enjoying now.

To overcome the unscrupulous legal fights in many courts on seniority, implementation of CPSU hierarchy or Time Bound Functional Promotion would be the only solution. CHQ trying its level best to find a solution to these issues by the targeted date of 15.08.2015.

On 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, it is pending before BSNL Board and SNEA will take up with CMD BSNL along with Forum leaders.

On MT recruitment, SNEA is of the strong view that there is no need for external MT recruitment for the company and demanding the change in recruitment rule in this line. Since we have enough in-house talents in BSNL, SNEA(I) is demanding some fast track promotions to man the top positions in the future. Our top Management at DGM/GM/CGM posts is still on deputation. The major hurdle faced by Govt. and BSNL to repatriate the ITS Officers was, that there is no Absorbed Officers available in BSNL as substitute to the CGM/GMs at present and this is the only reason for ITS officers are continuing in BSNL on deemed deputation. We will not be able to fill the post of GM/CGM Post just with CPSU Hierarchy implementation alone. There also some fast track promotions like MT are to be worked out with proper screening. SNEA will not support for the selection of External MT and will fight for 100% MTs to be filled internally by making change in BSNLMS RR. Before demanding Intl MT, SNEA ensured 75% of DE posts and 50% DGM posts for Promotion by seniority. This was the success of the determined single handed move of SNEA. SNEA will further struggle hard to get 100% DE/AGM /CAO posts to be reserved for Internal Candidates.

The detailed account on latest position on the status of various DPCs, court case especially the Earnakulam JTO to SDE Seniority cum Fitness case and the crucial role played / playing by our Association inspite of several hurdles created by the illegal alliance Associations is also informed to the members.

  27.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: Night Free call facility and Free roaming facility: Campaign extended for one more month.

The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations meeting on 26.06.2015, reviewed the implementation of the Forum call to conduct a month long campaign from 8th June to 7th July to popularise the “Night Free call” facility and also to increase the number of landline and broadband connections. The Forum meeting expressed its dissatisfaction over the slackness on the part of the circle and district level Forums in implementing the month long campaign. So far the CHQ of all Unions/Associations have not received information from any circle except Chennai TD regarding the implementation of the campaign. Subsequently "Free roaming" facility also announced by the Management from 15th June. After detailed discussion, the meeting decided that the campaign should be extended for one more month.  Forum took the decision that all circle level Forums should compulsorily meet by 03.07.2015 and finalise the strategies for the successful implementation of the campaign. Similarly, all the district level Forums should meet by 06.07.2015 and finalise the strategies to be taken at the district level for the successful implementation of the campaign.  Forum also took the decision to write to the CMD BSNL about the inaction of the circle and SSA level administrations in taking steps to increase our customer base, utilising the offers. Hence, all circle and district secretaries are requested to take every possible step to effectively conduct the campaign.

The BSNL Management has taken two bold marketing initiatives recently.  They are the "9 pm to 7 am" free call facility from landline and the "free roaming" facility in mobile connectionss. Both these steps have been largely welcomed by the public as a result of which the BSNL image has also greatly improved. At the same time, we should not forget that, the Company is going to lose its revenue to the extent of hundreds of crores of rupees as a result of the implementation of both these concessions. Increasing our customer base substantially, is the only way to save the Company from this loss of revenue. Hence, we the employees, have to take every possible step, to increase our customer base in a big way, both in the landline, broadband and mobile segments. The next one month period should be entirely and effectively utilised to boost our customer base.

  27.06.2015: CHQ NEWS:Post card campaign" in the month of August.

The Forum meeting held on 26.05.2015 expressed its dissatisfaction over the fact that, the government has not taken any meaningful step for the revival of BSNL. It is already 2 months since the 2 day strike has taken place, and also talks were held with the Secretary, DoT. Except in the matter of 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners, no improvement has come on any other issue. The Forum has decided that, the whole month of July should be utilised to popularize the “Night Free call facility” and “Free roaming facility” and increase our customer base. At the same time, the Forum has come to the conclusion that, we cannot remain silent for long. Hence, it is decided in the meeting that a "Post card campaign" should be conducted in the month of August from 10th to 22nd August, 2015. Post card should go from each and every employee to the Hon Minister of Communications, demanding immediate steps for the revival of BSNL.

The text of the post card:

"Hon Minister of Communications & IT is requested to immediately settle the demands submitted by the Forum, for the revival of BSNL"

The post card should be signed by the individual employee with name, designation and name of SSA.

  27.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: This is rejoinder to some of the misleading information published in the website of AIBSNLEA. SNEA(I) never claimed that it is directly a party in the JTO to SDE promotion case. For strategic reasons, SNEA(I) fighting the case in the name of the additional respondents no 6 to 14 and private respondent 7 from Chennai and 8 from Jabalpur who are SNEA(I) members in the original case at CAT and High Court(HC) by engaging Sr Lawyer Sri. O. V. Radhakrishan. The reply, MA, urgent memo etc will be filed in the name of the respondents. In Chennai also SNEA(I) fought the case in the name of private respondents only. Similarly in most of the cases, due to strategic reasons, SNEA(I) is fighting in the name of affected party, eg: 1966 seniority, 270 seniority, 147 seniority etc. In few cases only, SNEA(I) is directly a party like ITS case, 3G case, MT case, LDCE case etc.

In the name of private respondents, SNEA(I) is directly party in the case. AIBSNLEA simply impleaded in the CAT and even they couldnot include a single affected party (JTO) from Kerala or elsewhere alongwith them! It is admitted by them that they are not filed the vakalathnama in the Hon HC even after 5 months since February. Without filing vakalathnama and appointing a lawyer, how they are fighting for the JTOs in the HC for the last 5 months, it is not known? If they are sincere in the case why they didn’t filed the vakalathnama and engaged the lawyer for 5 months? Why they are waiting for the notice from court? They should have available in the court from day one to defend the case. Are they not aware of the fact that appeal is filed in the HC?  Everytime in the website they are writing that they are fighting in the high court but in reality they are not appeared even once in the HC. In the CAT also just they filed an impleadment application but their lawyer was not present in most of the days even on the final hearing dates in the Tribunal. This fact we didn’t reported earlier keeping trade union ethics. Whether they impleaded in the case just to delay the case like this? However, we are very happy to know that now they filed the vakalathnama on getting intimation from us.

Cause list of the case at Hon Ernakulam High Court on 25.06.2015

  27.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Sri Madhukar Gupta, Jt Secretary, DPE: Secretary General/NCOA, President/NCOA and GS/SNEA met Jt Secretary, DPE on 25.06.2015 and held discussions on the terms of reference for the next wage revision committee. NCOA suggested to include uniform increment date, removal of bell curve for PRP, open ended pay scale, consideration of pay revision for the loss making and sick PSUs etc etc.  On pension revision, Jt Sec assured that the issue will be included once a reference is received from DoT.

The 3rd PRC is not constituted yet. The proposal was send to Cabinet Secretariat on 07th October but so far no decision on PRC is taken. NCOA is planning to organise some protest actions in the near future if the Govt delays the decision.

Letter to Cabinet Secretary by NCOA

  25.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: JTO to SDE case at Hon HC, Ernakulam: As per the MA filed by SNEA(I) and BSNL for urgent hearing, the case come up for hearing today. Unfortunately the case could not be heard as the service is not completed for respondent no. 16, AIBSNLEA. The rep 16, AIBSNLEA not filed even Vakalathnama accepting the notice and their lawyer was not present in the court. Hon court directed to complete the service to AIBSNLEA and then list the case

25.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: GS writes to Hon Prime Minister regarding preposterous proposition of the so-called expert committee to hand over critical and challenging job of Rural National Broad Band connectivity to Private operators- move fraught to derail Dream of Digital India and all set to inevitably lead to Incredible cost escalation, arm twisting and holding National Exchequer to ransom by the private sector.

GS letter to Hon Prime Minister

25.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: The MA filed by SNEA(I) in Hon High Court of Kerala for early hearing of the appeal and vacation of interim order on JTO to SDE promotion is listed for hearing today. SNEA(I) was pursuing with BSNL for filing the reply and an MA for early hearing. After that we are pursuing with the High Court registry for early listing of the case. BSNL also filed an MA in this regard on Monday praying for early hearing and vacation of interim order.

GS and CS/KRL met the Sr lawyer Sri O. V. Radhakrishnan defending our case at Ernakulam on 13.06.2015 and held detailed discussions about the case during his visit to Kerala.

24.06.2015: CHQ NEWS:

GM(Pers) called a meeting of the Executive Associations, SNEAI), AIBSNLEA, AIBSNLOA and AIGETOA on 23.06.2015. The meeting was called as per the direction of CMD/BSNL to discuss the apprehensions of the executives Assn on their promotional avenues in view of proposed MT recruitment.

GM(Pers) informed that “BSNL Board meeting on 19.06.2015 deliberated the MT recruitment issue and reiterated its earlier decision to recruit MTs. BSNL Board also directed to dispel the apprehensions of the Executives on their promotional avenues on MT rect.

Assn strongly demanded for promotions to all SDE, DE and DGM posts, all of them are delayed due to management. All litigations are created by DoT/BSNL Management and innocent Executives are suffering. Pay scale and CPSU cadre hierarchy issues are not settled due to the approach of the management, Assn told GM(Pers) and requested to convey the strong resentment to CMD and other senior officers. The court case on JTO to SDE promotion is not handled properly by BSNL. Further, Assn reiterated its earlier stand that no external MT is required and we are opposing it and Intl MT recruitment to continue as a fast track promotion till another mechanism is evolved in place of MT. Any fast track mechanism like LDCE, MT etc, overlooking of seniority is involved, otherwise all the promotions should be on seniority basis as in Accounts wing. In CPSU hierarchy also, overlooking of seniority will arise if fast track promotion is introduced. As per the decisions of appropriate forum, SNEA(I) was gone to the court at Ernakulam and New Delhi for changing the eligibility conditions and age restrictions for the internal MT quota and got the RR modified. Surprisingly AIBSNLEA was also there in the court, with the same demand of relaxation in age and qualification for Intl MT quota. Further delay in Intl MT rect will make lot of senior Executives out of the purview as they will cross 50 yrs and the younger rect also miss the second chance as good number of them crossing 40 yrs.

It is surprised to note that even some section is not aware of the fact that “Adhoc DE” is not there in BSNL and due to the efforts of SNEA(I), 75% of DE posts are reserved for Regular DE promotion and the DE and DGM promotion is delinked from MT recruitment in all respect. Full 75% DE posts are filled on regular basis on 20.08.2014. Next meeting is proposed on 29.06.2015.

23.06.2015: CS along with CS AIBSNLEA met Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr.G.M.(HR&Admin), AP and discussed on the issue of long standing transfers of D.Es. Smt Anila Kiran, Addl. G.M.(HR) and Shri Sidhartha Kumar, AGM(HR) were present in the meeting. Sr. G.M.responded positively on the issue and assured to review the recently issued long standing transfers in the cadre of D.Es.

23.06.2015: CHQ NEWS:50% Add on order for GSM expansion Phase VII expansion:

After very successful negotiations by CM wing of BSNLCO with M/s ZTE, add on order for 50% additional GSM equipments in Phase VII will be placed shortly for South, North and western zones. The proposal is under the consideration of BSNL Management Committee. After MC approval, APO will be issued. In the add on order, 2G equipments will be utilised for replacing the life expired Phase I, II and III GSM equipments. Remaining will be 3G equipments for expansion.

For western zone proposal for new tender is under consideration.

 23.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: Data services to the service mobile connections to Executives: GS and both AGSs met GM(Admn) and further discussed the issue. GM(Admn) informed that as per the earlier discussion , the proposal is moved by the section and after the administrative approval, it has send to the MC for approval.

On the issue of disconnection of service connections to the Executives working in BSNLCO, NTR, NTP etc and residing at NCR area, GM(Admn) informed that the matter has been discussed with ED(MTNL) and action will be taken to reconnect the connections by today itself. Further the issue of permanent solution to this issue will be worked out.

 22.06.2015: CS along with CS AIBSNLEA met Shri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT AP and discussed on the issue of long standing transfer of D.Es. CGMT responded positively and asked us to discuss the issue with Sr.G.M.(HR).

22.06.2015: GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding circulation of tentative seniority lists 1 to 17 of SDE(T) including those of 1998 DPC and 2000/2003 qualifying cum competitive examination with changes for submission to the expert committee on 29.06.2015 which is misleading – request to circulate original seniority lists 1 to 17 operated till 2001 without changes and seniority list of officers promoted in 1998 and later to field units.

GS writes to GM(Pers) regarding necessary corrections in the guidelines for forwarding transfer requests on completion of tenure posting or otherwise

     GS letter to DIR(HR)                            GS letter to GM(Pers)

22.06.2015: Meeting with Sri. V. Umashankar, Joint Sec(T)/DoT on 19.05.2015: GS met Jt Sec(T) and discussed the following issues:

a)   Reconciliation of BSNL accounts since 2006-07 onwards: JS(T) informed that the work for the first two years completed against payments towards license fee, spectrum charges etc and the modalities worked out for the remaining years and got the approval of competent authority. For the first two years, some excess payment is there from BSNL that can be refunded to BSNL. Some more data from few Circles is expected for the reconciliation for the remaining years.

b)  Sending Pension revision proposal to DPE for incorporating it as terms of reference for the 3rd PRC: JS(T) assured that the proposal will be processed next week and told us to remind him next week.

Refund of Rs 1250 crores USO subsidy for the year 2012-13: JS(T) informed that the proposal from USO administrator is yet to be send to Telecom Commission for approval.


Night Free calling facility to landline customers

It is observed that the Forum decision to popularise the night free call facility among the public and restore the glory of landline not gone down sell in the field units. The report of meeting of the Forum at Circle/SSA level and meeting with the Circle /SSA administrations is yet to be received from the Circles. Simultaneously All India Free roaming is also implemented by BSNL.

It is the time to go all out and utilise the opportunity and add more and more customers. The next PRC is in our doorstep and just 30 months away. If our company is not coming out of red in this 30 months time, we all will miss the Pay revision in 2017.

Now BSNL Management is trying to address some of the important HR issues like standard pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy and streamlining promotions, addressing pay anomalies, amendments in RRs etc. So Comrades, let us focus only on this issue of next PRC in 2017.

Once again energise Forum at Circle and SSA level with the sole agenda of revival of BSNL by 2017. Night Free call facility in landline and Free roaming in Mobile connections are two offers having the potential to generate huge revenue in future.

 19.06.2015: BSNL Board meeting on 19.06.2015: Large number of HR issues numbering about 32 are under the consideration of BSNL Board. Important HR issues like amendments in JTO RR, SDE RR, BSNLMS RR for CAO promotion, E1+5 increments, E5 to E6 promotion under EPP etc are some of the issues under consideration.

Meanwhile BSNL decided to circulate the Hon SC direction, DoPT and DoT orders on the eligibility of Diploma holders with 10 years service for the promotion to EE in Civil/Elect etc wings. This will address one of the long pending issue and our demand for parity in promotion in all wings.

18.06.2015: Cabinet memo of 78.2% IDA fitment: As assured by the Secretary, DoT in the meeting with the Forum on 01.05.2015, the cabinet memo on 78.2% IDA fitment for the BSNL pensioners formally approved by the Hon MoC and send to the nodal Ministries for their comments. It is expected that the response from the nodal ministries will be positive as DoT was in constant touch with the nodal Ministries like Dept of Expenditure while drafting the cabinet memo. It may take another one or two months time to get the response and finalise the cabinet memo for approval of the cabinet.

 18.06.2015: Overwhelming response for MT recruitment from among the Executives: More than 8000 applications was registered so far by the Executives for the Internal quota clearly indicating that the Executives in BSNL is in favour of MT(Intl) recruitment. Assn was all along maintained the stand that MT rect from among Internal candidates are to be done and badly delayed and shall continue till an alternative mechanism is evolved for fast track promotion. As on today, LDCE and MT are the two fast track promotional avenues in BSNL for the meritorious candidates.

Continuous efforts of the Assn for the last so many years ensured that the promotions of the Executives are delinked from the recruitment of MT and 75% of DE posts and 50% of DGM posts are exclusively reserved for the Executives irrespective of the fact that whether MT rect is taking place or not. Unlike DoT and earlier BSNL era when BSNLMS RR was not framed, now the promotion of the Executives upto DGM post is no way connected with the MT rect.

It is also a fact that the serious issue of vacuum at top management at GM and CGM level can be addressed in the future by such fast track promotions only. Unless and until an alternate management belongs to the company is not built up, deputationists, either ITS or the others will try to occupy the positions citing the absence of eligible officers. As a responsible Assn, we should not allow that to happen and continue forever. The CPSU cadre hierarchy is not an alterative to the top management at GM/CGM level in the future as it will give promotions upto DGM level only, that also from one grade to the next higher grade. Till the management structure is build, the vacum is tried to fill up by recruitment under Rule 37 to GM and CGM posts.

Assn stand on external MT is very clear from day one and continue to fight till the External MT quota is scrapped. The Extl MT quota reduced from 100% (in 2004) to 25% in 2009 and again by the singular efforts of the Assn, it further reduced to 12.5% in 2014. We will continue the struggle to see that this 12.5% is also scrapped.

13.06.2015: CHQ NEWS

CMD Letter on Night free calling and Free Roaming.

Final Seniority Lists 6 and 7 of SDEs (T) as per judgment dated 25.08.2009 of Hon. CAT, Chandigarh Bench

Tentative Seniority List of SDEs (T) including those of DPC 1998 and 2000 qualifying examination for submission to Expert Committee

10.06.2015: CS along with Com P.Padmanabha Rao, J.S(S), Com Ravikumar Reddy ACS Hq and Com Chalamaiah, CWC member met Sri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT AP and discussed on our issues.

Also met Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr G.M.(HR&Admin) AP Circle and discussed on long pending issue pertaining to Srikakulam SSA executives and other issues

04.06.2015: CHQ NEWS: GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding very casual and unconcerned approach of CGMT, Kerala Circle in handling the JTO to SDE case at Hon HC of Ernakulam – kind personal intervention solicited to expeditiously file the reply, move an application for early hearing, after filing of reply, and very close monitoring of the case by BSNLCO.  

>>>>>>GS letter to DIR(HR)>>>>>>>

04.06.2015:CHQ  NEWS

Night free call facility in landline

Forum to conduct campaign among public from 08th June to 07th July, 2015:

Forum decided to popularize the scheme among public and to take maximum efforts to increase landline connections and improve the quality of service. Forum called upon all the employees to participate in the campaign.

This is a golden opportunity to restore the glory of landline and repair the network by special efforts.

The Forum taken the following decisions:

a) Conduct month long campaign from 08th June to 07th July to popularize the scheme.

b) Forum at Circle/SSA level will meet the Circle/SSA heads latest by 15th June and chalk out joint action plan.

c) Massive campaign should be unleashed among public involving maximum employees. Publicity through advertisements, display of flex board, posters etc can be done.

d) Melas can be organized wherever it is possible.

e) Customers disconnected in the recent past can be approached by the employees for taking reconnection.

f) Special efforts to make landline fault free. Additional fund/store required for repairing cable fault etc to be taken up.

g) Shortage of stores, materials, funds etc should be immediately taken up with SSA heads and Circle administration by the Forum. If the issues are not settled at circle level, it should be escalated to BSNLCO and brought to the notice of the GSs for further action.

h) The progress of registration of waiting list and provision of connections should be monitored by the Forum at SSA and Circle level regularly.

i) The monthly progress can be reported to CHQ and it will be published in the website also.

Comrades, this is a golden opportunity and we have to fully involve in this to provide maximum connections. CMD and Directors assured that they will provide all the logistics and don’t hesitate to escalate the matters to CMD and Directors.



Deeply Frozen critical HR issues get a fresh lease of life - Our struggle injects optimism and puts derailed issues back on track.

Reconstituted Committee to look at issues in a holistic perspective and report by 15th Aug,15. However, this should not unduly make us complacent, for the journey is too far and arduous. 

Our crucial struggle for resolution of critical HR issues, which were virtually consigned to flames by an insensitive and unconcerned management, which commenced from  23rd March, 2015 led to mind boggling, fruitful and very serious discussions with CMD, Director(HR), ED/Finance and Sr GM(SR) on 6th May and eventually culminated in a very significant and path breaking development by reconstituting an already existing joint committee constituted in Feb, 2012 which had lost its objectivity, significance and relevance because of incredibly callous attitude of some of the members of the committee and a very unconcerned and insensitive top management which never bothered to find out the reasons for the committee to put the issues in deep slumber.

It was for the first time we found the competent authority, who constituted the committee in Feb.,12 with specific terms of reference and definite time frame of six months to submit its report, diluting and surrendering his authority to such an extent where committee became irrelevant and competent authority never intervened. Competent authority forgot that constitution of committee was his baby and that he should not allow this baby to be consigned to flames thereby completely eroding his authority and in the process setting up a classic case of indiscipline.

Nonetheless, timely intervention of CMD on 06.05.2015 and reconstitution of joint committee thus paved the way for frozen critical HR issues to get a fresh lease of life and injected lot of confidence in us regarding resolution of long pending HR issues of standard pay scales, Time Bound Functional promotion, First time bound promotion after four years etc. and brought these issues into limelight once again. Our Countrywide preparation for the Mass Dharna on 07.05.2015 and Relay Hunger strike from 19th to 21st May, at the peak of summer, and that too just after the two days historic strike under the banner of Forum, was yet again a big challenge for us. But our valiant comrades and activists at all levels were fully geared up to meet the challenge and had made extensive and widespread preparations at the base levels to make the struggle successful and total. Hats off to our activists and grass root members.  

Success of the struggle was that we could overwhelmingly convince the management about the urgency and significance of resolution of these impending HR issues and this was evident from a very spontaneous and serious intervention from CMD by reconstituting the committee and expressing his grave concern and disappointment about the highly irresponsible manner in which earlier committee conducted. The message from CMD was loud and clear. Urgency of resolution of issues is made out by the fact that CMD has tasked the reconstituted committee to meet at least once in a fortnight and complete task assigned to it by 15thAug., 15. The significance of the resolution of other equally important pending issues, excluded from the purview of this committee, is not at all undermined since it has been decided that these issues too would be addressed in a time bound manner and this task is assigned to ED/Finance.

We recognize the huge significance of protecting the legitimacy of pay scales and dignity of cadres of JTOs/SDEs and are committed to comprehensively defeat the sinister moves of the Management to demote these cadres. We just cannot digest the very dubious intensions of the management to subject them to humiliation. We are determined to cut such perverse thinking management to pieces and we mean it. We will and shall not let lose the glory and dignity that we earned for these cadres through intense and prolonged struggle of the last three decades.

Since the management has responded positively and instantaneously by reconstituting the joint committee and directing it to act on a time bound basis, as responsible Associations, the committee members from Association side have to be pragmatic to ensure that meaningful discussions are taking place within the limited time period and that contentious and critical issues are comprehensively addressed. Recognizing the great significance of averting reversion of cadres of JTOs/SDEs and resolution of other issues also that will shape our career growth in future without interruptions, we have to stay flexible and be realistic while negotiating these issues. We have to understand that raising unrealistic demands during negotiations will eventually defeat resolution of issues which need immediate resolution like standards scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs/SDEs and time bound functional promotions. We should not allow this golden opportunity of getting standard scales of E2 and E3, putting in place a sound mechanism of CPSU cadre hierarchy and first time bound promotion after four years to wither away by straying here and there simply for the sake of straying.

Finally, let us understand in clear terms that simply reconstitution of committees does not mean resolution of issues, even though it is quite significant. For that reason we should understand that no circumstances we should get complacent since the struggle to get these issues resolved comprehensively is going to be protracted and a tough one. It is surely going to be a long and arduous journey and we should maintain optimal levels of Organizational preparedness at the grass root levels- well oiled and ready to strike and hit back. We know what it took and meant to get our pay scales of 1640-2900 in 1986- Incredibly ferocious and protracted struggle spanning over four years. Let us keep that in mind while we yet again are challenged to safeguard dignity of the cadres of JTOs/SDEs.

The two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015 was not only very successful in terms of huge participation by the employees, but the seriousness and urgency shown by the Govt in the subsequent discussions with DoT demonstrated that strike creates ripples of huge magnitude. Concrete assurance from Secretary/DoT on resolution of various issues like refund of about 15000 Crores to BSNL and the time frame set by him to complete the formalities clearly demonstrate the impact that strike had. DoT is understood to be in touch with other departments at Secretary levels for expeditious resolution of the issues. This strike had striking similarities to the strikes in 2007 on GSM tender issue and in 2012 on 78.2% IDA merger.

Vested interests and bureaucrats in DOT trying to dig last nail in the coffin of BSNL by recommending to the policymakers that job of execution of NOFN in potential areas must be carried out by the private sector.

Vested interests never die and they get tremendous support from bureaucrats. We are used to it. That is what has precisely happened. In a move that is not unexpected and has not surprised us, vested interests and protagonists of private sector in close nexus with bureaucracy in DOT, have recommended that hence the majority of the work relating to broadband penetration in potential areas be handed over to the private sector. The so called self proclaimed intellectuals who have been glued to private sector and hostile to public sector growth like Kiran Karnik etc in the committee who just have no idea whatsoever as to what has been spectacular and unprecedented role of BSNL in building country wide massive network and infrastructure where BSNL and the incredible magnitude of investments that BSNL has made in building this infrastructure  with no returns to meet social obligations of telecom policies of the govt. from time to time are advocating handing over this infrastructure to private sector on a platter.

We out rightly and unequivocally condemn this move of the vested interests tacitly aided and abetted by the bureaucracy in DOT in inflicting irreversible and irreparable damage to the growth of BSNL by allowing the infrastructure it has built by investing more than Rs 20,000 crores to be exploited by the private sector. This is nothing but a calculated move of vested interests in nexus with bureaucrats to disintegrate and destabilize BSNL.