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11.09.2014:Conduct Lunch hour demonstration today

Mobilize all the Executives.

Make extensive preparations for the lunch hour demonstration today and Dharna on 18th Sept 2014 demanding E2, E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit, Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, JTO to SDE promotions, pay anomalies, Civil /Electrical issues, First TBP after 4 years, filling the vacancies on DE Regular promotions etc.

10.09.2014: General Secretary Com K. Sebastin along with CHQ President Com G.L.Jogi, Veteran Leader Com W.Seshagiri Rao, will be touring AP Circle and will address the General Body Meeting at Nellore and Ongole on 12.09.2014, District Conference of Guntur and Krishna Districts on 13.09.2014, General Body Meeting of West Godavary at ELURU on 14.09.2014, District Conference of East Godavary at Rajahmundry on 14.09.2014, General Body Meeting of VISAKHAPATNAM on 15.09.2014. All the executives are requested to attend the meetings to know on all the latest developments in BSNL and make it grand success.

09.09.2014:Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA(I) AP Circle  scheduled to be held on 11.09.2014 and 12.09.2014 at Nellore is postponed.  Next meeting dates will be communicated to all within in a short notice.


Circle Executice Committe Meeting of SNEA(I) AP Circle is scheduled to be held on 11.09.2014 and 12.09.2014 at Nellore.

All DSs/Circle Office bearers/CEC Members are requested to update their quota payments immediately.    >>>>>CLICK HERE FOR LATEST QUOTA DETAILS

>>>>Click here for Venue and contact  detals of ACS/DS and Volunteers at Nellore for any assistance.>>>>>


  09.09.2014: CS along with Com P.Padmanabha Rao, JSS,ACS Hq Com V. Ravikumar Reddy and DS Hyd City Div Com Sayanna attended and addressed the Circle Office Branch Meeting and informed on all the latest developments at Circle and CHQ.

CS along with Com P.Padmanabha Rao, JSS,CWC Member Com P.Srinivas Prasad attended and addressed the District Executive Committee Meeting of HTD and informed on all the latest developments at Circle and CHQ.

08.09.2014: CS along with Com Ravikumar Reddy ACS Hq and Com P.Srinivasa Prasad met Shri V.Srinivasan, CGMT AP and requested to follow uniform policy in DE Regular postings. We requested CGMT AP to consider Minimum 6 years saty in any station for all category of promotions as is followed in the case of JTO to SDE promotions recently. CGMT responded positively and On the advice of CGMT met Addl. G.M. HR and explained our stand on the postings of regular DEs.

02.09.2014: Post card campaign on 03.09.2014:

All COBs, SSA Secretaries and Branch Secretaries are requested to send the post cards to CMD/BSNL, Secretary / DoT, DIR(CM / Fin), BSNL, DIR(CFA) / BSNL and GM(SR) / BSNL.

  >>>>View contents and addresses>>>>

01.09.2014: CS writes to  C.G.M.T. AP for arranging Phase-II training to JTOs         

>>View Letter copy>>>

31.08.2014: Ex Circle President Com Sudheer Kumar HTD, EX CS Com Suresh WL SSA, EX Vice Presidents Com. Rajasekhar Reddy SGD SSA & Com. R.S.Ramakrishna EG SSA, Ex Circle treasurer Com Jella Ramesh, Ex ACS Com Ramesh Babu WG SSA and Com G.M.Prasad of SNATTA AP Circle who are promoted as JTOs, have unanimously decided to join SNEA(I) along with their fellow comrades working in all SSAs of AP telecom Circle.

SNEA(I) AP Circles whole heartedly welcomes all the comrades and expresses its sincere thanks to all comrades for taking decision to join SNEA(I). SNEA(I) AP Circle assures all the comrades in taking the important HR issues further with the help of all. We are very confident that with support of newly joined comrades we will be able to achieve all the issues pertaining to execuitves at Circle and CHQ level.

All the DSs and COBs are requested to contact and enroll each and every newly joined JTO into our organisation.

30.08.2014: CS along with Com P.Srinivasa Prasad, CWC Mmeber, and Com Ravikumar Reddy ACS Hq met Shri V.Srinivasan CGMT, AP and discussed on our issues.

28.08.2014: CS writes to CGMT AP protesting against issue of Administrative order by Finance Wing declaring Ongole SSA as tenure for few executives only.

>>>>View for letter copy>>>>

28.08.2014: At our request GS writes to GM Personnel regarding DE Regular Promotion Posting modifications - STR to AP circle reg      >>>>>View letter Copy>>>>>

28.08.2014: CS along with Sri K.Vidyasagar Reddy, Circle Treasurer met G.M.(HR &Admin) and DGM(A) Circle office and requested to either endorse the DE (Regular) promotion order issued by Corporate Office on 20.08.2014 or allow all SSAs to accept the date of joining as 20.08.14 while issuing posting orders. After discussions it was decided to endorse the promotion order immediately and postings to be decided later. All promoted officers can assume charge with effect from 20.08.2014, the day on which promotion order issued by Corporate office.

28.08.2014: CHQ NEWS

Hon Supreme Court judgment dated 12.08.2014 on list No 6 & 7 seniority: 

The SLPs filed by BSNL and other individuals challenging the Hon Bombay and Ernakulam High Court orders quashing the seniority list 6 & 7 dismissed. Hon Courts directed BSNL to recast the seniority list based on “date of joining”. The seniority of about 5600 LDCE passed candidates of 2004, 2008 and 2013, promoted as per SDE RR 1996 and 2002 has to be fixed based on “date of joining”, putting a big question mark on the relevance of LDCE.

>>>>View judgement copy>>>>

27.08.2014: Sri G.Krishna Murthy, SDE Sales, O/o PGM HTD suddenly expired today.

SNEA(I), AP Circle conveys its deepest Condolences to the  bereaved members of the

family for this greatest loss.

27.08.2014: CS along with JS(S) and CS AIBSNLEA met Shri V.Srinivasan, CGMT AP on 26.08.2014 and requested to call for options from recently promoted DEs and fill up gaps of Des in some SSAs. We also requested to consider stay of at least 6 years for issuing transfer. CGMT responded positively.

27.08.2004: CHQ NEWS

>>>>>>Modifications in the guidelines in Transfer to Soft Tenure Areas in BSNL

By this order, i) Executives posted to Soft Tenure area shall, on completion of tenure, be considered for choice posting and ii) Executive already served in a soft tenure shall be entitled for the benefit of break in Circle tenure. SNEA(I) was pursuing this cases vigorously for the last few months as it will definitely benefit the Executives posted in the Soft tenure areas in PB, MH, OR, JKD, AP, CHG, BR, MP, CHG, HP, UKD, GUJ etc and will encourage the Executives to work in soft tenure areas.


25.08.2014: CHQ NEWS

Today Association served Trade Union Action Notice to Management

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Trade Union Programmes:
03.09.2014: Postcard campaign by Circles/SSAs/Branches.
11.09.2014: Wearing black badges and holding Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHQ, Circle / SSA HQs.
18.09.2014: Massive one day Dharna at CHQ, CIRCLE/SSA HQs.

Further course of Trade Union actions, if required, will be intimated in due course. We reiterate our keen and firm resolve to maintain industrial peace provided Management is keen, serious and honest to address the issues amicably through painstaking discussions. Persistent breach of commitments to resolve issues is forcing us to take recourse to this highly unfortunate step at this stage when the Company is in dire straits.

24.08.2014: CHQ NEWS


Since there is no initiative on the part of BSNL management to resolve the most important and long pending HR issues like E2, E3 pay scales even after rejection of E1A and E2A pay scales by DPE and DoP, 30% superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees, JTO to SDE promotion, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc., association is compelled to restart the agitation programme. The programme of trade union action will be announced on Monday (25-08-2014).

All CSs, SSA / Branch secretaries, office bearers at all levels and activists are requested to start massive preparations at grass root level by convening General body meetings at SSA / Branch level and important locations.


23.08.2014:: Leaders of Officers’ (Engineers and other professionals) Associations serving four vital sectors of the economy {Banking (AIBOC), Telecom (SNEA / MEA), Power (AIPEF) and Public Enterprises (NCOA) } met at YMCA New Delhi on 16TH & 17THAugust 2014, to discuss the present state of Indian Economy and challenges being faced by the Public Sector organizations and common masses in the context of certain policy decisions taken by successive governments adversely impacting growth of critical and strategic PSUs.

>>>>View the issues emerged from the deliberations and Resolutions.

22.08.2014: A Meeting was held with all office bearers of SNEA(I) HTD and newly joined JTOs at BSNL Bhavan Association office. Com Rajeswar Rao DP HTD presided the meeting. Com Ramesh DS HTD. Com. P.Padmanabha Rao JS(S), Com A.Viswanath CS, Com Vidyasagar Reddy CT, Com Ravikumar Reddy ACS (Hq), Com Srinivasa Prasad CWC Member attended and addressed the meeting. Leaders enlighted the new members about the role of SNEA in resolving various issues of executives all these years and also the functioning of SNEA as an Association. The meeting was well attended by new members.


22.08.2014::CHQ NEWS

Congratulations to one and all !!! DE Regular promotion orders issued for 2303 SDE/Adhoc DEs: This promotion will be another historic milestone in the history of BSNL/DoT.

Singular efforts of SNEA(I) in 2013-14 increased the DE regular quota from 50% to 75% and increased the posts by 1378, ending Adhocism.

By this DPC, clearing a record no of 2771 vacancies for 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 in a single list, DE regular promotion becomes current.

Practically SNEA(I) worked in tandem with the DPC team and BSNL Management for the last several months to achieve this goal. 

Last Seniority No: OC- 19270, SC—23400, ST-30818.308.

The DPC conducted for 2771 vacancies, 2303 promoted in this list. Remaining 468 cases are a) un-assessed cases due to non availability of ACRs or b) VC not received cases or c) other sealed cover cases. 132 SDEs are still left out in list no 5.

Around 1000 SDEs are promoted as DEs and those vacancies can be utilized for JTO to SDE promotion.

SNEA(I) is extremely grateful to Sri A. N. Rai, CMD/DIR(HR), BSNL for filling all the DE vacancies on regular basis. Further, we are also thankful to Sri Neeraj Verma, Chairman/DPC, Sri S S Aggarwal/GM(Pers), Sri Ram Shakal, CLO, Sri P S V Rama Rao, AGM/DPC, Sri G. D. Mishra, AGM/VA, Smt Elizabeth, DM/DPC, Smt Ponnammal, DM/DPC, Sri Vijoy Choudhary, DM/VA and Smt Kanakalakshmi, DM/DPC for making the dream come true.

There are no words to express our gratitude to Sri Deepak Aggarwal, Addl GM(Pers) who took all the pains to complete the DPC for 2771 vacancies in a record time.

Our CSs, SSA Secs, CHQ Office bearers and activists at different levels took all the pains and worked with all sincerity to arrange ACRs and VCs in time.

Our team of both AGSs at CHQ, especially Com Vivek Wankhede were fully involved in this DPC work, round the clock, for the last few months in collecting ACRs and VCs from different Circles.

Once again congratulations to all the promoted comrades and wish them all the best.

12.08.2014: CS along with JS(S) and ACS Hq met CGMT AP Shri V.Srinivasan and discussed on our issues.  CGMT responded positively.

12.08.2014: Lunch Hour Demo was conducted at Circle Office and at BSNL Bhavan, hyderabad under the banner of Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL in protest against the recomendations of Delloit. All Forum Leaders attended the Demon.

>>>>> Click here for  Photo1        Photo2      Photo3   Photo4

12.08.2014: ERP system GOES LIVE in BSNL AP Telecom circle on 11.08.2014. CGMT AP Shri V.Srinivasan Inaugurated ERP. Shri P.V.Muralidhar, PGM HTD, Smt Sumam Pillai, GM(F) of AP Circle, all other senior officers of AP Telecom, Union / Associations representatives were present on the auspescious occasion of launching of ERP.

CGMT, AP congragulated all the officers/staff involved in implemetation of ERP at all SSAs, Circle Office, ERP core team, HCL Team and ITPC Team for their dedicated and sincere work done for the last 6 to 7 months. CGMT AP hoped that BSNL AP will do better as all the processes now standardised and requested all to co-operate to enjoy the fruits of ERP. He was also mentioning that no major difficulties are anticipated after Go-Live since all care is taken in respect  of purity of data.

CS along with ACS(Hq) attended the ceremony and requested circle administration to provide quality training to users for better usage of ERP by all field units.

11.08.2014: All DSs and Circle Office Bearers are requested to mobilise for conducting demonstration at all SSA HQs tommorrow i.e. on 12.08.2014 against the recommendations of Deloittee.

04.08.2014: CHQ NEWS:

Editorial, July, 2014

Membership verification shall bring unity among the Executives:

BSNL Management proposes to hold the membership verification among Executives Associations which SNEA(I) has been demanding for years together. Unlike other CPSUs in various sectors, where single Association represents the entire Executives, in BSNL, several Associations exist due to legacy. One of the major objectives of membership verification is to end this multiplicity and bring about unity among the Executives. Multiple Associations will only strengthen the hands of the Management and delay or deny the genuine cadre interests. We are witnessing this during the last few years.

To face the membership verification, SNEA(I), has come out with a Manifesto which spells out the vision and future agenda of the Association. SNEA(I) is fully committed to the growth of the company and the career progression of the Executives. Our agenda and focus for the next three years is as follows.

1.  Make the organization fully profitable in another three years. Intervene in Government policy making with appropriate suggestions to protect the public sector against intrusion, disinvestment and encroachment. Ensure job security to the young comrades recruited by BSNL and DoT.

2. Emphasis to be laid on modern Management with greater role and involvement of the middle management.

3. A responsible, professional and corruption-free top management which has stakes in the welfare of the Company and only the Company. Deputation of ITS from DoT into BSNL should end. Legal and organizational actions will be pursued vigorously.

4. No subsidiaries by breaking BSNL into pieces.

5. Start preparations for 3rd PRC due in 2017, fully focusing on the growth of the company.

6. Implementation of 30% superannuation benefits in respect of Direct Rect BSNL employees and Executives in particular as per DPE guidelines.

7.   Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3, ----, E7 w.e.f 01.01.2007 for the Executives in BSNL. The disparity in pay between the Executives recruited prior to and after 01.01.2007 to be resolved.

8. To fill up all the vacancies in all cadres as on date by promotion from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO, SDE/AO to DE/CAO, DE/CAO to DGM in different wings through DPCs and LDCEs till Time Bound Functional promotion is implemented.

9.Introduction of LDCE in AO promotion also. Conduction of LDCE on a year to year basis till Time Bound Functional promotion is implemented.

10. Introduction of Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL with strong focus on performance. It should not be linked with existing seniority or availability of post. Evolve a fast track mechanism in CPSU cadre hierarchy itself for faster promotions to fill up the Top management positions in future from among the internal candidates.

11.Resolution of EPF anomalies, centralized EPF payment at least Region wise, exploring the possibility of switching over to Full Pension option.

12. Association stands fully committed to safeguard legitimate interests of SC/ST Comrades in accordance to the provisions of the constitution and orders of DOP&T issued from time to time with regard to their seniority, promotional quota, postings etc. 

13.  All consequential benefits of 78.2% IDA merger from 01.01.2007 like HRA, PUC, arrears etc. For the pensioners, actual benefits from 01.01.2007.

14. Amendment to BSNLMS RR to end adhocism by increasing the Regular promotion quota from 50% to 75% in Finance / Civil / Electrical/ Arch wings at par with Telecom wing to have uniformity in promotions.

15. Pension revision in 2017 without linking it with pay revision.

16. Maintain uniformity in first time bound up-gradation i.e. four years in respect of all Executives w.e.from 01.10.2000.

17.Amendment to BSNLMS RR for bringing uniformity in promotion in Civil / Electrical/ Arch wings at par with Telecom and Finance wings.

18.Total parity in pay scales between the two wings- Civil/Elect/Arches and Finance by extending Group B pay scales notionally w.e.f 01.10.2000 to JTO(C/E/Arch) and SDE (C/E/Arch) on lines similar to JAO pay scales.

19. Notional date of promotions to the LDCE candidates as per court order.

20.Regularization of officiating JTOs and JTO rect, both Dept & Outsider quota.

21.TTA to JTO (Dept) outsider, pay loss to be addressed.

22. Perks like Transport allowance to be hiked and All India LTC, Medical payment without voucher etc to be reintroduced.

This verification process should ultimately lead to unity among all the Executives. No more multiplicity to play in the hands of the Management. Let all Executives in BSNL work for that, for the future of the Executives.