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04.02.2016: CS along with ACS Hq. Met Shri Rajarama Mohan DGM(A) O/o CGMT, AP and held discussions on the general transfers for the coming year. It was agreed in principle that request transfers will be considered for all executives who have completed 3 years of stay as on June -2016. It was also agreed to consider all 58+ cases.

04.02.2016:CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL:

GS, CHQ President and Jt Sec met CMD on 02.02.2016 and discussed the following issues: At the outset GS told CMD that the executives are having huge expectation from the management, especially from the CMD and DIR(HR) to settle their genuine HR issues. The initiatives on HR issues generated tremendous confidence among the Executives and it started producing results in terms of growth. However last few months, things are started moving in the reverse direction. 2015 is one year where there were no DPC or promotion orders for the Engg side, after 2006. Court cases are filed when things are not settling normally. So intervention and constant monitoring at the highest level of CMD and DIR(HR) is required.

Thereafter the following issues discussed:

1. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on

a) Standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, b) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy replacing EPP and c) First TBP uniformly after 5 years.

Assn explained to CMD that the very purpose of fast tracking the Jt Committee recommendations are defeated by the fact that no action is taken on the recommendations of the Committee even after 4 months. The executives were enthusaitic once the committee reconstitution taken place and on the recommendations because they got an impression that now management is sincerely trying to resolve their issues.

2. Promotions in various cadres:

Promotions are held up due to court cases. Sincere and proactive approach is required to resolve the court cases. Cases are filed mainly due to delay in promotions. For example, JTO to SDE promotion case, 5 months have passed, BSNL didn’t filed the reply in the Hon Ernakulam HC.

3. Officiating pay fixation – reduction in pay and recovery of pay. After hearing the issue briefly, CMD himself agreed that officiating promotion is a post based promotion.

4. Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: An issue related with the social security of the BSNL rects is still unaddressed.

5. TBP promotion after 4 years from Lateral JTO and Sr SDE as given in the case of AAO and Sr AO -- EPP has implemented with an intention to have uniform promotion policy for all the Executives in different wings without any discrimination. The demand for upgradation to next IDA scale after 4 years for Lateral JTO, AAO, Sr SDE and Sr AO was denied on the plea that they are all upgradations. Only for post based promotions following the Hierarchy defined in the EPP order, next IDA upgradation is eligible.

6. Membership verification --- restoration of trade union facilities, deduction of subscription from salary etc.

7. Notional pay scale of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect etc wing w.e.f 01.10.2000

After discussion, CMD informed he will direct DIR(HR) to have detailed discussion after her return and issues which are not getting settled will be discussed with him again.

02.02.2016: GS writes to DIR(HR):

Pay fixation on officiating promotion and protection of pay when officiating promotion is followed by regular promotion – Clarifications against the provisions of EPP approved by BSNL Board and DoT and the provisions of FR SR, creating widespread resentment among the 15,000 affected Executives sending signals of demotivation and large scale industrial unrest --- requested to withdraw the unwise, uncalled for and illegal clarifications urgently.

>>>>>>>GS letter to DIR(HR)>>>>>>

02.02.2016: On the Sudden demise of our Veteran Leader Com W.Seshagiri Rao Condolence Meetings were organised at Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Khammam SSAs on 01.02.2016. All the executives paid rich tributes to the departed leader. All the members recollected the contribution of Com W.Seshagiri Rao in elevating the Executive community in BSNL and building the SNEA.

Com S.L.Reddy, Ex CHQ President, Com Pandari Ex CS AP, Com P.Padnabha Rao, AGS, Com A.Viswanath, CS AP, Circle office bearers, District Secretaries of HTD and HYD City division attended and paid homage to the departed leader at Hyderabad.




The hero of many historic battles to win the pride and prestige of the Executive community, his stellar role in building up the SNEA will remain with us forever. The likes of him have seldom walked the earth. Com W Seshagiri Rao cannot die, but will live on and on. We pray to the almighty to receive him into the ranks of the best and the blessed. Our deepest condolence to his respected wife, children, grand children and family members. May God sustain them to overcome the irreparable grief and loss.

  No revision in salary if company not profitable: BSNL CMD ... View Media Report.

  30.01.2016:CHQ NEWS: Meeting with GM(Pers) on 28.01.2016: GS and CHQ President met GM(Pers) and Addl GM(Pers) and held discussions on the following issues: At the outset GS told both of them that 2015 year has gone without any DPC or promotion for the Telecom Engg side after so many years. No progress has made on anyone of the HR issues. The Officiating pay fixation and pay protection issue has made a mess by flouting rules and BSNL Board decisions. CPSU cadre Hierarchy issue is not getting processed. No focus is coming on major HR issues and Pers section is not engaging in resolving the real HR issues other than the routine affairs like transfer and postings. Time has come for Pers section to introspect and streamline the matters.

1. Filing of reply in Hon Ernakulam HC in JTO to SDE promotion: Assn told Mgt that no follow up action is taken by Pers section to file the reply even after 5 months, since September. This cannot be accepted and due to the inaction on the part of Mgt, Executives are suffering for years together. Last DPC was held in March, 2011, 5 years back. If Kerala Circle is not taking action to file, BSNLCO has to take them to task. DPC is pending at Pers section of BSNLCO and not with Kerala Circle. So the entire responsibility of failure is on BSNLCO. GM(Pers) after discussion informed that he will personally speak to CGM and monitor the progress on a day today basis.

2. Processing of Jt Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre Hierarchy and Uniform Ist TBP: Assn expressed serious concern over the delay in processing the recommendations. There are no serious deliberations on the implementation of the vital recommendations when all the promotions are stayed by various courts. There is no urgency seen on the part of Management to resolve the impasse. Even Mgt is not finding time to discuss and resolve the contentious issues. After detailed discussions, GM informed that it is under process and some of the contentious issues are identified and the recommendation will be processed to competent authority tomorrow itself.

3. Committee report on officiating pay fixation and pay protection: Assn told mgt that the committee is flouting the rules and BSNL Board decisions to justify the illegal orders issued without the concurrence of the competent authority. Due to these illegal orders, thousands of Executives are affected and harassed for years together. This nothing but harassment which we never witnessed. After ordering the Executives to officiate on higher post and paying them, after 10 to 15 years Mgt is finding ways to deny the benefits. It will not be tolerated, the resentment among the executives will not be able to contain and it will lead to serious industrial unrest, Assn warned.

4. 206 seniority case at Hon SC listed for 16.02.2016: Assn told Mgt that the case is getting delayed only because of Mgt. Last time even senior BSNL lawyer was not present in the court to plead before the court about the urgency of the matter. So mgt to ensure that the decision is coming of the seniority list on 16.02.2016 itself. GM informed that BSNL decided to engage senior lawyer to plead the case. On 147 issue, one ASG not inclined to give the opinion as he was appeared for one of the parties. Opinion will be sought from another ASG.

5.Extending next TBP after 4 years treating Lateral JTO and Sr SDE as functional promotion like AAO and Sr AO to end discrimination: It was the demand of the Assn at the time of framing of EPP that treat Lateral JTO/AAO, Sr SDE/Sr AO as functional promotion and extend the next TBP after 4 years. Mgt constituted a committe to examine the issue. It was informed that Committee finding was that all these promotions are upgradations and not post based promotions and the demand cannot be accepted. This report has been accepted by the management and finally the demand of the Assn not accepted. Surprisingly now the demand has been accepted for the AAO and Sr AO grade discriminating Lateral JTO, Sr SDE grades. Similar benefits to be extended to these cadres also, Assn demanded.

6.Modification of SDE RR, notification of LDCE for SDE(TF): Amendment to the SDE RR to address the seniority issue by incorporating the rota of 2:1 is already approved by the Board. However to give some more clarity on certain points, the matter is again referred to BSNL Board and it will be discussed in the next meeting. Regarding LDCE notification for SDE(TF), the eligibility issue is to be addressed and it has to go to the MC. Assn protested against such delay tactics and told management that SDE(TF) RR is purely in the domain of Pers Section and there is no involvement of Estt section in the case. The LDCE has to be notified immediately as per the existing RR provisions.

7. Declaring Rajouri, Poonch, Doda etc one and half year tenure: The demand raised by SNEA/J&K Circle and recommended by CGM/J&K is processed and placed before the MC for approval.

Finally, Assn requested mgt to address the genuine issues on priority. Delay in settling other HR issues like processing the recommendations on E2, E3 scale, SDE to DE promotions, DE to DGM promotions, superannuation benefit to BSNL direct recruits, withdrawal of trade union facility for the last one and half year to the Assns affecting the day today functioning of the Assns, Antedating etc are creating large scale resentment among the executives and management is dragging the employees to the street at this crucial time when BSNL is looking towards revival.

Any industrial unrest at this point of time is not good for the Organazation, Assn told GM(Pers). But the actions on the part of Mgt leading to serious industrial unrest in the company and in the near future, we are afraid that Assn will not be able to contain the large scale resentment among the Executives.

28.01.2016:CHQ NEWS: Holding of Limited Internal Competitive Examination ( LICE ) for promotion to the post of JTO (Telecom.) in BSNL as per JTO Recruitment rules 2014 through Online examination in a centralized manner through Examination Agency by the Recruitment Branch of Corporate Office. Notifications will be issued by the respective Circles

....View Order Copy.

Time Schedule of LICE for JTO (T) Promotion:

22.01.2016:CHQ NEWS: Notification for conduction of LICE from TTA to JTO: GS writes to DIR(HR) to notify the LICE by the respective CGMs as JTO cadre is a Circle cadre and result will not be held up due to court cases.

GS letter to DIR(HR)

22.01.2016:CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Sri N. K. Mehta, DIR(EB) on 22.01.2016: GS met DIR(EB) and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Replacing the old and faulty OF cable and strengthening the Core network: GS told that large scale modernization and development is going on in GSM and land line segments through add on order and NGN. Further 232 edge routers are going to be installed to strengthen MPLS network. However similar efforts are also required to lay OF cable to replace the faulty and aged cable. Otherwise the transmission system will not improve to transmit the future data traffic. More focus is required in this regard, atleast in this year, GS suggested. DIR(EB) very much appreciated the suggestions and informed that actions are already initiated in this regard. Tender is finalized for OF cable of higher size for 24,000 KM, PO issued and delivery started. Further MC approved for add on order for 100% and another 24,000 KM order will be placed. So total 48,000 KM OF cable will be procured and laid. About 7,000 KM OF cable taken on loan from NOFN and it has to be returned.

b) Laying OF Cable in the same trench of NFS project: Assn was repeatedly requesting management to take up the issue with Army. BSNL took up the issue seriously with DoT and Army for allowing BSNL to lay OF cable in the same trench. Addl Sec DoT and Sec/DoT also taken keen interest in this regard. DoT in turn taken up the issue with Army and Ministry of Defense and Hon MoD and after lot of pursuation, Hon MoD given permission to lay BSNL OF cable also in the same trench in coordination with Army. This is a major breakthrough for BSNL. GS congratulated DIR(EB) and the entire officers involved in this remarkable achievement.

20.01.2016: View Corporate office orders:

Pay fixation on promotion for executives - Method of fixation of pay on promotion with respect to 2nd Pay revision reg.

Extension of GPRS / 3G facility to all executives below JAG level under Plan 525 with free data facility up ro 500 MB usage per month reg.

  13.01.2016: CHQ NEWS:Pay fixation on officiating promotion and protection of pay on regular promotion: Reply given by the management based on the committee report.

Thousands of Executives numbering about 15,000 are officiated in DoT and BSNL and became regular SDE/AO/DE/CAO/EE after formation of BSNL on 01.10.2000 till local offtg arrangement withdrawn by LA. The pay fixation has been done based on the relevant provisions of FRSR on local officiating promotion and subsequently on regular promotion. The pay on regular promotion continued as that of the last pay drawn during offtg promotion as the official continued to work in the same cadre and in the same scale.

The EPP order dated 18.01.2007 categorised Regular/Adhoc/offtg promotion as a post based promotion and allowed pay fixation under FR22(1)(a)(1). Further it is provided that if the promotion is from the same scale to the same scale, benefit of one increment will be given (see EPP provision II(i), (ii). (v) and (vi)). This EPP order issued with the approval of BSNL Board and DoT.

However the clarification at Sl No 10 of order dated 30.05.2007 withdraws this increment. This is against the spirit of BSNL Board decision stated above and cannot be withdrawn merely by a clarification. Further the clarification dated 19.02.2010 not allowing the protection of pay on officiating promotion

Surprisingly, none of the local officiating promotion order issued by BSNL after the formation of BSNL states that i) the pay should not be fixed as per the provisions of FR SR or ii) seperate pay fixation method is not defined! BSNL didn’t made any changes in the provision of local officiating promotion continued from DoT era.

Unfortunately the committee did not recognise these facts or analyse the issues in terms of the provisions of EPP under post based promotions or the relevant provisions of FRSR as requested by the Assn several times. They simply come to the conclusion that the pay fixation done by all the field units of DoT and BSNL for the last 40 years for thousands of Executives is wrong.

Thousands of JAO/AO/CAO/DGM(F)/GM(F)s done the pay fixation and scrutinised the fixation in various units for the last 40 years for thousands of Executives does not have the basic knowledge of pay fixation on officiating promotion, ie the findings of the Committee! According to the Committee, all the pay fixations are wrong!

As reported earlier, more than 15,000 Executives (SDE/AO/DE/CAO/EE) will face reduction in pay and recovery once the committee report is implemented. This will create huge industrial unrest in the company and hundreds of court cases across BSNL.

Pl go through the reply given to SNEA on the various points based on the committee report on the subject.

>>>>>>Reply given to SNEA>>>>>


  13.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR): GS, President and Jt Sec met DIR(HR) on 12.01.2016 and held discussions on the following issues.

a) Developmental issues related to western zone.

b) Implementation of Joint Committee report on Standard pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy and uniform first TBP.

The 3rd PRC will be constituted at any point of time. In that case BSNL or Assn will not b12.e in a position to approach the PRC without standard pay scales for the cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and equivalent cadres. So Assn requested an early decision on the proposal and fast track the recommendation already processed by the Estt wing in November, 2015 and pending with DIR(HR).

Similarly the promotions are stayed for all the cadres by CAT, Chandigarh. The last JTO to SDE promotion issued in March, 2011, 5 years back. There are lot of frustration and resentment among the JTOs as no promotions are getting. Along with the efforts to vacate the stay, implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy will give an ever lasting solution to this.

After discussion, DIR(HR) assured that the pay scale proposal will be send to CMD after examining the same, by next week. Proposal on CPSU will be processed this month itself.

c) JTO recruitment and Rule 8 cases: The LICE is initiated and it will give relief to large number of Circles. Further Direct recruitment to JTO and TTA cadres also under process.

  13.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: GS and President met Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 12.01.2016 along with some lady JTOs from Assam Circle and held discussions on the pending Rule 8 cases from Assam and tenure Circles and the hardships faced by the JTOs especially lady JTOs. Assn requested to consider their cases sympathetically on humanitarian ground. DIR(HR) assured that the issue will be considered sympathetically.

  13.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: Forum review meeting on S W A S programme: Forum of BSNL Unions and Assn held a review meeting on 11.01.2016 on the progress on the Service With A Smile (S W A S) programme. The progress in various Circles and SSAs evaluated. Number of Circles and large number of SSAs taken very good initiative in this regard. Management and employees started working together, taking lot of initiatives with frequent meetings and interactions.

In other Circles and SSAs where the drive is not picked up, Forum leaders should act fast like other Circles/SSAs. The progress has to be reviewed at every level Exchange /Branch/SSA/Circle level frequently.

  13.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Smt Madhu Arora, GM(Estt): GS, President and AGS Com P. K. Shukla met GM(Estt) on 11.01.2016 and discussed conduction of LICE TTA to JTO, processing Rule 8 cases in the cadre of JTOs and large scales Rule 8 cases pending in Assam/tenure Circles, JTO recruitment in DR quota etc.

12.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: CWC meeting at Kolkata on 08th, 09th February, 2016.

Dear CSs, CWC members ---,

The CWC is notified just after 5 months after the AIC due to some pressing issues like delay in implementation of Joint Committee recommendations, constitution of 3rd PRC and deliberations with PRC, abnormal delay in promoptions mainly due to court cases, Committee report on officiating pay fixation legitimising the illegal BSNL orders, withdrawal of trade union facilities in the name of verification etc.

In the Kolkata CWC, serious deliberations are to be made and important decisions are to be taken on the following issues:

1. Strategies to increase the revenue and accelerate the growth to make the company profitable to ensure the benefit of 3rd PRC w.e.f 01.01.2017.

2. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations submitted on 07.10.2015 on implementation of Standard pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and uniform first TBP -- course of action in case management not taking a decision on the matter by the time of CWC.

The 3rd PRC will be constituted shortly. But the pay scales of about 30000 Executives working in the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent cadre not decided so far. Then how the revision of pay scales of these cadres will be deliberated in the PRC?

Practically all promotions in almost all the wings upto DE/CAO are stayed by the Hon CAT, Chandigargh. An alternative mechanism is implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. But management not started seriously working on it so far eventhough sufficient inputs given by the Assn!

3. Deadlock on promotions in almost all the cadres, Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in the given situation where Executives are working lower post but on higher pay scales ---- suggestions from the cadres.

4. Pay fixation and pay protection on officiating promotion during DoT/BSNL period and got regular promotion as SDE/AO/DE/CAO/EE after 01.10.2000 as per rules. About 15,000 Executives will face reduction of pay by one or two increments and recovery of pay to the tune of lakhs of rupees in case the Committee report is accepted by the management, legitimising the illegal orders issues by BSNL Co without the approval of the competent authority, ie. BSNL Board. --- strategies to counter the illegal order and protect the interest of our comrades.

5. Membership verification --- restoration of trade union facilities and deduction of subscription from salary.

6. Other important issues

All Circles are requested to deliberate these issues in detail by convening CEC meetings and reach Kolkata with specific strategies and action plan.

General Secretary

10.01.2016:CHQ NEWS: Updates on court cases:

1. JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion case at Hon HC, Ernakulam: The details and additional informations to be incorporated in the reply to the 3rd case was provided to Kerala Circle by BSNLCO in the fourth week of December. The BSNL council was out of station for one week. It is expected that the reply will be filed next week with a prayer for earlier hearing. The Hon HC reopened after Christmas vacation.

2. FR22(1)(a)(1) case at PCAT, New Delhi on JTO officiating pay fixation: The case filed in the name of SNEA and others is posted to 07.03.2016. Earlier the case was listed on 04.01.2016. Assn refiled the case in October in the PCAT as the judgment in the first case didn’t cover all the issues.

04.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: GS Writes to Dir (HR): Delay in expeditiously processing the recommendations pertaining to standard pay scales and CPSU cadre hierarchy mechanism has started making members anxious and restless for obvious reasons. Request to decide on these critical issues as quickly as possible...... View copy of the letter.

 04.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: CHQ President Com A.A. Khan, AGS Com P.Padmanabha Rao and JS Com A. Dahiya met GM (Per) and discussed on our issues. Association informed the agony of the AGMs / DEs who have completed their tenure few months back, transfer orders issued, substitutes also joined but not being relieved and requested their personal intervention for their relief. GM (Pers) assured to do the needful shortly. DGM (Pers) was also present during the discussions.

02.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: CMD BSNL Sh ANUPAM SHRIVATAVA in the presence of all the Directors and staff addressed at BSNL Bhavan on the occasion of New Year 2016. He expressed that every employee of BSNL including himself are eagerly waiting for implementation of 3 PRC from 2017 for which we all have to strive hard to increase our revenues. He stressed the need for success of SWAS. He extended best wishes for the New Year and given a sweet news that with the continuous persuasion of BSNL, it was decided by the income tax department to refund Rs10000 crores which was taken from BSNL erroneously. CMD felicitated the Officer, Sh Y.N SINGH, GM Budgeting and Finance Control, who took keen interest in the process of getting back of Rs 10000 Crores to BSNL. From SNEA CHQ President Com A. Khan, AGS Com P.Padmanabha Rao and JS Com A. Dahiya attended the meeting.

 02.01.2016: CHQ NEWS: CHQ President Com A. Khan, AGS Com P.Padmanabha Rao and JS Com A. Dahiya met CMD BSNL Sh ANUPAM SHRIVATAVA, Dir HR Smt Sujata Ray and all other directors, Sr GMs / GMs, DGMs etc in the BSNLCO and extended warm greetings on the occasion of NEW YEAR 2016.

CHQ President Com A. Khan and AGS Com P.Padmanabha Rao met GM CA and GM Budgeting and Finance Control and discussed on the issue of delayed payment of GPF advances and the suffering of our employees / executives throughout India. It was assured to clear all the pending withdrawals by the second week of January 2016. It was also given to understand that it was agreed by DOT to pay the GPF directly to the employees / executives through the respective CCAs after the sanctioned copy is released by the BSNL. This may take some more days for implementing, but this process will be simple and the GPF withdrawals can be speeded up. This is already being implemented in BSNLCO.

CHQ President Com A. Khan and AGS Com P.Padmanabha Rao met Sr.GM (SR) and discussed on our issues.


01.01.2016: SNEA AP DIARY – 2016 INAGURATED BY Shri P.V. Muralidhar, CGMT AP

CS along with Circle office bearers met Shri P.V. Muralidhar CGMT AP Circle and Shri G.S.Marshall, P.G.M.(HR&Admin) AP Circle and extended new year greetings on behalf of SNEA AP.

Diary Inaguration             Greeting CGMT AP                   Greetings PGM HR

 SNEA(I) AP is printing diary-2016. The cost of the Diary is Rs.147/- (Packing and transport charges extra ) as approved by CGMT BSNL AP Circle.

The orders may be placed on the following address:

Sri V.Ravikumar Reddy, Quarter No. C2, BSNL Officers Residential Quarters,

Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad – 500025.

Mobile: 09490135999.

(Also contact Com. A.Viswnath. Circle Secretary, Mobile 9440363888)

>>>>>>CGM AP ORDER COPY>>>>>>                  >>>>>>QUOTATION>>>>>>


Service With A Smile (S W A S)

It will be formally inaugurated by CMD on 30.12.2015 with a pledge exactly at 10 am in the presence of all GSs.

Give maximum publicity, involve all our employees. We have to take a leading role to make the program and 100 days drive w.e.f 01.01.2016 a grand success.

Forum Convener writes to all GSs for active participation.... View letter copy.

30.12.2015: What a glorious end to Kerala struggle- crusade against corruption has come to its logical end - posterity will always emulate this historic struggle against corruption.

It all began with just a humble request from CS of our Kerala Unit in May 2014 to Sh. M.S.S.Rao, then CGM, urging upon and pleading with him not to reopen the issue of penalty of Rs 30 crores imposed and realized from MS Nortel more than three years before for its failure to meet contractual obligations of executing GSM project within the stipulated timeframe. Hell bent upon giving reprieve to Nortel, come what may, in one or the other, this simple request infuriated M.S.S.Rao, already with a tainted past, to such an extent that he unleashed a reign of terror and ruthlessly victimized thousands and thousands of our members through arbitrary transfers, fabricated dies-nons and concocted charge sheets and what not. Oppression of the worst kind was let loose, reminiscent of the tyrants in the medieval days.

Undeterred and unruffled, great Comrades of our Kerala continued their tirade against corruption and did not allow M.S.S.Rao to dilute the said penalty, despite his unrelenting efforts to form one committee after another to somehow waive off the said penalty. This was precisely and exactly the crux of the crusade waged by our valiant heroes of Kerala who never looked back during the course of their tireless struggle and continued their onslaught against corruption fearlessly to stop M.S.S.Rao from vitiating an otherwise healthy working environment of Kerala and safeguarding resources of the Company by exposing his corrupt activities.

The end of this glorious struggle is not ignominious exit of M.S.S.Rao, since that was and has never been our issue and is not our culture, but serving of two major charge sheets under Rule 14 to M.S.S Rao, both involving serious financial irregularities and impropriety. That is where our struggle assumes historical significance and relevance and we stand very very tall in the house of the Trade Unions and fully vindicated, heads high up. Our relentless tirade against corruption and its inevitable success yet again places us at the top of the ladder in so far as exposing and defeating corruption is concerned.

One charge sheet relates to when Sh. M.S.S Rao was booked by CBI in the year 2008-09 as GM marketing BSNL CO. This Association got him shifted that time also from GM marketing instantaneously. CBI, after thorough investigation, spanning over six years, and establishing his complicity in the financial irregularities, recommended initiation of major disciplinary proceedings against him.

The second charge sheet significantly pertains to series of serious financial and other irregularities, including that of Nortel, committed by him as CGM/Kerala. This Association apprised MOC&IT, Secy/DOT and the vigilance machinery of DOT/BSNL, including BSNL Management, in detail and continuously about these serious irregularities and finally this Association succeeded in getting these irregularities probed by the vigilance wing of the Karnataka Circle of BSNL after prolonged discussions with the then CVO/BSNL.

After a thorough investigation by the vigilance wing of the Karnataka Circle, for more than a year, involvement of Sh.M.S.S.Rao in these irregularities is fully established. Thereafter, after thorough scrutiny of the report of the vigilance wing of BSNL by the vigilance wing of DOT, and seeking opinion and obtaining concurrence from the CVC, major disciplinary proceedings under Rule -14 have also been initiated against Sh.M.S.S.Rao for these irregularities.

Thus, after thorough investigations, by CBI and CVO/BSNL, Sh M.S.S.Rao is severely indicted on grounds of serious financial and other irregularities. What a glorious and inevitable end to crusade against corruption by our great fighters of Kerala. Posterity will emulate this ever memorable struggle to safeguard legitimate interests of the Company and will not allow corrupt people to squander away precious resources of the Company and vitiate its working environment. And finally, of course and unquestionably, all those, who brazen facedly and in defiance of all known ethics of trade union, not only supported corrupt practices of Sh M.S.S.Rao but his massive acts of victimization against all those who stood up like a rock to oppose these acts, stand thoroughly exposed.

  28.12.2015: CS along with Com Ravikumar Reddy, ACS met Smt. Sujata Venkateswaran PGM(Fin.) AP Circle and requested to examine possibility of arrangement of pay allowances of Officers directly reilieved by Corporate Office. PGM(F) after discussing with the officers concerned expressed inability to pay salaries or salary advance as these officers are struck off in ERP.

Also met Sri Rajaramamohan, DGM(Admin) and disussed on our issues.

  26.12.2015: MEDIA REPORT: Revenue performance of BSNL increases by 2.29 percent during 2015... View Media report.


  22.12.2015: Conduct Protest demonstrations today wearing black badges:

Forum served notice to Secretary DoT protesting against the inordinate delay in extending 78.2% IDA fitment to the retired BSNL employees. All DSs and COBs to coordinate with other Forum leaders for the successful conduction of the protest demonstration on 22.12.2015, wearing black badges.

22.12.2015: District Conference of SNEA, Visakhapatnam was conducted on 20.12.2015 at Jalaudyanavanam, Visakhapatnam in a grand manner. District Conference was presided by distrcit President Com M.Satya Prasad. District secretary Com. A.Chittibabu presented the DS report. District Treasurer Com BVSS Narasimham presented the audited accounts. Both the reports were adopted by the conference. Com P.Padmanabha Rao, AGS; Com J.Umamaheswara Rao, CP; com A.Viswanath, CS; Com Satyanarayana, CVP; Com Srinivasu, ACS; Com Venkat rao, DS RMY; Com Rajasekhar, DS SKLM; Com Jagannath ADS VZM attended and addressed the delegate session. AGS and CS elaborated on all Circle and CHQ issues.

On the occasion District Conference open session was also conducted. Sri R.M.M Krishna, Sr. G.M., VM SSA attended as Chief Guest and addressed the open session. Com Chitti babu, DS SNEA VM submitted the key note address. The open Session was presided com Satyaprasad, DP SNEA VM.

Com Mallikarjun Rao, CWC, AIBSNLEA; Com Sagar, DS BSNLEU VM, Com Kondal Rao, DS NFTE VM, Com jayananda Rao, DS SEWA VM attended and addressed the Open Session.

Chief Guest Sri R.M.M Krishna, Sr. G.M., VM SSA in his address said that all the Officers and Staff of VM SSA are working in unison and he is hopeful of registering good growth this year also. He appealed to all the executives and Non executives to work together to achieve the results. He also informed that there is no shortage of stores and at the same he said that they are to be utilised judiciously keeping BSNL viability in view. Assured to take up all the issues mentioned in Key Note Address submitted in the Open session.

CS and AGS enlighted the members about the latest position of BSNL and also appealed to the members to further improve the service to customers where BSNL is lagging behind. Also appealed to members to actively participate in the 100 days program 'SWAS' announced by Forum of unions and Associations from 1st January 2016.

The following are elected unanimously for the next term:

1. District President: Com M.Satyaprasad, SDE. Mob: 9490000137

2. District Secretary: Com A.Chittibabu, JTO. Mob: 9490110166

3. District Treasurer : Com BVSS Narasimham, JTO. Mob: 9490132123

4. Circle Executive Committee member: Com P.V.Chalapathi SDE, Mob: 9440000621

  18.12.2015: Forum writes to Hon Prime Minister on Chennai Flood: Exemplary and unparalleled effort of the BSNL in providing landline and mobile services during recent catastrophe and life threatening turmoil at Chennai should act as an eye opener for Telecom Policy makers who have been abjectly overlooking with disdain the great contribution that BSNL has played in the past and continues to play during the time National calamities strike and when question of grave National Security arises. Private operators have betrayed and continue to betray. Policy framework needs to recognize this critical fact and firm policy provisions to strengthen BSNL need to be incorporated and executed like 1) Free Space to built up mobile network at every Government buildings, Pilgrim Centers, Airports, Railway stations, Ports, Tourist destinations, Bus stands, Hospitals, parks, Fishing Harbours, Beach, Market places, Educational institutions and other State Govt. offices etc and 2) reduce the huge Air Wave /Satellite Charges levied from BSNL for giving Telecom services in Andaman, Jammu Kashmir, Lakshadweep and North East areas.

>>>>>Forum letter to Hon Prime Minister on Chennai Floods>>>>>

  18.12.2015: Forum served notice to Secretary DoT protesting against the inordinate delay in 78.2% IDA fitment to the pensioners: Inordinate delay in extending the benefit of 78.2% IDA fitment to the Retired BSNL employees – holding protest demonstrations on 22.12.2015.

All SSA Secretaries and COBs to coordinate with other Forum leaders for the successful conduction of the protest demonstration on 22.12.2015, wearing black badges.

>>>>>>Notice to Secretary, DoT on 78.2% IDA for pensioners>>>>>>

  17.12.2015: CHQ NEWS: 3rd PRC constitution for next pay revision: GS Com K Sebastin, Chairman Com G L Jogi and President/NCOA Com V K Thomar met Addl Secretary/DPE and Director/DPE on 17.12.2015 and held discussions on the constitution of 3rd PRC. Addl Secretary informed that after the notice for protest demonstrations by given by NCOA, Govt started acting quickly and two rounds of discussions on the matter with Cabinet Secretary was conducted. Now the matter is under process at the higher level. Further discussions will be held on Monday. It is learnt that Govt may ask the Committee to submit the report in shortest time, unlike last PRC.

  17.12.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with CMD, BSNL: GS Com K Sebastin, President Com A A Khan and Chairman Com G L Jogi met Sri Anupam Shrivastava on 17.12.2015 and held discussions on:

a) Implementation of Jt Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP after 5 years: Assn explained the urgency to process the recommendations. Since 3rd PRC is going to be constituted, it is very urgent to settle the standard pay scales. Otherwise it will create problem during interaction with 3rd PRC. CMD assured that it will be processed as assured to the Assn at the time of re-constitution of the Jt Committee itself.

b) The Forum initiative of 100 days drive “SERVICE WITH A SMILE” w.e.f 01.01.2016. CMD was very much enthusiastic about the initiative taken by the Forum and assured that the programme will be inaugurated simultaneously at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs.

  15.12.2015: Road Shows organised by Officers and staff of EG SSA at Rajamundry Urban yielding good results. Road shows are being organised for the last one and half months and they could sell 600 SIMs, 50 NPCs and 50 BB connections through road shows. SNEA EG SSA is taking active part in the road shows. Com Venkata Rao, DS SNEA EG SSA and Shri D.Subba Rao, DGM(CFA) RMY are organising and encouraging officers to participate in the road shows.


>>>>>>Click here for Photo>>>>>

  14.12.2015: CS along with Com Ravikumar Reddy, ACS HQ met Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr. GM(HR &Admin), AP Circle and submitted a letter requesting circle Administration to cancel transfer orders in case of four SDEs who are given transfers to Soft tenure SSAs, as Corporate office suddenly changed the policy of soft tenure SSAs with effect from 9th December 2015.

  14.12.2015: CHQ NEWS: GS writes to CVO, BSNL regarding immediate commencement of major disciplinary proceedings on two counts against Sri. M.S.S Rao, Principal/RTTC Trivandrum, in accordance to the directive of CVC which has given its concurrence to serving of two major charge sheets under Rule 14 and also directed BSNL to commence major disciplinary proceedings against the accused prior to his retirement d on 31st December, 2015.

GS letter to CVO, BSNL

  11.12.2015: Circle Secretaries of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and Com P.Padmanabharao, AGS SNEA met Shri P.V.Muralidhar, CGMT AP and submitted a memorandum on the high-handed, autocratic behaviour of Sri Padmanabham GMTD Mahaboobnagar against the executives of mahaboobnagar SSA. We requested CGMT to take stern action against GMTD MBN.

Also requested CGMT to take up with BSNL HQ to retain the executives working in Soft Tenure SSAs of AP Circle whe are directly relieved by Corporate Office. CGMT responded positively and assured to take up with appropriate authorities.

Shri G.S.Marshall, Sr. G.M.(HR&Admin) AP Circle was also present in the meeting.

  11.12.2015: CHQ NEWS:Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting will be held at Kolkata on 08th and 09th February, 2016. Accommodation will be available from 07.02.2016 A/N to 10.02.2016 F/N. Venue is around 15 KM away from Howrah Rly station. All CWC members to reach the Rly station latest by 7 AM on 08.02.2016.

  11.12.2015: CHQ NEWS: Forum leaders meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL: Forum leaders met CMD, BSNL on 11.12.2015 and conveyed the decision of the Forum to observe 100 days drive: “SERVICE WITH A SMILE” (S W A S) from 01st January, 2016 onwards. CMD very much appreciated the initiative taken by the Forum and assured full support. Forum further requested to formally inaugurate the drive at BSNLCO, all Circles and SSAs by CMD and respective CGM/SSA Heads. CMD agreed to this proposal also.


100 days drive From 01st January, 2016 onwards.

(1) Vigorous marketing of Mobile, Broadband and Landline connections.

(2) Ensure Fault Free service.

(3) Reconnection of Broadband and Landline connections.

(4) Special focus on Enterprise Business, Leased line, CUG and 3G customers.

(5) Special foc us on MNP.

Forum suggested another marketing initiative, “Free call diversion from Mobile to Land line and from Land line to Mobile”. Free call diversion from Mobile to Land line can popularize and increase the usage of landlines at residences and offices and solve complaints of Low Coverage, No coverage and indoor coverage at residences, offices, buildings etc. Free call diversion from Land line to Mobile on faulty conditions ensures that the customer is not missing any calls to the faulty telephone.

>>>>>>Forum letter to CMD, BSNL>>>>>>

>>>>>Forum Circular -- decisions of the Forum meeting on 10.12.2015>>>>

  11.12.2015: CHQ NEWS:206 seniority case in the Hon Supreme Court: The case along with the Expert committee report came up before the SC. The case is posted to 16.02.2016 along with 147 case.

  11.12.2015: CHQ NEWS: Forum meeting at New Delhi: Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations met at New Delhi on 10.12.2015 and took the following important decisions:

a) Forum congratulated the employees and BSNL management of Chennai and TN for their exemplary contribution in maintaining the telecom services during the flood. They worked overnight even on holidays to maintain the services. By offering Free call and Free 3G data, BSNL extended helping hand to the flood hit Chennai. BSNL was the only operator provided services which was appreciated by one and all, media, Govt, NGOs, other agencies etc. Congratulations to one and all especially to the Circle office bearers, local leadership and all the comrades of Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

b) Forum decided to observe 100 days program- from 01st January, 2016 on “Revival of BSNL” concentrating on marketing, fault free service, reconnection, MNP and focus on EB customers.

c) Forum decided to hold lunch hour demonstration on 22.12.2015 protesting against the undue delay in settling the 78.2% IDA fitment for the pensioners.

d) Forum decided to extend a helping hand to the flood affected people of Tamil Nadu by contributing one day basic pay salary towards the flood relief. Forum desires that the amount should be distributed by BSNL itself.

Details will be uploaded later.

  09.12.2015: CS along with Com Ravikumar Reddy, ACS HQ met Shri P.V.Satyanarayana, GMM, STR, HYD and discussed the following issues.

1. Requested for issuing one single diary 2016 Order from O/o GMM STR HYD instead of issuing diary orders by all DEs of STR. GMM agreed for the proposal.

2. Issue of posting SDEs is also discussed and GMM responded positively.

  08.12.2015: CHQ NEWS: The CWC meeting will be held at Kolkata in the Second week of February 2016. Exact date will be announced later.

  08.12.2015: CHQ NEWS: Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL on 07.12.2015

GS met CMD, BSNL and held discussions regarding implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TB promotion. GS informed CMD that the recommendations are submitted two months back, on 07.10.2015. But the recommendations are not processed so far on CPSU cadre Hierarchy and first TBP. Instead of processing the recommendation of the Committee headed by an officer of the level of ED, confusion is created by the dissent note by two members. GS told CMD that it was pointed out at the time of reconstitution of the committee itself that some members will never allow any solution to the issues benefiting the absorbed employees, but management assured that they will take the responsibility in that case. When it was known to everybody that they will never agree for any solution to these issues, there is no point in discussing the note submitted by them without proper justification.

GS further added that last week DIR(HR) assured that a decision will be taken in two weeks time on the recommendations. CMD informed that DIR(HR) discussed the matter with him few days back. CMD assured that the committee recommendations will be taken very seriously and will be processed without further delay.

  04.12.2014: CS along with Com Srinivasa Prasad met Shri GS Marshall, Sr.GM(HR &Admin) AP Circle on 03.12.2015 and requested to write a letter to CO regarding issue of not relieving officers for a very long time.  We informed him that many of the officers were promoted and posted to AP and subsequently, AP Circle Administration posted them to Soft tenure SSAs and hence they are to be retained in AP Circle.  Sri Rajarma Mohan DGM(Admin) AP circle was also present in the meeting.

Both the officers responded positively and as promised a letter was also sent to CO immediately.  We thank them for their immediate action

CS is in touch with GS on this issue.

  04.12.2015:CHQ NEWS: Agenda meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR): The scheduled agenda meeting with DIR(HR) (first Tuesday of each month) held on 02.12.2015. GS, President and Jt Sec attended the meeting. From Mgt side PGM(SR), GM(Estt), GM(Pers), Addl GM(P), DGM(SR) and DGM(Rect) attended. Discussions held on the following points:

1. Further actions on the Joint Committee report on a) implementation of E2, E3 pay scales replacing intermediary pay scales of E1A, E2A etc and b) introduction of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL, first TBP after 5 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

Association pointed out that finalization of pay scales of the basic cadres of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadre is pending since the 2nd wage revision on 01.01.2007. The Joint Committee submitted its recommendations on 07.10.2015. It may be finalised at the earliest. Since all the promotions are stayed especially by the Hon CAT, Chandigarh on Nagaraju case, the stalemate on present functional promotion may continue for longer period. The recommendations on CPSU cadre hierarchy will be an ideal alternative to the present two tier promotion system which suits the company’s requirement also.

The Jt Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scale are processed by the Estt wing. Since GM(Estt) was one of the members of the Jt Committee and taken a view against the recommendation, Assn expressed apprehension with regard to her proposal on the subject. Finally after discussions DIR(HR) informed that decision on the proposal already reached DIR(HR) office on E2, E3 pay scales will be taken within one weeks time. Since some committee members given different views, it also will be examined.

On CPSU cadre hierarchy, the Restg wing submitted its views and the matter is under examination in Pers section. Addl GM(P) informed that report is salient on some aspects and it has to be examined in detail. GS informed that as committee member, all aspects are examined and such points can be discussed. Since it is a policy matter, formalities are to be worked out when management taken a view on the policy matter. After discussions it is decided that the issue will be examined and processed in two weeks time. Any specific issue left which is to be addressed by the Committee itself, it will be listed out. Then mgt will take a decision on that or it may be referred back to the committee for further examination. The 3rd recommendation on first TBP after 5 years will be processed with this.

We are waiting for a positive decision from the management on both issues in another two weeks time.

2. Committee on pay fixation on offtg promotion -- Recovery/reduction in pay.

It is told that the committee submitted its report. The Committee not agreed to our demand to withdraw the illegal clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010. Committee is of the opinion that they are in order. Assn told the committee that the clarification dated 30.05.2010 at sl no 10 is contrary to the provisions II(i), (v) and (vi) of the EPP order dated 18.01.2007 which is approved by BSNL Board as well as DoT. So clarification without the approval of BSNL Board, contrary to the provisions of EPP is illegal. Further clarification dated 19.02.2010 disallowing the pay on officiating promotion is against the various provisions of FRSR.

All the JTO/JAO officiated as SDE/AO, SDE/AO officiated as DE/CAO, DE/CAO officiated as DGM etc atleast for a year either in DoT or BSNL and got adhoc or regular promotion after 01.10.2000 will be affected by this decision. They will face reduction in pay by two to three increments, pension and recovery of pay to the tune of lakhs of rupees. Only way out is to withdraw the illegal clarifications issued. DIR(HR) told that the findings of the committee will be intimated to the Assn and further clarifications on the observations of the committee can be taken up. If the recommendation of the committee is accepted, it will affect more than 15,000 Executives having serious implications leading to industrial unrest.

3. First TBP from Lateral JTO to SDE and Sr SDE to DE grades after four years instead of five years as in the case of promotion from AAO to AO and Sr AAO to CAO.

Assn explained that there no difference in promotion from AAO to AO and Sr AO to CAO and corresponding engineering cadres like lateral JTO to SDE and Sr SDE to DE in the Time Bound promotion policy. The hierarchy followed in BSNL is uniform and TBP is implemented based on the hierarchy. Our demand for TBP from lateral JTO to SDE, AAO to AO, Sr SDE to DE and Sr AO to CAO grades are rejected on the same plea earlier. Now the benefit is extended to one section leaving the others which created large scale resentment among the Executives. Assn requested to extend the benefit uniformly to all the Executives.

After discussion DIR(HR) directed to examine the case and further directed the concerned officers that in future uniformity should be ensured for all the sections of Executives in all promotions.

4. Notional pay of E1A and E2A scales for the JTO/SDE (Civil/Electrical/Arch) wings w.e.f 01.10.2000.

The matter is under examination in Estt wing. The Vinay Sahi Committee recommendations, the BSNL Board decisions on the report and the circumstances in which JAO cadre given the benefit etc are under examination by Estt wing.

5. Membership verification related issues – restoration of facilities in view of delay, deduction of subscription from salary, modification on policy etc.

It was told by management that BSNL filed an early hearing application and it will be heard shortly. However, Assn pointed out that the stalemate is continuing for months together. Atleast BSNL has to restore the facilities and start deduction of subscription from salary. After discussion, DIR(HR) told that we will wait for another month and if no decision is coming from court, Assns demand will be considered.

  04.12.2015:CHQ NEWS: GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding large number of Rule-8 cases in the cadre of JTOs pending in various Circles – all the pending cases may be settled by regularization of officiating JTOs and LICE from TTA to JTO

GS letter to DIR(HR) on Rule 8 cases

  03.12.2015:CHQ NEWS: 

GS writes to CMD, BSNL demanding withdrawal of the MT(SRD) recruitment notification dated 05.11.2015 as the main examination itself is not held.

>>>>GS letter to CMD>>>>

  03.12.2015: Diary-2016 order issued by CGMT AP.  All the DSs are requested to pursue for diary 2016 orders from their SSAs immediately.

<<<<View diary2016 order>>>>>>>>

  January 2016 BSNL IDA Rates may reach to new heights... View Media Report.

  02.12.2015:CHQ NEWS: Meeting with GM(Pers) on 01.12.2015: GS along with CHQ President and Jt Sec held discussions with GM(P) and DGM(P) on the following issues.

1. Implementation of Jt Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy: The necessary changes in the EPP has to be examined by Pers section so that required informations can be submitted to the Esst wing as and when required. Mgt agreed to examine the case. The recommendations on CPSU hierarchy are under examination.

2. Committee meeting on offtg promotion. Mgt informed that the committee is finalised its recommendations but details not divulged. However it is gathered that the committee is not in favour of withdrawal of the illegal clarifications which are against the provisions of the EPP order and FRSR. In that case all the Executives officiated in DoT or BSNL in any post and got regular promotion after 01.10.2000 in BSNL will face reduction in pay, pension and recovery of pay. We are very clearly told that in case management not withdrawing the illegal clarification, it will lead to industrial unrest.

3. JTO to SDE case – delay in filing the reply. GM informed that already directions are given to Kerala Circle to file the reply. Additional informations if any will be given after discussions.

4. Court case on 206 case based on the expert committee report. Assn requested that BSNL has to take actions to ensure that the issue is decided by the Hon SC at the earliest. The case is listed for 11.12.2015.

5. DGM Promotion: Assn requested to expedite the same. Since all the DEs are completed 4 years of service, they are eligible for DGM Regular promotion also. Actions may be taken for regular promotions also. Mgt informed that actions are already initiated to fill up all the vacancies, around 750 and for regular promotion if additional ACRs are required, it will be collected also.

6. Court case on BSNLMS RR clarifications for Civil/Electrical wings. The case is already heard and judgment is reserved.

7. Notional pay w.e.f 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect etc wings. The issue is still under examination with Estt section.

8. Amendment in Transfer policy. The proposal to amend the transfer policy to consider the combined stay of all Executives in a Territorial Circle comprising of the recruiting and non-recruiting Circles is approved by the Management Committee. This policy will be implemented from next quarter from January, 2016.